Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding | Mitch + Kathy Sneak Peek

Mitch and Kathy were wed at the Tahoe Beach Retreat in a quiet intimate ceremony deluged under an umbrella of lots of good-luck-rain.  Thankfully, the sun came out and the skies cleared just in time for some couples portraits on the beach and pier.

Sierra at Tahoe weddings

Sierra at Tahoe | Styled Shoot Sneak Peek

One of my favorite ski resorts, Sierra at Tahoe, is branching into weddings.  Last year, Sierra built a gorgeous new giant plaza to hold events on.  Surrounded by pine trees and mountains, it would be a beautiful place with plenty of space for an outdoor wedding.  In order to get started, they asked me to lend a hand with a styled shoot so they have plenty of marketing materials to promote their new venture with.  I was more than happy to oblige and with models as adorable as Lyndsay and Steve, my job was extra easy on Tuesday.

Here’s a sneak peek to tide you over, but there’s more to come from this Tahoe wedding photographer styled shoot.

 Sierra at Tahoe Weddings

Tahoe Budget Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Cathedral Meadow | Michelle + Nathan Sneak Peek

Michelle and Nathan wanted to get married.

So they got all dressed up, went out into the woods, marched into a field, and by golly, they got married.


Michelle and Nathan, thanks for searching high and low for a photographer you loved and then paying me the highest compliment of hiring me as your Tahoe wedding photographer.  Rogue weddings are wonderful and I love them.  What a treat it is to be invited to participate in something so intimate, special and unique.  Thank you. 

Fire truck wedding photography, fire fighter wedding,

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Published at Poptastic Bride

Poptastic Bride is all sorts of awesome.  They focus on DIY low-to-mid-range-budget weddings with creative, unconventional elements.  They like quirky, whimsical and all things funky.  Recent posts from them have included a Gnome themed wedding, a running themed wedding and a picnic wedding.  I’ve been wanting a wedding on there for the longest time, but hadn’t yet shot just the right one until Mike and Kelly came along.   I’m fairly certain that I will never get to photograph a bride and groom on a fire truck ever again.  It was the most fun over.

Big thanks to Poptastic Bride for publishing us.  You can read the entire feature, along with Mike and Kelly’s story of how they met, via this link.

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Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Valhalla | Jennifer + Buck Sneak Peek

If you didn’t know, though I’m not sure how that’s possible no matter where you live in the United States, there is a massive fire raging in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, right between Tahoe and Sacramento.  Despite it’s size (over 80,000 acres) and lack of containment (10%), South Lake Tahoe has been miraculously smoke free this past week.  It’s been shocking, but pleasant.

The day of Jennifer and Buck’s wedding brought us the same weather as every day the past week: bluebird skies, 75 degrees and endless sunshine.  Sometime around 4:00 PM, the wind changed direction, the smoke rolled in, and within 10 minutes, South Lake was enveloped in a hazy cloud.

I can tell you this: no amount of smoke could smother the flames between these two.  They are gorgeous in every way and I am honored, though flabbergasted, that they managed to hire me as their Lake Tahoe wedding photographer.

Jennifer and Buck waited until the end of July to find a photographer.  But that’s how they roll: relaxed.

Despite the smoke and the haze, there was an epic dance party in Valhalla Estate Saturday night and I’m happy I could be there.

More to come.

Tahoe Concert Photography

Tahoe Concert Photographer | Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts returned to Lake Tahoe for the 2nd year in a row and I was stoked to photograph the concert.  Any night at work with live music is an amazing night indeed.  Sheryl Crow was the opener and even came out on stage midway through their set to sit in with them, which was pretty rad.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the evening.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Photographer | High School Portraits | Emily

I love Emily.  She’s brilliantly beautiful, has a dazzling smile, an infectious energy and an athlete to boot.  She has a good head on her shoulders, loves her mom, and can’t wait to take a gap year traveling in Europe.  So basically, she’s awesome.

Emily was visiting her grandparents’ Tahoe cabin for the summer and sought me out to be her Tahoe Senior Photographer.  She sent me the most wonderful complimentary email. High School portrait sessions are my absolute favorite of all the types of portraiture I do so I readily agreed.  Please note: flattery will get you everywhere.

We ran all over Homewood, CA, starting at the desolate weed filled ski resort and finishing at The West Shore Cafe for some stunning images with a gorgeous backdrop of clouds.

If you would like more information on booking me as your Tahoe Senior Photographer, head here.

Andre Thierry

Tahoe Concert Photographer | Andre Thierry

There is one simple reason that you should never skip the opening band at a show, even when you’ve never heard of them: because WASHBOARDS.

And what I mean by this is that you may be missing out on the coolest, most unexpected thing you’ve ever heard.

In this case, it was a Zydeco band opening for Sammy Hagar.

Would I have ever expected a Zydeco band to open for Sammy Hagar?  No.  Would you?  Unless you are privy to some secret I’m not aware of, my guess for that is also no.

Andre Thierry is a killer Zydeco Band based out of none other than neighboring San Francisco and I can promise you I’ll make sure to keep them on my radar from here on out.  It was such a treat to get a taste of New Orleans before I photographed Sammy Hagar.  I spent half the three allotted songs in the photo pit dancing instead of taking photos.

FYI Austin Texas, they’ll be playing at the Blue Moon Bar and Grill on August 29th.

Tahoe Concert Photography

Tahoe Concert Photographer | Rascal Flatts Sneak Peek

I am SO stoked on my photos from Rascal Flatts this year vs my photos from last year.  I came away from the 2013 Rascal Flatts show with quite a few awesome images from the Band Perry, but none that I was overjoyed with from the headliner.  This year, the opposite is true.  Sheryl Crow, who opened for Rascal Flatts, required us to shoot from front of house, which is a nicer sounding way of saying we have to be at the sound booth.  I won’t be sharing any of her images on my site or blog, due to contract restrictions, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t like them anyways.

There are so many killer Rascal Flatts images to share though.  This one, however, takes the cake.


Trash the Dress

Tahoe Trash the Dress Session | Fallen Leaf Lake | Published at Woodsy Weddings


Sawyer and Josh are still two of my most memorable clients.  Their willingness to frolic in the lake in the still of the early morning helped us capture some breathtaking images that are still getting published a year later!  Recently, Woodsy Weddings gave them some internet love.  You can see their post via this link.

Sawyer and Josh were also published at Love + Wander earlier this year.  You can read the original post on my website via this link.

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