Culver City Portrait Session

Culver City Engagement Session | Published at Ever Ours

This one time, Lydia over at Ever Ours published one of my engagement sessions and I waxed and waned about how honored I was to be part of her amazing photographic community.  She celebrates real love, great photographers and amazing photos and I’m overjoyed to be featured on her blog for the 2nd time, with this gorgeous Culver City engagement session for Andy and Sarah.

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Culver City Engagement Session

Los Angeles Engagement Session

Culver City Engagement Photographer | Andy + Sarah

Andy and Sarah met at a bar called “Happy Ending.”  No joke.  She rebuffed his advances.  Persistence and diligence, boys, often pays off.  Andy and Sarah are amazing folks: they are fun, social and love costume parties.  They didn’t tell me this, I can just tell.  More than half their profile photos on Facebook involve costumes of some sort which may be equal or greater to the amount of my profile photos that involve costumes.  Clearly, great minds think alike.

When Andy and Sarah hired me as their wedding photographer for their upcoming Tahoe wedding, I begged them to let me fly down to Los Angeles for their portraits.  Shooting new places is always creatively a joy for me and I always jump at the opportunity to expand my portfolio with wonderful new locations.  After a few suggestions of various places to shoot around Los Angeles, we decided to start off at their favorite neighborhood breakfast spot, Meet in Paris, and then explore the nearby town for their engagement session.  It was so amazing to try my hat on as a Culver City engagement photographer for the day.  We capped it off with some beers at Father’s Office and then parted ways until the next time.  I can’t wait to hang with Sarah and Andy again – it was a blast of a weekend!

I taste good

I hopped over to Los Angeles this week to rendezvous with my best mate after working at El Tour de Tucson.  We had a serious weekend of wine drinking, cooking and relaxing on our agenda.  The first stop on Saturday: LA’s Wine House, which had the biggest selection of regionally organized Italian Wines I’d ever seen.  They also had a ton of  harder to find favorites like Patz & Hall.  What caught my eye, however, was this gem:

“THAT’S MY NAME!” I yelled.  The sales agent unpacking wine on the aisle laughed and said I better buy it.  I was a little expensive – $30 on sale down from $55.  At least I know my worth is significant.

I couldn’t find a ton of information about Lindley Wines online.  Their website is still under construction.  Despite the fact that owners Jake and Frankie Lindley just started making wines (2011 was their first vintage), the wine was surprising smooth and quite delightful (I would expect me to be a bit more bitter and snappy).

End of story: I’d buy me again.  Or maybe they should just give me some.

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Haley and Dave Sneak Peak

I went to visit some friends of mine in LA last week to celebrate a birthday and snap some engagement photos.

We had a BLAST.

There was a lot of giggling, an excessive amount of rosé, and some amazing photos taken.

I’ve been SUPER busy at work and with other photo assignments so I haven’t had time to edit all the photos from their engagement session but here’s a little sneak peak to tide you over.