Live at Lakeview

Tahoe Commercial Photographer | Tahoe Editorial Photographer | Published in Submerge Magazine

Yowza!  If you can’t tell by the amount of blog posts lately, I’m buried under work.  I’ve been photographing events, concerts, weddings and portrait sessions non-stop.  My list of to-do’s just seems to grow, never shrink, no matter how many things I satisfactorily cross off.  The list keeps growing and as such, I keep having to tear off that top sheet and re-write it fresh every few days.  There’s personal work I seem to never be able to get to (Moab and SXSW) and real work that keeps getting shoved farther and farther down the priority line.  As my friend Dreu likes to say, “Sleep when dead.”

Tahoe Commercial Photographer

Sometimes, out of nowhere, and due to no work on my end, I end up with photos in places I never expected them to be when I clicked that shutter button.  One of my images from the first night of Live at Lakeview is certainly making it’s rounds on the internet and now, I am super stoked to see my Tahoe event photography published in Submerge Magazine this month in a feature about Lake Tahoe.  Submerge is an independently owned Music, Art and Lifestyle publication available for free biweekly throughout the greater Sacramento region.  Every time one of my photos gets published in a magazine, I have to say I feel a bit giddy and that much closer to classifying myself a Tahoe commercial photographer.

You can read the entire issue online via this link.  My photos are featured on page 10-11 of the July 14-July 28, 2014 issue.

Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Published at Trendy Groom

Trendy Groom decided that Paige and Daniel’s Tahoe Engagement session was dapper enough to publish and I am honored.  Trendy Groom is super rad as it was started by a male wedding photographer who wanted to make weddings more of a “collaboration between the bride and groom making them both feel special on their wedding day.”  It provides inspiration, fashion tips and wedding ideas for grooms.  

You can view, read, like and share the entire post via this link.

Trendy Groom can be followed on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Tahoe Daily Tribune | Best of Tahoe 2014

Best of Tahoe 2014


There are so many ways I could start off this post.

This is a story about how this one time I won and award and I had NO idea.


When Joe Suave told me congratulations on my photography business and that I must be really busy since I won ‘Best of Tahoe’” when I stopped into The Keys Cafe yesterday to pick up lunch, I incredulously simply replied, “What are you talking about?” and then upon his insistence, I also insisted, “There is no way.”


How is it possible that I live in a town so small that you can’t have your picture printed in the Mountain News without 20 people texting you about it, but I managed to win “Best of Tahoe 2014″ and NO ONE TOLD ME?



I’m completely and totally humbled upon finding out (months later) that I apparently won BEST OF TAHOE 2014 for Best Photographer.  This is humbling for a number of reasons, the least of which is that this is an award voted on by email ballots by members of the community of which I never requested votes from.  Which means there are a lot of people who took the time to write my name down without any pressure from me.

This is the best compliment anyone could have ever given me.

That being said, this is also humbling because I am mortified that 1) I had no idea and 2) I don’t know who to thank and 3) what if the world thinks I’m ungrateful because this came out months ago and I didn’t say anything?  If I knew the names and addresses of every single person who voted for me, I assure you, I would send you a thank you note with a Harry Potter Stamp of course because those are my favorite, because my mother taught me to send thank you notes and also because I’m obsessed with mail and I find that retrieving my mail and hoping there is something that is not a Victoria’s Secret catalog is one of the most thrilling parts of my day.

So, in all honesty Tahoe South:

Thanks a fucking bunch

(because nothing says extreme gratitude like the F-bomb).

This is pretty rad.

But I’m still confused why none of you mentioned it.

If you would like to see the full list of winners, you may do so via this link.

Crossfit Photography, Crossfit Promo Photos, Crossfit Texas, Austin Commercial Photography

Austin Commercial Photographer | Austin Portrait Photographer | CrossFit Texas

I can’t think of anything more Fourth of July to share than this collection of images for CrossFit Texas.

Recently, my good friends Liana and Terry embarked on an adventure similar to my own: quitting jobs and taking on the responsibilities of becoming self-employed and managing a small business to pursue their dreams.  They asked if I would swing through Austin while I was in Texas for a wedding in May and help them get some new promotional photos for their business and I was more than thrilled to make the jaunt up (because really, when do I need a reason to go to Austin).

I’m always ecstatic to squeeze in a trip to visit my friends and family and combine work with fun, so if you’re in need of an Austin Commercial Photographer, well, let’s just make a plan because you know that I probably have a craving for some Torchy’s Tacos right this second.

Wedding Dance Party, Wedding Photographer, Tahoe Wedding Photographer, Berkeley Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Fearless Photographers


I’m excited to announce my inclusion in Fearless Photographersa “unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise [their] clients with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day.”

I’m not-so-secretly excited with the anticipation of my ability to participate in their photography competition, which takes place every 2 months and is open to members only.   Of the submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of curators as “Fearless Awards:” photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography. These awards are added to the photographers’ portfolio pages and are used to determine their rankings.  When I look through the photos from Fearless Members, I’m completely and totally in awe.  For one, that I was chosen to join their ranks, and two, in the level of creativity that has gone into every shot that’s won a Fearless Award.  

You can see my profile page via this link


Dallas Portrait Photographer | BC Lindley for Metroplex Wrestling

There is no denying that my little brother has sweet dance moves.  You may not know that he also has some sweet wrestling moves.

Metroplex Wrestling in Dallas, TX was started by two wrestling fans in 2009 as a way for anyone and everyone to take part in their favorite sport.  The gym is in Bedford, TX and runs one show a month in their official ring.   You too can attend and you get a discount if you bring your own chair.  The next show will be held on June 16th.

My brother has been a member, participant and showman in the ring for quite a few years now.  He specifically requested some character specific portraits to use for promotional purposes.  Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas, TX offered the perfect mix of gritty urbanism for his photos.  We had a blast running around shooting and followed it up with some beers at the Anvil Pub.

Crossfit Photography, Crossfit Promo Photos, Crossfit Texas, Austin Commercial Photography

Austin Freelance Photographer | CrossFit Texas Sneak Peek

I’m so excited for my friends Liana and Terry Collie!  They are following their dreams and just bought a gym after their own passion: CrossFit Texas in Pflugerville.  Since I was traveling all the way to Texas to shoot a San Antonio Wedding a few weeks ago, they requested that I make a stop in Austin to help with new marketing photos for their small business.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come!  Congrats to my friends, whose awesomeness knows no bounds.


Tahoe Wedding Photographer Sneak Peek | Kathleen plus Charlie

I scream with excitement when brides and grooms dance down the aisle after the ceremony.

I mean really: if you are’t dancing down the aisle, as they would say in Texas, you ain’t right.

Thank you to Kathleen and Charlie for choosing me as their Tahoe wedding photographer.  I can’t wait to share more images form their amazing event at my favorite local venue, the Tahoe Beach Retreat.


Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer | Meagan

Meagan is a bright bubbly young woman with an awesome future ahead of her.  Headed to UCLA in the fall, she told me that she’s looking forward to Southern CA life, access to the beach year round and studying statistics.  I’m super thrilled for her and her big plans.  She was a blast to hang out with and I’m looking forward to setting up a photo booth and doing event photography for her graduation party in a few weeks at Edgewood.  I’m also extremely jealous of her super adorable riding boots.

Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | David + Mary Ann

These two are inspiring and filled with extraordinary stories.

Story 1: David used to be a police officer in Washington.  When his father was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently conquered it, David was so emboldened by the care his father received that he left his job, went back to school and became a nurse.

Story 2: David met Mary Ann online.  She is a native Filipino.  They fell in love, she moved to the United States to be with him, they married in a civil ceremony in the Bay Area and then traveled with their friends and family for a destination Tahoe wedding and celebration at the Tahoe Beach Retreat.  How fantastic is that?

Story 3: I overheard David’s mother gush to another guest not only about how much she adores Mary Ann but also that she is the “best thing to ever happen to their family” and that her favorite part about her is how “tickled she gets” and bursts into laughter.  Momma is correct: Mary Ann was every bit of a blushing tickled giggling bride and I also adored her.  Her radiance shined through no matter who she was speaking with during the day. How fortuitous for me that David and Mary Ann chose me as their Tahoe wedding photographer for a few hours of their jubilee.

Venue: Tahoe Beach Retreat | Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Mason | Cake: Witt’s Cakes | Catering: Blue Angel Cafe | Florist: Rose Petals