Family Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Family Photos at Lake Tahoe | Bangerter Family

Happy Thanksgiving!  What better thing to blog on a day that celebrates family than a gorgeous family portrait from this fall?

There’s no question in my mind that the Lake Tahoe area offers the best backdrops for family portraits.  There’s a ton of amazing spots to take large groups for family photos at Lake Tahoe and for the Bangerter Family, Fallen Leaf Lake was the perfect spot.  They wanted somewhere that they could walk and hike in a bit, to really enjoy the full outdoor experience.  With a large family and some gorgeous fall golden light, I’d call this Tahoe family portrait session a success!

Family Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake tahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake Tahoe

Blue Sky Terrace Wedding

Heavenly Blue Sky Terrace Wedding | Lisa + Rick

When Rick and Lisa first contacted me, they didn’t actually have a date for their wedding.  She sent me a really amazing email that said, among other things, “I really do think avocados are their own food group, and I can eat my weight in avocados on any given day.”  Over the course of our correspondence, I fell in love with her adventurous spirit, vivacity and general good humor.  When they finally picked their date, it turned out to be a day that I had no intent of shooting a wedding on: the day following my birthday party.  I couldn’t, just couldn’t, not be part of this amazing couple who seemed like such kindrid spirits to me.  Among their love of avocados, day drinking and laughing at themselves, they were also marathon runners.  I said yes.  I would sacrifice the ability to be “not so sparky” the day after my party for these two awesome people and I am SO glad that I did.

Lisa and Rick were wed in an intimate ceremony overlooking Lake Tahoe on a perfectly gorgeous bluebird day at the Heavenly Blue Sky Terrace.  After the ceremony, we snuck off in a limo to Zephyr Cove for wedding party portraits.  Their motley crew of friends were exactly the kind of people I like to spend time with: loud boisterous day drinkers that love to laugh, dance and enjoy life.  The best part of the jaunt over to Zephyr Cove: it was topped off with Lisa taking shots with a Bachelorette Party on the beach!

Venue: Heavenly Blue Sky Terrace | Officiant: Rev. Dave Beronio Jr | Portraits: Zephyr Cove Resort

Heavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Blue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace WeddingBlue Sky Terrace Wedding

Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Engagement Session | Meagan + Joe | Sneak Peek


I adore them.

I love starting my engagement sessions off with happy hour because it allows everyone to get to know each other, relax into some good conversation and then let me set up what I call the “ground rules” for the day.  Joe took these entirely to heart and as a result, I had so much fun romping around North Lake Tahoe with this rad couple for their Sand Harbor engagement session.  They were giggling and laughing so much the entire session that even I couldn’t keep a straight face.  The ease that Joe was able to bring smiles to his future wife’s face was endearing. These two are filled with such gigantic love and enjoyment of each other’s company and it shines through in every single photo. Although they call Northern CA home, Joe’s heart is in the mountains of his home and I’m ecstatic to see this place that he spoke so fondly of when I photograph their Spearfish Canyon Lodge wedding in South Dakota next year.

More to come from these two shining faces.

Portraits at Sand HarborPortraits at Sand HarborPortraits at Sand Harbor

Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Lake Tahoe Engagement Session | Elizabeth + Shamus | Sneak Peek

Hailing from Boston, Elizabeth and Shamus are recent transplants to Northern CA.  Although they currently call Sacramento home, they are hoping to get relocated to the Bay Area and love the access to Tahoe that their new home provides.  When they first got in touch with me, Elizabeth indicated that she would love to have some fall colors and mountains in her photos.  I’m pretty sure I delivered both for their Lake Tahoe engagement session.  We started at Blue Angel Cafe for happy hour and then kicked off the session at Lake Tahoe Community College of all places, which has a beautiful community garden featuring great afternoon light and beautiful fall colors.  Quick stops at Taylor Creek visitor center and Valhalla Estate rounded out their session.  Here’s a few sneak peeks from their afternoon with me and I’ll eventually share more from this rich golden fall portrait session!

Portraits at Lake TahoePortraits at Lake Tahoe

White Sparrow Barn Wedding

A White Sparrow Barn Wedding | Teddy + Janet | Sneak Peek

I’ve been looking forward to Teddy and Janet’s wedding ever since they traveled to Tahoe last summer to visit and take engagement photos with me.  They picked an amazing, fairly new venue, an unbelievably fantastic rustic barn in Quinlin, TX, just outside DFW, for their White Sparrow Barn wedding.  They really wanted a big boisterous epic party and I knew they could bring just what they desired to their evening.  I have to admit, I was woefully underprepared for what was to come at Teddy and Janet’s wedding day and to be honest, I think they were as unprepared as I was!  Teddy’s family is large and hails from Liberia, Africa and even Teddy wasn’t sure how many of them were going to be in attendance.  Over 200 wedding guests later, half of which were clad in beautiful and bright traditional African wedding attire, I came away with some amazing photos and a strong need to drink a beer.   That being said, what seemed chaotic and disorganized while I was standing in the middle of it, went off in a wonderfully planned day that went exactly as it should have and insanely delicious food, all prepared by Teddy’s mother and her church group.  The end result is going to be some wildly colorful wedding photos for this adventurous loving couple, but since I’m buried under editing, they probably won’t be ready until Thanksgiving week.  Until then, here’s a few more than I normally share to hold you over.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part: there should be no age limit to being a flower girl.  Grandmothers as flower girls may just be the best thing ever.

White Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn Wedding

Lakeside Beach Wedding

Lakeside Beach Wedding | Matt + Alicia | Sneak Peek


Lakeside Beach Wedding

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

Seriously.  This couple is so cute, so fun, so easy going and to make matters even better they had the BEST FRIENDS.  I want to keep them all for myself.

Like this one:

Lakeside Beach Wedding

You know you look really good when you get reactions like that.  Alicia was stunningly beautiful.  When she said she wanted retro vintage waves in her hair, I knew exactly who to send her to: my girl Katie at Tahoe Salon Be styled her out and after their small, intimate Lakeside Beach Wedding, Matt and Alicia and I headed over to Rabe Meadows in Stateline for a quick portrait session.  There’s more to come from this rad couple, but in the meantime…

Lakeside Beach WeddingLakeside Beach Wedding

Tahoe Engagement Session

Tahoe Engagement Session | Caitlin + Brad | Sneak Peek

Caitlin and Brad met while attending school in one of my favorite cities, Tucson, AZ. Brad grew up in Reno and after years of the heat in the southwest, the pair was ready to return to the mountains and four seasons.  Since Caitlin is newer to the Reno-Tahoe area, she really wanted to highlight the gorgeousness that fall in the area has to offer and this golden late afternoon light was the perfect fit for this rad duo.  Although I can’t wait to share more images from their awesome Tahoe engagement session, these few frames will just have to do for now!

Tahoe Engagement SessionTahoe Engagement SessionTahoe Engagement Session

River Ranch Wedding

River Ranch Wedding | Leah + Seb | Sneak Peek

Leah and Sebastian’s Alpine Meadows River Ranch Wedding was nothing short of amazing.  First of all, it was filled with really, really ridiculously good looking people.  Second, all of those really, really ridiculously good looking people had the most epic dance moves I’ve ever seen.  Although the day started out cold and overcast, the sun peeked out just in time for their ceremony and everyone stayed warm breaking it down to Coolio and Salt’n’Pepa on the dance floor.  Leah and Sebastian met in Vail, CO while essentially living the life that most people in the world can’t even comprehend or imagine is an option, but people in Tahoe feel lucky to part of every single powder day.   I’m certain their final blog post is going to be nothing but epic dance photos, but until then, here’s a few frames from their day.

River Ranch WeddingRiver Ranch WeddingRiver Ranch Wedding

Fall Portraits in Tahoe

Fall Portraits in Tahoe | Schnoll Family | Sneak Peek

 If you were thinking about grabbing some fall portraits in Tahoe, now is the time!  The colors on trees close to water sources are finally changing and it won’t last for long.  Dave, Jess and Jack wanted some fall colors for their family photos and holiday cards and I went sluething for just the spot.  At the right time in the evening, the golden California light backlights this meadow just perfectly.  Time is running out though so book your family portrait today!

Fall Portraits in TahoeFall Family Portraits in Tahoe

Valhalla Wedding Photographer

Valhalla Wedding Photographer | Dondra + Ryan | Sneak Peek

I’ve known and considered Dondra and Ryan to be good friends for quite some time.  Dondra’s sister is one of the people in the world that knows me best and I was very lucky to spend a ton of time with this rad couple when they lived in Tahoe.  They’ve since moved onto newer and grander adventures in Colorado, but I was honored and thrilled to not only hear that their wedding would be in Tahoe but that I was the “only” choice to be their Valhalla wedding photographer.  Here’s a few sneak peeks from their rad day and I will certainly have more to share soon!

Valhalla Wedding PhotographerValhalla Wedding PhotographerValhalla Wedding PhotographerValhalla Wedding Photographer