Tahoe Family Portraits

Family Portraits in Tahoe | Atalig Family | Sneak Peek

Zephyr Cove Resort continues to be one of my favorite places to photograph family portraits in Tahoe.  The endless options on it’s giant boulders on the beach offer great shade when you need it, new perspectives to keep your creativity fresh, and killer sunsets.  The Atalig family was visiting from the Bay Area and really wanted a wonderful memento of their family vacation and a Tahoe sunset portrait session seemed like the perfect souvenier!

Zephyr Cove PortraitsFamily Portraits in TahoePortraits in Tahoe

Gar woods wedding

Gar Woods Wedding Photographer | Published at Borrowed & Blue

Borrowed and Blue is one of my favorite wedding blogs to contribute to.   They manage to keep things fresh with individual blogs for various locations.  Over the years they’ve been extra kind to me, publishing me at their Napa wedding blog, their Bay Area wedding blog, and now, for the seventh time, at their Lake Tahoe wedding blog.  They always write really fun, kind, complimentary things which gives you extra warm fuzzies inside and their post on Brooke and Blake yesterday was no exception.  I’m so honored to have been chosen as Brooke and Blake’s Gar Woods wedding photographer.  Their day was exceptionally amazing from start to finish and it was so worth getting in the Lake for that group shot on the pier.

Follow this link to relive Brooke and Blake’s wedding, featured on Borrowed & Blue Lake Tahoe.

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North Lake Tahoe Wedding

Family Portraits at Lake Tahoe | Fallen Leaf Lake | Sneak Peek

This light.  This family.  This location.

I’m so excited about this gorgeous family portrait session at Fallen Leaf Lake.  Hailing from all over the US: Vegas, Salt Lake and Florida, this family wanted something uniquely foresty and rustic for their family portraits at Lake Tahoe and I knew just the spot.  More to come from this totes adorbs fam.

Fallen Leaf Lake PortraitsFallen Leaf Lake PortraitsFallen Leaf Lake Portraits

Ehrman Mansion Wedding

Ehrman Mansion Wedding | Rachel + Thomas | Sneak Peek


That’s what I put in the subject line of my email to Rachel about her sneak peeks.

Ermahgerd.  I totally want to edit this wedding and only this wedding right now because I’m so in love with all of their photos from their vintage 20s inspired Ehrman Mansion Wedding at Sugar Pine Point State Park.

Ermahgerd.  Rachel was so flipping gorgeous and her laugh was so amazing.

Ermahgerd.  Can we be friends forever?

Ermahgerd.  There were Star Wars legos on their boutonnières and bouquets.


Just look at this.

Ehrman Mansion WeddingEhrman Mansion WeddingEhrman Mantion Wedding

Tahoe Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe | Candice | Sneak Peek


Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Candice is a rad senior from the Class of 2016 from a small town in Arkansas.  “I didn’t want photos on train tracks,” she told me.  I agree, girl, I agree.

Clearly, senior portraits at Lake Tahoe is the best place in the US to have your senior photo session!  Two seniors in one week agree!

Here’s another sneak peek from Candice’s awesome Zephyr Cove Resort photos session.  There’s more to come from this rad young lady!

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Tahome Boathouse Wedding

Tahoma Boathouse Wedding | Mandy + Steve | Sneak Peek

This may be the most fabulous Tahoe wedding venue I’ve ever photographed.  I adore it.  Mandy and Steve’s 1910 Tahoma Boathouse Wedding was perfect: quaint, comfortable, historic splendor.  I have quite a few other weddings there this year, which is super exciting because I love it!

The boathouse itself over looks all of Lake Tahoe and has a huge winding yard filled with beautiful pine tree shade, a ping pong table, an outdoor rock fireplace, and a gorgeous lawn.  Mandy and Steve hired The Woodfired Pizza Company to bring their mobile brick oven out to serve pizzas over the course of the night and oh, was there ever pie!

Here’s a few images from their wedding day until I’m finished with the rest!

Tahoma Boat House WeddingTahoma Boat House WeddingTahoma Boathouse Wedding

Tahoe Family Portraits

Tahoe Family Portraits | Lakeland Village

Family vacation in Tahoe offers the perfect opportunity and reason for a family portrait session.  Macy and her gorgeous family were on vacation at Lakeland Village and wanted to capture their children and grandparents all together while they were here.  Their Tahoe family portraits are gorgeous: filled with blue skies, smiles, lots of hugs and a lemonade break, of course.

Here’s a few of my favorites from their Lakeland Village family photos from our morning on the beach.

Tahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family Portraits

Lauren Lindley offers Tahoe portrait sessions that provide you with traditional and candid photos you can’t capture alone with a loud, fun, obstreperous Tahoe local that loves showing off her gorgeous home.  For more information on Lake Tahoe family portraits and pricing, visit this link.

Kahle Portrait Photos

Tahoe Senior Photos | Allison

Holy magical golden light, Batman!

I am so over the moon for this killer engagement session with this Texas senior!  I photograph a ton of seniors who are visiting Lake Tahoe on their summer vacations and are looking for something “different” than their friends’ photos from their homes.  Allison was no exception and I had such a blast with her and her gorgeous family.  They were full of smiles and Southern charm and our two hour session at Kahle Community Center and Zephyr Cove Resort for her Tahoe senior photos was a blast!  The light was SO perfect the entire night.  More to come from this gorgeous Texas gal!

Tahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior Portraits

Hideout wedding photography

A Kirkwood Wedding | The HideOut | Tara + Jeff Sneak Peek

I’m so thrilled I ended up photographing this totally random awesome Tuesday wedding at the most gorgeous Kirkwood wedding venue the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range has to offer.  Tara and Jeff’s HideOut wedding was everything I would want my wedding to be: days spent relaxing in a gorgeous location, surrounded by beautiful mountain views, friends, family, wine, lawn games and an epic dance party.  I can’t wait to share more images from their day, but until then, here’s a few frames to hold you over.

HideOut wedding photographyHideout wedding photographyHideOut wedding photography

Heavenly Tahoe Wedding

Heavenly Terrace Wedding | Rick + Lisa | Sneak Peek

When Rick and Lisa first contacted me, they didn’t actually have a date for their wedding.  She sent me a really amazing email that said, among other things, “I really do think avocados are their own food group, and I can eat my weight in avocados on any given day.”  Over the course of our correspondence, I fell in love with her adventurous spirit, vivacity and general good humor.  When they finally picked their date, it turned out to be a day that I had no intent of shooting a wedding on: the day following my birthday party.  I couldn’t, just couldn’t, not be part of this amazing couple who seemed like such kindrid spirits to me.  Among their love of avocados, day drinking and laughing at themselves, they were also marathon runners.  I said yes.  I would sacrifice the ability to be “not so sparky” the day after my party for these two awesome people and I am SO glad that I did.  There’s more to come from their Heavenly Terrace Wedding, but until then, here’s a few awesome frames to hold you over.

Heavenly Terrace WeddingHeavenly Terrace WeddingHeavenly Terrace Wedding