FRESHbash Sacramento

FRESHbash Sacramento | Event Photography

I was recently asked to attend FRESHbash, an exquisitely designed wedding fair and event, on behalf of Black Sheep Bride, a socially conscious wedding network.  FRESHbash, a thoughtfully curated showcase of design exhibitions and experiences meant to raise the creative bar and inspire the senses for the wedding industry.  It took place at the Beatnik Studios in ​Sacramento, a perfect location for this amazing design-centric event.  I have to add that Beatnik Studios would be the perfect location for a wedding: I’m adding it to my ever growing list of dream places to photograph weddings at!

The event was impeccably decorated by some amazing teams of wedding designers, planners, florists and print-masters.  In addition, it featured experiential stations like a paper calligraphy station, amazing photo booths in cars by The Photo Booth Bug, craft mixology sponsored by Honeybook and Liquidology, fun and innovative food from s+s Gastropub, and unexpected thrills like a human popcorn stand.  You can check out all the amazing design talent that helped contribute to this event over at the  FRESHbash website.

A few of the vendors I was most impressed with included the super rad D’Railed Beauty Trolley, a traveling beauty salon for your wedding day that comes to you!  I also met Ara Arbabzadeh, head of VIP Photography Studios in Davis, CA whose spirit and mutual love of wine I absolutely fell for.  I was also super stoked to finally meet Geoff Bardot, head photographer at The Goodness.  His work is bright, sassy and fun and although we’ve also shared referrals with each other, it was the first time we were able to meet in person!

FreshBash SacramentoFreshbashFreshbash SacramentoFreshbash SacramentoFreshbash SacramentoFreshbash SacramentoFreshbash Photo BoothFreshbash Photo BoothFreshbash SacramentoFreshbash designFreshBash CalligraphyFreshbash ChalkboardFreshbash Sacramento OutsideFreshbash D'Railed Beauty TrolleyFreshbash Musicians

Gatlinburg Portrait Photographer

Gatlinburg Portrait Session | Sneak Peek

Last week I traveled with 30+ other photographers to the snow capped peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  We rented a five story cabin mansion overlooking Gatlinburg and shared experiences, knowledge and dance parties.  We set up shoots with each other, pranced about in the snow, and got pretty damn silly almost every day.  Here’s a sneak peek from a Gatlinburg portrait session along the river of the state park, featuring Danny and Kate Sprague to hold you over until I have time to edit the rest.

Gatlinburg Portrait Session

HHR 2015 | Photographers’ Retreat

My friend Megan Saul is a super cool chick.  So cool, in fact, that she organized an informal photographers’ retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, just outside of Gatlinburg, and I’m apparently so special that I was invited to attend.  Myself and 34 other unbelievably talented photographers are here for the next four days to refresh our creativity, stir up our spirits, and teach each other everything we know.  Oh, and drink.  Oh, and dance party.

If you are interested in following along on our adventures in realtime, head on over to Instagram to follow @heavyheartedphotographers.

If you want to check out the work from some of the unbelievably talented folks I’m here with, these are my travel companions:

Megan Saul | Cassandra Niehaus | Jay Loafman | Chris Henderson | Danny and Katherine Sprague | Sabrina Hounshell | Cheyenne Gil | Lena Peterson | Laura Babb | Rachel Schirano | Jaime Smialek | Mysi Anne Falafel | Jillian Powers | Catalina Jean Dow | Ryan Deasley | Tuan Bui | Rachel Brandt Fisher | Chris Wojdak | Tommy Van Huynh | Meagan Lindsay Shuptar | Amanda Carso | Chris Ramos | Ashley Hamm |  Sidney Morgan | Paige Gabert | Rachel “The Sherpa” Kaye | Mike Rousseau


Los Angeles Engagement Session

Culver City Engagement Photographer | Andy + Sarah

Andy and Sarah met at a bar called “Happy Ending.”  No joke.  She rebuffed his advances.  Persistence and diligence, boys, often pays off.  Andy and Sarah are amazing folks: they are fun, social and love costume parties.  They didn’t tell me this, I can just tell.  More than half their profile photos on Facebook involve costumes of some sort which may be equal or greater to the amount of my profile photos that involve costumes.  Clearly, great minds think alike.

When Andy and Sarah hired me as their wedding photographer for their upcoming Tahoe wedding, I begged them to let me fly down to Los Angeles for their portraits.  Shooting new places is always creatively a joy for me and I always jump at the opportunity to expand my portfolio with wonderful new locations.  After a few suggestions of various places to shoot around Los Angeles, we decided to start off at their favorite neighborhood breakfast spot, Meet in Paris, and then explore the nearby town for their engagement session.  It was so amazing to try my hat on as a Culver City engagement photographer for the day.  We capped it off with some beers at Father’s Office and then parted ways until the next time.  I can’t wait to hang with Sarah and Andy again – it was a blast of a weekend!

Culver City Engagement Session

Culver City Engagement Session | Andy + Sarah Sneak Peek

When Andy and Sarah hired me as their wedding photographer for their upcoming Tahoe wedding, I begged them to let me fly down to Los Angeles for their portraits.  Shooting new places is always creatively a joy for me.  Combine that with my never ending travel bug and I’ll jump at any opportunity to expand my portfolio with wonderful new locations.  After a few suggestions of various places to shoot around Los Angeles, we decided to start off at their favorite neighborhood breakfast spot, Meet in Paris, and then explore the nearby town for their Culver City engagement session.  We finished their day off at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, which is where their wonderful sneak peek comes from.

More from this super rad couple soon!

Napa Girls Weekend

Sonoma Girls’ Trip | Published at Love + Wander

Love + Wander

Love + Wander has given me so much internet love over the last year and I’m super appreciative.  It’s a super rad little blog that’s specifically geared towards celebrating photographers who celebrate life.   I’m so thrilled to see this Sonoma Girls’ Trip on their blog last week.  Every time some of my work gets published elsewhere, it’s as if I get to relive the day and this was one of my absolute favorite days of 2014.

You can visit the full post via this link.   Feel free to share some love and thank them for supporting me by leaving comments on their post, sharing it or retweeting us!

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Sonoma Wine Weekend

Winters CA Wedding Photographer

Buckhorn Steakhouse Wedding | Vince + Courtney Sneak Peek

I feel pretty lucky that Courtney’s mother found me for her daughter’s Buckhorn Steakhouse Wedding in Winters, CA.  Vince and Courtney’s story is incredibly special.  I had an amazing time spending the evening with their beautiful family, who danced, regaled me with family stories, and hugged the night away.

Winters, CA is unbelievably quaint and adorable.  I wanted to give myself plenty of buffer time (you can’t be late to a wedding!) so I arrived a few hours earlier than I needed to and spent the afternoon snacking at Preserve Public House and scouting portrait locations on Main St.

It’s pretty rare that I have time set aside for bridal portraits at all.  Most of the time, I’m sneaking them in here and there when the moment strikes or we’re walking by a wall or a window that suddenly gives me inspiration.  Courtney had built 45 minutes into our afternoon during the most perfect light for us to run around downtown and take portraits.  I was in HEAVEN.

Here’s a sneak peek to hold you over until I’m finished with their wedding gallery.  Congrats Vince and Courtney!

Winters CA Bridal Portraits

Napa Girls Weekend

Sonoma Vacation Photographer | Published at Gent & Beauty

I was so happy to wake up Wednesday morning to see that the Evalyn Ivy, ran a travel inspiration post featuring my photos as a Sonoma Vacation Photographer.  Evalyn Ivy was formerly known as Gent & Beauty and is a prestigious online Skandinavian Style Magazine run by a very fashionable man and wife duo.  They provide readers with an “eclectic range of inspiration with all the things [they] love housed under one roof.”   I am feeling pretty honored with my inclusion among the beautiful work and photos you’ll find on their website.

Someone recently asked me what my favorite job this year was and this day was it!  I had such a wonderful time following these smart fun Texas women around Sonoma as their vacation photographer that I want to do it all over again.  I still have a few bottles of wine hanging out in my wine fridge from William Selyem that are just waiting for the right occasion to be consumed!

Big thanks to Evalyn Ivy for sharing my work.  You can check out Gent and Beauty’s Travel Inspiration Post featuring my photos via this link.  You can also follow them on Instagram.

Napa Wedding Photographer

Napa Wedding Photographer | Published on Borrowed & Blue

My friends Tracey and Adam are in Napa this week on vacation, fitting as they were married this very week last year at a private estate there and hired me as their Napa wedding photographer.  Tracey and Adam found me on Thumbtack and to this day, I feel so fortunate to have them in my lives.  They are vivacious, fun, wine-loving people destined for a life of win and awesome.  I’m thrilled that as an extra little anniversary present (as if a return trip to Napa wasn’t enough), Borrowed and Blue Napa featured their wedding on their blog!

Head over to Borrowed and Blue Napa via this link to see Tracey and Adam’s intimate Napa wedding featured.

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Murphys CA engagement session

Murphys CA Engagement Photographer | Angel’s Camp | Brittney + John

For as long as Brittney has been alive, her family has been visiting their property outside of Angel’s Camp, CA.  Tucked into the mountains above Murphys, CA, the property feels removed from civilization and remote.  Her father now lives permanently there and although Brittney would have loved to hold her wedding in the nearby neighbor’s meadow, the logistics of getting that many people up into the wilderness seemed just too daunting.  Since the land holds such an important piece of her identity and childhood, when she suggested the neighbor’s property and meadow area for her engagement shoot instead,  I was ecstatic.

It’s a bit out of the way and the day we decided to travel there, her step-mother was reporting pouring rain.  We decided that we’d go anyways and perhaps it would stop, we all agreed, dubiously hopeful.  The storm clouds above Angel’s Camp weren’t just extremely ominous: it looked like we were driving into Mordor.  The worst thing that could happen, we collectively assured ourselves, was that we had sandwiches with her step-mom and Dad and then headed back out of the mountains to explore other locations.

We arrived on site and it was raining so we piled into the neighbors unlocked camper van and feasted on wine, whiskey and the most amazing home made sandwiches.  Just as we finished our lunch, the skies opened up and graced us with time to take photos.  As we were finishing, the neighbor arrived on the property and unlocked the old barn he’s been renovating into a library for the small community that lives there.  In the end, our day turned into the most perfect woodsy engagement session I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to be Brittney and John’s Lake Tahoe wedding photographer next summer!