Rock Wall Winery Portraits

Alameda Engagement Session | Lauren + Tim

These two.  I’m so happy they found me and I cannot wait for their West Shore Cafe wedding next March.  Lauren grew up in Texas so I feel right at home with her.  She’s as comfortable in cowboy boots as she is in a dress.  They both love day drinking and specifically, wine.  They believe in the power of breakfast (and possibly even second breakfast) but we didn’t cover that.  Clearly, we are meant to be best friends forever.

They have a fabulous house in Oakland that I adore and for their engagement session, of which, I shall note, Tim emphatically did not want to participate in, we decided to run around to some of their favorite picturesque neighborhood haunts that also involve wine.  Lake Merritt was the perfect spot to start in: one could definitely waste spend away the entire day drinking on the deck of The Lake Chalet.  Next stop up was their local winery.  Lauren and Tim are founding members of the wine club and I have to say the Zin I tried was excellent.

In the end, we ended up with an awesome batch of photos for their session and a super wonderful afternoon.  I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to enjoy my afternoon and evening with!


Oakland |  The Lake Chalet Seafood Bar and Grill

Alameda | Rock Wall Winery

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Playground Portrait Session

Playground Portrait Sessions | Golden Gate Park | Rozen Family

Chris and Erin have been long time friends of mine ever since they moved to the west coast from the east coast.  Back in the day, which I used to be a little raver, Chris and I were on a few of the same electronic music boards together.  You know, back when people were in forums together before facebook and reddit.  We’ve all grown quite a bit since then – their family especially.  Now, they have two beautiful daughters whom I like to send all my favorite kids’ books to.

I was recently in San Francisco / Bay Area for an engagement session.  Erin had randomly contacted me about how badly they needed a photo of their now larger family and I, of course, agreed to meet up while I was there.  We met up for a playground portrait session at the panhandle playground in the unbelievably gorgeous Golden Gate Park.  No matter how many times I go there, it’s beauty and vastness continues to astound me.  There’s always something I didn’t see the last time!

I knew that their eldest daughter wouldn’t have a super long attention span, so a playground portrait session was perfect for her.  With lots of things to climb, play and entertain her, spirits were highly more likely to be up than down.  Although it was a super quick half hour, we managed to get a few group photos and plenty of great candid action shots!

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Bay Area Engagement Sessions

Oakland Engagement Session | Lauren + Tim Sneak Peek

Tim emphatically did not want to take engagement photos.

Lauren and I collectively joined forces to sway him otherwise.  I tried all my usual tricks: promises of adult beverages, sarcastic exasperation, rotating locations.

He did not concur with our plan.

I’m pretty sure the Laurens succeeded, however, in capturing some wonderful shots regardless of his disagreement in our views on the awesomeness that is engagement portraits.

I think that makes this Oakland engagement session a win win for everyone.  More to come from this cute couple and our awesome and fun afternoon exploring Oakland, Lake Merritt, and Rock Wall Winery!

Bay Area Engagement SessionsOakland Engagement PortraitsLake Merritt Engagement Session

San Francisco Family Photogrpahy

Golden Gate Park Family Session | Rozen Family Sneak Peek

Just a few days before I planned to arrive in the city, friends of mine from the Bay Area texted me: “Help! We need a family portrait bad!”  Lauren to the rescue!  We quickly set up plans for a Golden Gate Park Family Session at the playground in the park pan handle.  Golden Gate Park offers a ton of ridiculously picturesque family photo spots.  I could spend hours in there with a portrait session.  Sadly, three year olds have no interest in spending hours to do photo sessions so ours didn’t last that long.  At least I got bonus points with the playground.

Here’s a sneak peek from the Rozen’s mini session in San Francisco last week.  More to come from this gorgeous family, complete with their tiniest newest addition.

San Francisco Family PhotogrpahyGolden Gate Park Family Portrait

Cordova Alaska Wedding

Alaska Destination Wedding | Jessie + Nate

When Jessie told me she was getting married she immediately followed it up with the words, “…and you’re our wedding photographer.”  “Great!” I replied, “When is it?”  “Well, I’m not sure that we want to have one….”

When Jessie told me they were thinking of being married in an intimate mountaintop ceremony in the town that Nate works in every winter in Alaska, I about melted to the floor.

Emphatically YES TO ALL OF IT.

Big thanks to the crew and staff that Nate works with who housed us, fed us, and entertained us that week while we wandered the streets of Cordova, the rain forest nearby and the glaciered peaks of the area.  I had such an amazing time staring at otters, photographing eagles, and generally just stuffing my face with halibut.

I have a ton of photos from our week in Cordova, but I’ll leave you today with Jessie and Nate’s Alaska destination wedding photos only.

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Fire House Museum Wedding

San Diego LGBT Wedding | Jen + Lauren | Sneak Peek



Jenny is the greatest employee I ever had, probably because she was completely overqualified for the job.  As an manager who often rarely saw my employees, I used to leave a lot of notes behind for them.  When Jenny left, she literally covered my store with notes: hundreds of them!  I was happy to hear during Jen and Lauren’s ceremony that the tradition has continued and that she leaves post it notes for the love of her life as well.  I have so many stories to share about this amazing power duo from San Diego but those will have to wait a few weeks until I’m finished with their wedding.  In the meantime, I’m just still so honored and tickled that I was asked to be their wedding photographer!

Until then, here’s a few sneak peeks from Jen and Lauren’s San Diego LGBT Wedding at the Firehouse Museum in Little Italy.

Fire House Museum Wedding
Fire House Museum Wedding
LGBT San Diego Wedding

SF Engagement Portrait

SF Engagement Session | Malia + Josh

Josh and Malia went to high school together.


Now they are getting married and although Malia currently lives in Southern CA, Josh spends most of his time in Northern CA.  His family is originally from San Francisco and the city is extremely important to them.  When they approached me about becoming their wedding photographer and indicated that they’d like to have a SF engagement session I was overjoyed and readily suggested an all day tromp-through-the-city affair.

We started out our afternoon with a leisurely lunch in Little Italy at The Italian Homemade Company where the chefs serenaded us in Italian while dishing up huge heaping portions of homemade gnocchi rolls.  After that, we took a stroll through Washington Square Park over to Mara’s Italian Pastries for the requisite post lunch cannoli.  After that, we spent the rest of the day touristing at all the biggest and most iconic SF landmarks for the ultimate San Francisco portrait session: the Bay Bridge, the Ferry Building, The Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Park, the Legion of Honor, and Land’s End, among others!  We ended our day at an amazing event called Off the Grid that takes place in Fort Mason every Friday night.

It was a whirlwind day all over the city filled with amazing food, lots of laughter and really amazing company.  I’m looking forward to their wedding in December after spending such a wonderful and inspiring day with this fantastic couple.

Napa Wedding Photographer

Intimate Napa Wedding | Published at the Knot

It’s always a nice reminder of how awesome all my clients are when some of my past work is published, and this intimate Napa wedding published on The Knot last week is no exception.  I continue to be so thankful that I was connected with Tracey and Adam.  They are such an amazing couple, so fun to hang out with and now, adding to their family.  I’m hoping to head down to New Orleans later this year to celebrate their newborn with a portrait session for them.

If you’d like to check out Tracey and Adam’s original wedding post on my site, you may do so via this link.

You can see their entire post at the Knot published last week via this link.

You can also follow The Knot at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.Napa Budget Wedding

Tracy Senior Portrait

Tracy Senior Photographer | Jason | Sneak Peek

The son of two good friends and prior wedding clients is graduating from high school this year.  Originally, they had intended to come visit me in Tahoe so I could photograph Jason’s senior portrait session, but as it happens, complicated athletic schedules got in the way.  I was nonplussed, however, and promised Lori that I was sure that I could find a weekend to come to them instead.  The stars aligned perfectly and this past weekend I was able to make a stop and be Jason’s Tracy senior photographer!  Here’s a sneak peek from our session around his hometown.

 Tracy Senior Portrait PhotographerTracy Senior Portrait PhotographerTracy Senior Portrait Photographer