Doctor Who Engagement

Doctor Who Themed Engagement | Sacramento | Will + Sara


Will and Sara are so fantastic and I’m absolutely overjoyed that we connected thanks to Thumbtack.  When they originally requested information, their message said, “My fiance and I are SUPER NERDY and our engagement itself was Doctor Who themed, while we both play Magic the Gathering.  We love all things nerdy and would like some of that incorporated into our engagement photos.”  I, of course, responded with, “SO MUCH YES” and our relationship was born.

Sara and Will met when she overheard him while walking down the street in Davis, CA, talking about Magic shortly after she moved there.   As fate would have it, Will walked into the Chipotle line directly behind her and she gathered up the gumption to go talk to him since she too played Magic.  When they told me this story, I suggested we start our session off with them playing Magic at Chipotle and they readily agreed.

After that, we headed down to the state capital in Sacramento because the building and grounds hold significant importance for the two of them.  In fact, their wedding ceremony will be held on the grounds as well.

Will and Sara are both huge Doctor Who fans and since Will proposed outside of the TARDIS at Stage Nine in Old Town Sacramento, they specifically wanted to incorporate this into a Doctor Who themed engagement session.  We took it a step further and recreated a picnic scene on the beach on the river in Sacramento and then headed back over to Stage Nine who was gracious enough to allow us to come in after hours and photograph in the TARDIS.

Our day was complete with a stop on the yellow bridge and an amazing dinner and bottle of wine together at Il Fornaio.

Basically, the whole day was like this:


I can’t wait to do it all over again at their wedding in November.

SF Engagement Portrait

Making the Most out of your Engagement Session

More often that not, couples become engaged and start cycling through their catalog of photos and discover that they have primarily nothing but phone photos and selfies at their disposal.  As such, engagement portrait sessions are extremely popular and one of those photos will certainly end up on your save the date card, wedding invitation, or wedding website.  Paperless Post recently approached me and asked if I’d be willing to share my tips and tricks on making the most out of your engagement session.

1.  Relax and pay no attention to the person following you with the camera.  Every photo that I fall in love with from an engagement session comes from a moment where the couple is so wrapped up in each other, they’ve forgotten I’m there.  In fact, the best sessions happen when couples act like they are on a date and just talk and chat the entire time as if I’m not even there.  I’ve even had couples spend the entire session trying to one up each other with jokes.   It doesn’t matter how you interact, as long as you do.

Los Angeles Engagement Session

2.  More points of contact create more intimacy in photos.  Hold hands, make out, wrap up in each other.  No matter what you do, the more that your bodies are connected, the stronger the image will come across.

SF Engagement Portrait

3.  Be fun and active.  Dance while you tell those jokes.  Hold hands, move around, walk and talk, get playful.   I try to do as little posing as possible, but I will intervene and get posey if the couple seems stiff or isn’t interacting with each other.  The best moments happen, again, when you forget your photographer is there and focus on each other.

Culver City Portrait Session

4.  Kick your session off in one of your favorite places.  I like to start my evening sessions out with happy hour and my morning sessions with brunch.  Starting off your session at a place of significance for the two of you is a great way to begin your session in a relaxed way at a place that feels comfortable.  It will put you at ease (so will that adult beverage) and allow you to get comfortable behind the camera.

Happy Hour portrait session

5.  Utilize negative space.  Negative space appears in beautifully composed images as the blank areas in and around objects.  In a photo with negative space, you’ll have plenty of room to include all the pertinent information you need to give your guests without detracting from the image.

Tahoe Engagement Photographer, Incline Village, Hidden Beach, Tahoe Portrait photographer

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Sand Harbor Engagement Session

Incline Village Engagement Session | Teddy + Janet | Sneak Peek

These two.

They are two of a kind.

Teddy is my brother’s best friend from childhood.  He is smart, witty, fun, bold and driven.  Janet is adventurous and whimsical, gracious and observant.

Janet’s a keeper.  Teddy knows it.  After spending a few days with these two, you can see why they’ve ended up together.  I’m definitely keeping Janet as a friend and I can’t wait for them to come back to Tahoe.

More on these two awesome souls and our adventures last week.  Until then, here’s a sneak peek from their Incline Village engagement session.

Sand Harbor Engagement SessionSand Harbor Engagement Session

Murphys CA engagement session

Angel’s Camp Engagement Session | Published at Ever Ours

o. m. gee.

I have been (figuratively, not literally) dying to be published on Ever Ours for ever and ever and ever.  All my cool photographer friends are published on Ever Ours all the time and now I’m as cool as they are.

I can think of no better session than Britt and John’s Angel’s Camp engagement session to be published over on Lydia’s amazing site, which celebrates the wedding photography industry and all the amazing images and talent within it.

I’m so excited to be part of the Ever Ours community.  You can also follow Ever Ours on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

You can see the entire feature over at Ever Ours via this link.

 Northern CA Engagement Photographer

Dr. Who Engagement Session

A Doctor Who Engagement | Sara + Will | Sneak Peek


I am so happy we found each other.

I have so many amazing stories to share with you about how they met and how we met and what we did this weekend in Sacramento, but in the meantime, you’ll have to be happy with this amazing sneak peek from our Doctor Who engagement session.


Dr. Who Engagement SessionDr Who Engagement Session

Reno Engagement Photographer

Woodsy Engagement Session | Audrey + Gavin

Oh my goodness how I love Audrey and Gavin – let me count the ways.  1. They are extremely vivacious fun personalities that were overjoyed when I suggested pre-gaming happy hour before their session.  2) They both work in similar industries and we had many a similar story to share about the world of TV, Film and Photography.  3) They are adventurous spirits that recently moved to Reno and wanted to show off their love of the outdoors with a woodsy engagement session.  4) Gavin went to TOWN on that love balloon (you’ll see what I mean).

Basically, I had a blast.  I’m super excited to call these two friends from here on out and I’m even more excited to photograph their wedding in September.  Until then, here’s some of my favorites from their Galena Creek Engagement Session outside of Reno, NV.

Also, FYI, it’s super anti-climatic when you pop a foil balloon.  No where near as fabulous as a latex one.

Culver City Engagement Session

Culver City Engagement Session | Andy + Sarah Sneak Peek

When Andy and Sarah hired me as their wedding photographer for their upcoming Tahoe wedding, I begged them to let me fly down to Los Angeles for their portraits.  Shooting new places is always creatively a joy for me.  Combine that with my never ending travel bug and I’ll jump at any opportunity to expand my portfolio with wonderful new locations.  After a few suggestions of various places to shoot around Los Angeles, we decided to start off at their favorite neighborhood breakfast spot, Meet in Paris, and then explore the nearby town for their Culver City engagement session.  We finished their day off at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, which is where their wonderful sneak peek comes from.

More from this super rad couple soon!

Murphys CA engagement session

Murphys CA Engagement Photographer | Angel’s Camp | Brittney + John

For as long as Brittney has been alive, her family has been visiting their property outside of Angel’s Camp, CA.  Tucked into the mountains above Murphys, CA, the property feels removed from civilization and remote.  Her father now lives permanently there and although Brittney would have loved to hold her wedding in the nearby neighbor’s meadow, the logistics of getting that many people up into the wilderness seemed just too daunting.  Since the land holds such an important piece of her identity and childhood, when she suggested the neighbor’s property and meadow area for her engagement shoot instead,  I was ecstatic.

It’s a bit out of the way and the day we decided to travel there, her step-mother was reporting pouring rain.  We decided that we’d go anyways and perhaps it would stop, we all agreed, dubiously hopeful.  The storm clouds above Angel’s Camp weren’t just extremely ominous: it looked like we were driving into Mordor.  The worst thing that could happen, we collectively assured ourselves, was that we had sandwiches with her step-mom and Dad and then headed back out of the mountains to explore other locations.

We arrived on site and it was raining so we piled into the neighbors unlocked camper van and feasted on wine, whiskey and the most amazing home made sandwiches.  Just as we finished our lunch, the skies opened up and graced us with time to take photos.  As we were finishing, the neighbor arrived on the property and unlocked the old barn he’s been renovating into a library for the small community that lives there.  In the end, our day turned into the most perfect woodsy engagement session I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to be Brittney and John’s Lake Tahoe wedding photographer next summer!


Denver Engagement Photography

Denver Engagement Photographer | Union Station | Maya + Dylan Sneak Peek

The newly renovated Union Station in Denver, CO is a photographer’s dream location: there are high ceilings, gorgeous filtered sunlight, cozy dim bars and retro light fixtures and furniture.  I’m so happy Dylan suggested it for our afternoon engagement session.  I can’t wait to share more images of this awesome couple, but here’s a frame to tide you over until later!

San Francisco Engagement Photographer | Published at Borrowed and Blue

Borrowed and Blue Logo

I love these two.

I just recently helped celebrate their Tahoe wedding as their photographer and, late into the evening, contributor to an epic dance party.  What a nice gift to have their San Francisco Monday Funday Engagement Session published over at the San Francisco edition of Borrowed & Blue.

You can see the entire post from Borrowed & Blue via this link.

You can also follow Borrowed & Blue over at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.