American Century Celebrity Golf Championship | Preview

Out of everything going on at the American Century Golf Championship in Tahoe this week, my most favorite discovery was the 7th Hole on Thursday.

I was wandering around fairly aimlessly when out of the crowd, more than 400 yards away, I heard the loud chants of “U-S-A-U-S-A.”  Michael Phelps had just arrived to tee off.

Thursday is a practice day and as I was told by another spectator, the 7th Hole on Thursday is the stuff legends are made of: a group of guys who all graduated from Sac State together show up every year, bring in their own beer, and jovially heckle the players.  You can hear them from greens away.  I was told that the boys were once kicked out for sneaking their own beer in and when the director of the tournament found out, he issued a standing yearly invitation to them so that they could continue their tradition.

Once I discovered the spot I didn’t leave and oh how glad I am.

Charles Barkley, who was injured this year and decided he couldn’t play the official tournament, was walking the course as the “Ambassador of  Golf.”  He handed out $3,000 in C-Notes to the crowd at the 7th hole.  It was under the premise of a bet that everyone knew he wouldn’t win.  You didn’t have to take their bet to win some cash either: they threw in some extra for the youngsters standing on the green as well.

More on the Celebrity Golf Tournament later this week!


Barkley’s teammate passes out $100 bills to the 7th Hole fans.

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2 thoughts on “American Century Celebrity Golf Championship | Preview

  1. The guy with the hat on backwards name is Sean. He has a resemblance to Tim Tebow, and many of the celebs ask “Where’s Tebow?” Sean, and others, give beer to celebs, bet with them, and even hit tee shots at the 7th. Mark Rypien always “shotguns” a can of beer with Sean.

    ACC or NBC gives this group free passes too.

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