Tahoe Family Photojournalism

Lifestyle Portrait Session | Family Christmas Session

When the Hatch Family approached me about doing a large extended family portrait session while all of their loved ones were visiting for Christmas, I was quick to suggest that we do a lifestyle portrait session.   I suggested that I come over for a few hours while the families were all interacting and documenting the real story of their vacation: a little Christmas family photojournalism.  Jenny was thrilled with the idea and the family happened to be having their dinner catered by Eunice Lyle of Taste This and invited me to share in the feast.

The Hatch Family has a new addition to their already boisterous family.  Carson is an energetic lovable madman and with a whole house full of extended family members, as Jenny warned me before, it was “quite the madhouse.”  Madhouse is certainly my kind of scene and I had an amazing time documenting their family, traditions, and interactions.   It was a wonderful way to spend my evening and I would love nothing more than to expand my portrait business into more extensive documentary sessions for families, because more often than not, the moments between the smiles for the camera are the ones that are most stunning.

Tahoe Family Photojournalism

Christmas Family Photojournalism | Hatch Family | Sneak Peek

When the Hatch Family approached me about doing a large extended family portrait session while all of their loved ones were visiting Tahoe for Christmas, I was quick to suggest something a little bit different.   Sitting a bunch of folks in a row and snapping a few frames and leaving isn’t really my kind of gig.  Instead, I suggested that I come over for a few hours while the families were all interacting and documenting the real story of their vacation: a little Christmas family photojournalism, if you will.  We could get some formal group shots, but then also, I’d be available for wonderful candids.  Jenny was thrilled with the idea and the family happened to be having their dinner catered by Eunice Lyle of Taste This and invited me to share in the feast.  It was a wonderful way to spend my evening and I would love nothing more than to expand my portrait business into more extensive documentary sessions for families.

The photos won’t be ready for a week or so, but until then, here’s a sneak peek from the Hatch Family Christmas.

Tahoe Photo Booth Rental

Tahoe Photo Booth Rental | Halloween Cove

When George Alm from K-Tahoe Radio asked me to participate and donate my Lake Tahoe photo booth rental to “Halloween Cove“, I couldn’t possibly say no!  Halloween Cove is an annual safe trick-or-treat environment for local children (“You know…for kids!“).  A variety of sponsors help create an awesome event that allows children to trick-or-treat, parents to spend time with other parents, and everyone to meet new people.

Here’s a sampling of the awesome photos from the Halloween Cove photo booth.  It is no secret to me that kids love photo booth – especially after you teach them how to take the photos themselves!  500 photos later, I’d call Halloween Cove a successful evening!  If you attended Halloween Cove and did not receive the email with the full gallery of photos, you may view it via this link.

Lauren Lindley Photography’s Lake Tahoe Photo Booth Rental is a fantastic and fun addition to all kinds of events including: weddings, corporate events, company parties, trade shows, birthday or engagement parties, fundraising events, festivals and more.  Photo booth is supremely social: even the most camera shy folks will have props in their hand by the end of the evening.   Small booths only hold a handful of your guests but the Lauren Lindley Photo Booth can fit everyone in!  More people, more props, more fun!  It’s also an affordable addition to your extravaganza that allows your guests to relive the party later thanks to our customized theme back drops, props and fun attendants!  Learn more about Lake Tahoe Photo Booth Rentals here.

If you are a local Tahoe Community Member and part of a non-profit that wishes to have Lauren Lindley Photography donate a photo booth to your event, do not hesitate to contact us for a request via email.


A Call to Action | Tahoe South Fireworks

The rumble of voices around us seems cacophonous in comparison to what happens next.  My brother and I are lying on the green scratchy plaid blanket on the grass, one of the few blankets that my mother has deemed worthy of being allowed outside.  It’s the same blanket that we use to tie to the corners of the swing set in order to make houses of fabric in which we pretend we are the Ingalls Family from Little House on the Prairie with the tow headed children from across the street.  We are up past our bedtime and it’s thrilling: the same feeling you get when your parents go out and hire a babysitter who is too young and cautious to order you against jumping on the furniture.  The boisterousness of the crowd rolls over my recumbent body and I poke my brother and annoy him while we impatiently wait.   As the sound of the first firework booms across the crowd and then the radiant flares detonate in the heavens above us, the crowd becomes instantly silent in shared feelings of awe and wonder.

It is the 4th of July.  It is the feeling of American Dreams.  It is a sense of time and place briefly frozen as a community comes together in one place in bipartisan celebration.   It is a feeling of nostalgia that never changes: decades may pass, technologies advance, and children act older at younger ages.  Regardless of how our society progresses, the feeling you get when you lay on the grass is unfailingly timeless and universal, whether you are in St. Louis, Atlanta, Phoenix or South Lake Tahoe.  It’s as if you are 8 all over again and up way past your bedtime.  This feeling is special.

This feeling doesn’t dissipate with age and it is with great pride and anticipation that I watch Tahoe South’s fireworks shows every summer with friends, family and guests who are here to enjoy their holiday at the lake.   Last year, our community rejoiced together as our fireworks display was named one of the top 10 in the nation.  Can you imagine the 4th of July without BBQs and fireworks?  Neither can I.

In November of 2013, Joseph and Joan Truxler, of Zephyr Cove, NV filed a lawsuit against the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority alleging the twice annual fireworks displays violate the Clean Water Act.   There is much information in the news and online about how this is simply not true and the Lahonton Water Board, after going studies in 2001 on the fireworks displays, determined that there were no long-term effects to the lake.

The Glenbrook couple seeking a lawsuit against the Visitors Authority claims to have spent “days” picking up trash on their beach but never called our local authorities to discuss the matter.  I find it disheartening that when a simple phone call could have perhaps brought about a collaborative community effort to assist with their problem, they brought about a costly lawsuit that could potentially put an end to a tradition that I feel is of the utmost importance and furthermore, could endanger our community’s economic vitality.  Whether our community depended on tourist income or not, fireworks and the 4th of July still go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Regardless of your location, it is an indispensable American tradition.

I am a Tahoe South Local.

I am an American.

I believe in the power of the silence between the first bang and the moment the heavens explode with brilliance.

I believe that when the fireworks start, everyone feels like a kid again.

I believe that feeling is special.

What can you do to help?

The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority has called an emergency board meeting today, Thursday, March 27th at 4 PM at their offices to address the lawsuit.  They will be commenting on the severely harmful economic and environmental ramifications of the Truxlers’ actions.

I encourage Tahoe locals to go to the meeting.

In order to help, you can prepare a statement outlining how the loss of the fireworks will affect your business – be specific in terms of total dollars and estimated decreased percentages in occupancy, sales and/or employee hours, etc. Bring this statement with you and present your concerns at the LTVA Board meeting during public comment in three minutes or less.

If you don’t want to speak, I still encourage you to attend the meeting in person.  If you have a statement but cannot attend the meeting or do not wish to speak, please prepare and submit it by email with permission for it to be read at the LTVA Board meeting.

 Between the 4th of July and Labor Day, South Lake Tahoe’s fireworks displays generate a combined total of more than $6 million in revenue, the loss of which would be absolutely detrimental to our local economy.


Cabo.PB.LLPhoto.070413 (11 of 13)

Tahoe Photobooth | Cabo Wabo After the Fireworks Party

I was so stoked on the 4th of July to run a photobooth in Cabo Wabo at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe!  4th of July in Tahoe is always a wild crazy party and this night was certainly no exception!

The Garage Boys from Las Vegas played and they killed it with classic rock covers from the 80s and beyond.  The whole Cabo Wabo crowd was screaming in unison on most songs, in between hopping in our Beach Party themed photobooth of course!

You can see all the photos from the night over at the Harrah’s and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Facebook page via this link.


Special Christmas Delivery

Santa brought us a shit-ton of white stuff and I don’t mean the kind that the kids at Snowglobe are going to be snorting up their nose this weekend.

There is already so much snow in my yard that the pile is taller than me.  Pretty soon, you aren’t going to be able to see our front door.  I’m not even remotely exaggerating.

We received over five feet of snow in the span of four days and then another two feet or so on Wednesday.  It’s borderline out of control and I love it.  We spent most of the last week enjoying routine powder days like it was no big deal and then spent Christmas Day shredding at Kirkwood with all of our friends.  I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful holiday.  That night we celebrated with a pot luck dinner over at Rose’s house with puppies underfoot and a gift exchange that ended with quite a bit of excitement.

We already have more snow this winter season than we received all year long last season.  WINTER IS BACK.  I am so in love with it all over again that I can hardly ascertain how I managed to make it through last year without this glorious freezing cold white stuff.  It’s SO FLUFFY!

In between all the shredding, Christmas parties, and the retailing of spandex I’ve been doing, we’ve been hanging out almost every night for a week with some amazing Airbnb house guests that I’ve now told are required to be my friends forever.  I haven’t taken many photos over the last week, but here are a few of my favorites.

Step into the Blue: Sushi Pier Rail Jam

Thanks to everyone who came out to support The League to Save Lake Tahoe at the 2nd Annual Shred for Sushi at Sushi Pier last night, despite the frigid temps!

These are a few of my favorite photos from the night, but you can see all the photos and download yours in the gallery by following this link.

SLT PD Christmas Photobooth

Reno Tahoe Event Photography, Event Photography, Photobooth, Tahoe Photobooth

Briana and I were honored to be asked to set up a photobooth at the SLT PD Christmas Party. The theme was “Prohibition.” The party was on the Tahoe Queen, which I’d never been on before. The boat was absolutely gorgeous! On Friday and Saturday nights, all year long, the Tahoe Queen offers a nightly dinner and dance cruise for $69/person.

I love any reason to get dressed up in a costume, especially when it involves the Roaring 20s. We had a fantastic time capturing the moments from the evening.

These are a few of my favorite photos from the night. If you were in the photobooth, a you can view and download your photos by following this link. Feel free to share them on social media as much as you like, but please do not crop out my watermark. If you would like a high resolution version to make a print of, just email me the file name and I’ll be happy to send it over.

Holiday Events in Tahoe South

Coming to visit Tahoe during the holiday season?  There are plenty of local events to get you in the holiday spirit!

  • The Community Winter Tree and Menorah Lighting: Take photos with Santa and enjoy hot chocolate, cookies and complimentary Borges sleigh rides. 5:00 PM, December 7th at the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority California Visitors Center, 3066 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

Dadslpsdsky copy

  • Dad’s LPs Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: Itchy wool! Cats dressed like Santa! Sweatshirts that light up! Sweet tunes from your favorite local band! What’s not to like? Come out to the Divided Sky and celebrate the holidays with a show from Dad’s LPs. Prizes for the most hideous yet festive polyester yarn attire that shows up. The more flammable your sweater, the better this show will be! Cover is $5. Band plays at 9 pm. Friday, December 7th, The Divided Sky
  • Meyers Community Tree Lightingenjoy hot chocolate, cookies, cider, popcorn and Christmas music as they light the Meyers Community Christmas Tree.  Santa will “drop in” via Cal Star Helicopter.  Sunday, December 9th, 6:00 PM in the Divided Sky/Downtown Cafe parking lot.  


  • Heavenly Holidays at the Heavenly Village. A festival for the whole family at the Heavenly Village featuring professional ice skating shows, ice sculptors, carolers, local artists and a 16-foot snow globe where kids can get their photos taken with Santa. It all starts December 19th and culminates December 31st with A Heavenly New Year’s Celebration including ice sculptors, live music, fire dancers and a 9:00 PM ball drop and fireworks show. Daily events December 19th-31st at the Heavenly Village.