Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m so excited to showcase these images from my Tahoe Senior Portrait Session with this gorgeous graduating Tahoe local.  Riley is a self professed beach lover and really wanted to focus on beach shots to begin with.  We picked one of my favorite portrait locations to make sure that we had a nice mix of both beach, forest and buildings to play with.  The result was a ton of amazing images that I’m thrilled with and hopefully she will be as well!


Tahoe Commercial Photographer | Published for Sierra Athletic Club

Hey all you Tahoeians, while you’re flipping through the tiny newspaper coupon mailer in your box this week to snag the free bowling game coupon from Tahoe Bowl and the free hot chips coupon from Tahoe Pizza Co, make sure you stop and check out my photo in the most recent ad from Sierra Athletic Club!

Big thanks to the gorgeous Candace of Bella Tahoe Catering Co, a gym member who was kind enough to get dolled up to work out to pose for us.  Candace’s company does catering for weddings and events in town and although I haven’t had the good fortune to work with her yet, I’m looking forward to photographing a wedding one day that she caters!

If you aren’t local to Tahoe and ever find yourself in town wanting to sneak a quick workout in while you’re here, Sierra Athletic Club is not only my gym, but the best gym in town!  The staff is amazing, the gym is small, intimate and community oriented and I love the spin classes taught by Jason S (which happen to start at a very reasonable hour of 9 AM).  They have a drop in day rate for out-of-towners or if you come frequently, you can purchase a punch card.


Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Published at Melissa Hearts Weddings


There’s quite a few wedding blogs out there that I feel more connected to and a better match with than others and Melissa, of Melissa Hearts Weddings, is one of those blogs.  Her city sensibility mixed with a love of all things vintage, rustic, and outdoors makes me feel right at home.  As such, I’m honored and ecstatic to be published for the second time over on her blog with Eddie and Lori’s shabby chic Tahoe beach wedding.   I owe endless gratitude to Eddie and Lori for choosing me as their Tahoe wedding photographer and working with Amanda Mason of the Tahoe Beach Retreat was so seamless and easy that I can’t wait to return there again.

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Tahoe Proposal Photographer | Published at Wed Loft


I knew that Kenny and Rebeccah’s amazingly snowy winter wonderland proposal session would get picked up and published right away.  I’m delighted to announce it was published on Wed Loft by the Wedding Window, an exclusive wedding publication that focuses on  original and unique events with beautiful inspiration, personalized and creative details, distinctive style and “most importantly, lots of love.”  Kenny and Rebeccah certainly had that!

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Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Is it Wedding Season Yet?

If you told me five years ago that my future was to be a Tahoe Wedding Photographer I would have called you crazy. 

If you told me that I would spend a good portion of my work life perusing wedding blogs, and editing photos of cakes, and craving the next opportunity to create amazing images for my clients, I would have laughed you off and toasted to the future. 

But here I am.  In less than three months I will have left my full time job to pursue my future as a Tahoe Wedding Photographer and, eventually, a Destination Wedding Photographer.  I now dream of things like photographing New Orleans Weddings and Wine Country Weddings, allowing me to blend my wanderlust with my job.  If you are close to me or a family member, you know that I moved to Tahoe to work for a Running and Cycling Apparel Manufacturer.   I will no longer remain in my current position as a retail store manager for them after the end of April.  With 18 weddings already under contract for this year, the demand for my services has outgrown my ability to do both jobs well and a job well done is something that I pride myself on.

Thus, it is time for me to move onto something new: something that gives me infinite creative control and challenges.  I will be a full time photographer starting this summer and while my winters will focus on Tahoe Adventure Photography, my summers will focus on Tahoe Wedding Photography.

It’s not so surprising really.  I love weddings.  I spent 10 years throughout college and after staffing weddings of every kind.  I know them intimately: the tips and tricks of the day, the schedule and flow.  I love dance floors and parties.  I love meeting people.  I love observing and waiting and watching.   I love bands and DJs (but not disco).

So here I am, waiting patiently for all the awesome, hilarious, intimate moments that I will capture this summer.  In the meantime, I appeased myself with a whirlwind of photography in Austin for SXSW, where I’ve been for the last two weeks.

I love every second of photographing weddings.  It’s an honor and a thrill.  This summer I have the good fortune of photographing weddings in San Antonio, TX, on the beach in Lake Tahoe, CA, at Vineyards in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and in the Botanical Gardens in Berkeley, CA, just to name a few.  I love winter and skiing but I’m absolutely ecstatic about what my summer has in store for me and the brides and grooms who have contracted me as their Tahoe Wedding Photographer.

Tahoe Wedding Season: I’m waiting for you and I know my brides are too!


Tahoe Concert Photographer | Gary Clark JR

I’ve been a huge fan of Gary Clark JR every since we stumbled upon him at Voodoo Music Festival a few years ago in New Orleans.   Clark’s blend of bluesy fuzzy guitar mixed with smooth vocals is simply amazing.  I’m surprised I hadn’t ever come across him while living in Austin, as he was born and raised there, honing his musical chops in iconic locations like Antone’s.  His recent album Black and Blu is an absolute delight and I highly recommend it.

Clark came through Tahoe South a few months (okay 6) ago while on tour opening for Dave Matthews Band.   It was nice to have a bit of my hometown in my [new] hometown.


Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Published at Love + Wander


So adorbs they were published twice in the span of one week: first over at The Norwegian Wedding Blog and now on a wedding blog I really adore, Love + Wander.  Love + Wander is specifically geared towards celebrating photographers who celebrate life.   I’m certainly celebrating life this week to see this gorgeous fun couple celebrated in so many places.  I’m thrilled to be Kelly and Mike’s Tahoe Engagement Photographer and later this summer, their Tahoe Wedding Photographer.

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Tahoe Concert Photographer | Dave Matthews Band

When I was in high school, my good friend James bequeathed to me a copy of Dave Matthews Band‘s first studio album.   Under the Table and Dreaming completely changed the way I listened to music.  I was a typical music listener for a teen: radio obsessed and repetitive.  With my introduction to this album, I was ushered into a world of complexities and layers like I hadn’t heard before.  It was my start of musical appreciation.   Under the Table and Dreaming remains, to this day, one of my favorite albums of all time, book-ended by Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Ryan Adam’s Gold, and LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut.

After that, I spent a good portion of my high school summers touring DMB shows, from city to city, where every night they would play completely different sets and completely different songs, all the while managing to sound like an orchestra was on stage.  I can say with 100% confidence that I have seen more DMB concerts than any other band in the short history of my life.

I loved their shows and while I hadn’t seen one in over ten years, the moment Dave started playing and tapping his toes, I was transported back in time.  I had briefly doubted if the DMB I heralded in my head after all this time would live up to the musical memories of my nostalgic mind and instantaneously this idea was proved totally baseless.

Dave Matthews Band was an impeccable gorgeous spirited show when I was young and he is the same today.  While no album of his may live up to the aggressive complicated ambitiousness of Under the Table and Dreaming, his catalog of music remains impressive, varied and filled with everything crowd pleasing jingles to southern rock ballads.

After this experience, I’m not sure if any band I photograph for the rest of my life will live up to Dave Matthews Band.  The unparalleled excitement I felt in that photo pit was fueled by awe and devotion.

Dave Matthews was and clearly still remains the King of my Satellite Castle.  I may not purchase all his music anymore, but he proved his place on a pedestal in my musical library.

Thank you Tahoe South for the opportunity to photograph my musical legend.


Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Published at the Norwegian Wedding Blog


Kelly and Mike’s Winter Engagement Session at Echo Lake on the PCT was so adorable I knew it was certain to get published in a few different places.  Oddly enough, The Norwegian Wedding Blog was specifically looking for winter themed engagements from around the globe and low and behold, we’re published in Norway.

You can visit the full post via this link.  As a side note, I absolutely adore that the word “engagement” translates to ” forlovelse.”  Thanks Kelly and Mike for choosing me to be your Tahoe Engagement Photographer for your “forlovelsesshoot.”

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Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Published on Beauty and Lifestyle Bride


I am so excited to see one of my favorite 2013 weddings featured at Beauty & Lifestyle Bride.   I’m so proud of the work I did as their Tahoe Wedding Photographer and so thrilled to see it published.  Lori and Eddie’s wedding was truly “flawlessly beautiful,” just as the title says.  You can see their full post via this link and please share it via social media or comment to show our support and thanks!

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