Second Shooting | Las Vegas Destination Wedding with Ms. Wedding Image

This one time I flew to Vegas to 2nd Shoot for McKenzie Stewart of Ms. Wedding Image.  I put up a preview image at the end of September (yes!  September!) but then failed to get around to even looking at the rest of the photos.  That’s how busy I’ve been.  

I connected with McKenzie through Jasmine Star’s 2nd Shooting Facebook Group (appropriately titled J*’s 2nd Shooters).   Although McKenzie now lives in Orlando, FL, she grew up in Vegas and knew the bride from college there and needed a 2nd shooter for the wedding.  Vegas is a quick hop skip and a jump plane ride for me and one of my really awesome college friends whom I hadn’t seen in awhile and his fiancee live there so the trip was a no brainer.

Second shooting is an awesome way to hone your wedding photography skills while under less pressure as the primary.  For me, it’s also a super fun way to spend the day at an awesome wedding totally relaxed because thankfully I’m not the one editing the images.  While you may think that your photographer is awesome while he or she is running around snapping photos at your event, the bulk of our work comes in the post-processing: the culling, the editing, the exporting, the uploading.  When you 2nd shoot, while they may get your images as their own, depending on your agreement with the main photographer, you don’t actually have to go back and even peek at them if you won’t want to, or in my case, simply didn’t have time to.

What was most exciting for me was to work with someone else who was so drastically different in personality than me.  McKenzie is a bubbly effervescent positive lady with a knack for campiness and formal group photography.  In short, she is everything I am not.  I like dance floors: she likes posing couples.  I am snarky and cynical; she is optimistic and very polite.  I love wine; she never drinks.  I like candids and chasing children; she would rather I just go ahead and do that for her.  I dread grouping people in matching pastel dresses and neckties into lines and taking their photos; she loves it.

It was a match made in heaven.

What’s really fun is now that I’ve gone through and culled, edited and chosen my favorites, it’s super fun to go look at the actual wedding album.  McKenzie did a stellar job and while our aesthetic is fairly similar and my photos blend seamlessly into hers, it’s neat to notice the subtle differences and choices in the images I chose to highlight here.

I had such a great time working alongside her.  Please go check out her website or like her facebook page.  I had hoped to make it to Orlando to assist for a wedding the Friday before Christmas but the flights were too full for me to get there and back to celebrate Christmas here in Tahoe, which was super disappointing.  However, I’m planning on assisting her on a destination wedding in Ogden, UT over Labor Day weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Thanks for the awesome time lady!  I can’t wait to do it again.

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