Tahoe Boudoir

Announcing 2017 Tahoe Boudoir Mini Sessions!

Because every woman deserves gorgeous photos of herself.

Because it’s absolutely wonderfully insanely confidence inspiring and liberating to participate in.

Because you should love yourself the way you are and accept the way you are today.

Because it’s about celebrating your beauty, whether it’s laughter filled or curvy.  Whether you are wearing boy shorts or lingerie or nothing.

Because you should be gentle on yourself for all the time you wish you had to take better care of yourself, but you should be honest with yourself that we are human and busy and perfect as you are.

Because it makes a really amazing gift to yourself, or to your partner.

Because every once in awhile, you should celebrate yourself.

Tahoe Boudoir

These days filled up fast last year!  Don’t wait!


Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Dates: Friday, Feb 24


• Professional Hair & Makeup by Tahoe Salon Be
• Champagne & Mimosas upon arrival
• 30 minutes of shooting time
• 25-35 finished high resolution images in a password protected gallery
• Print Release
• Choice between an 8×12 metal print or a 5×7 Magazine Style Press Printed Book (valued at $105!)
• Product Delivery by March 15th

Investment: $350

Boudoir Lake Tahoe


Sessions begin with 45 minutes of hair & makeup, followed by your 30-minute shoot.

When booking, please note your preferred session date & time. The times listed below apply to Friday 2/24.  Spots will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

8:15 – 9:30 AM
9:15 – 10:30 AM
10:15 – 11:30 AM
11:15 – 12:30 AM

1:15 – 2:30 PM
2:15 – 3:30 PM
3:15 – 4:30 PM
4:15 – 5:30 PM

To secure your spot, a signed contract & $100 retainer payment are due upon booking, with the remaining balance due two days before your session date.

Tahoe Boudoir


Q) What is a boudoir mini-session?

A) A boudoir mini session is a half hour photo-shoot booked on a select weekend.  The cost is significantly lower since we book multiple portrait shoots all in one weekend.  You book a time slot for your hair, makeup, & photo shoot.  The lovely ladies from Tahoe Salon Be will be on-site for professional hair and make-up, to create a look that you love that matches what you’ve brought to wear.  We’ll have champagne, mimosas and snacks!

Boudoir photography is a great gift to yourself and your partner, which is why we’re holding this before Valentine’s Day!  Often, we get so busy and in such a routine that we forget to take care of ourselves, treat ourselves or feel beautiful.

Q) How do I contact you to book?
A) Email me at Lauren@laurenlindley.com or hit the contact button at the top of the website.

Q) How much is it to book my slot for the photo-shoot?
A) A $100 deposit is due upon booking. That amount will then be applied to your package.  The remaining balance is due two days before the date of the photo-shoot. After your shoot you will be able to view/select your top 20 photos from your online (password-protected) gallery to be included in your book or select your favorite image to be placed on a gorgeous 8×12 metal print.  You can choose between a black or red leather cover OR black or red suede cover for your album. Additional prints or products may be ordered directly from your album.  Books may be upgraded to a larger size, if you so choose.  Email me fore more info and prices.

Q) How should I arrive for my shoot? What should I all bring?

A) Once you book your time slot, I will email you an info email full of tips on how to prep for your shoot, what to bring and how to arrive, but in short, bring 1-3 outfits or your favorite lingerie.  For some folks, this might mean boy shorts, and for others, it might mean lace.  We can brainstorm ahead of time for something that fits you.  When I modeled, I actually had nothing with me and I ended up borrowing a lacy bra I wouldn’t wear in a million years but it ended up looking amazing and I felt totally comfortable in the moment in it.

Q) What if I’m nervous?  

It’s totally normal to be nervous beforehand, but I promise the experience is fun, liberating and you will mostly be so distracted by the extremely specific directions I’m giving you that you won’t have time to think about anything else except which hand is your left and where you are supposed to move it.

Q) What is the location like?

A) The location is a large spacious recently renovated suite at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.  Hair & makeup will be done in a large additional bathroom and a separate, 2nd bath area provides a private changing area for you.

Q) Will my photos be shown on your website or kept private?
A) I won’t post images from a boudoir photo-shoot unless given specific consent to do so.  I understand that because of the nature of the photography, it’s something most women like to keep to themselves.  However, if you don’t mind sharing your photos, I would love to post them.  Final decision is completely up to you and what you are comfortable with sharing.

Lake Tahoe Boudoir

Rabe Meadows Portrait

Tahoe Anniversary Portrait | Zephyr Cove, NV | Nikki + Brandon

Nikki and Brandon traveled to Lake Tahoe to celebrate their one year anniversary.  Nikki is a self-professed lover of photography and wanted a Tahoe anniversary portrait session to commemorate the trip.  This rad couple had a bit of a secret and hilarious agenda for the session that I was more than excited to participate in.  See, Brandon had really wanted to smash cake in his wife’s face at their wedding but she was vehemently against it.   A compromise ensued and for the second half of our portrait session, Nikki changed into her personally altered (she cut the bottom half off) wedding dress and Brandon’s dreams came true.  It’s one of my most favorite portrait sessions to date.  I feel really lucky that I get such rad clients with great senses of humor!

Rabe Meadows Portrait Rabe Meadows PortraitRabe Meadows PortraitRabe Meadows PortraitRabe Meadows PortraitZephyr Cove PortraitZephyr Cove PortraitZephyr Cove PortraitZephyr Cove PortraitZephyr Cove PortraitZephyr Cove Portrait

Winterhill Olive Oil | Tahoe Product Photography

I discovered recently that I am not particularly into architectural and real estate photography.

I also discovered, however, that I love product photography.


I was elated when the owner of Winterhill Farms approached me to do some product photography for them, partially because I discovered how wonderful product photography is in the process but also because I selfishly lust over their products.

Winterhill Farms specializes in the best certified extra virgin olive oils in the area and they are divine.  They are luscious and delicate, with a robust olive oil taste and come infused with things like garlic, jalapeno, basil or lemon if you so choose.

They are unbelievable.  Trust me.  


Commercial product photography is pretty awesome for a variety of reasons, the best of which is that I can drink wine while I shoot in the comfort of my own home.  I set up a small studio in my office with three lights, a folding table, a huge 4 foot wide, 10 foot long piece of white cardboard that I convinced some visual merchandising reps for Bounty at our local Staples Store to give me instead of throwing in the trash (seriously), and a piece of plexiglass.  This was yet another experience where I discovered how valuable my expensive film degree at UT where I  learned lighting was.


 In addition to olive oils, Winterhill Farms offers artisanal balsamic vinegars, chutneys, local jams and jellies, honeys, relish, and best of all, dark chocolates and truffles infused with orange or habanero (my favorite)!  If you are local to the northern CA area, Winterhill Farms offers hosted Olive Oil Parties as a delicious way to gather and taste their products.  Their olive oils can be purchased in Tahoe at my favorite place to drink Apres Wine Co and the Farmers Market at the American Legion every Tuesday (8 AM-2 PM) in the summer.

If you aren’t in Tahoe, you can order their products via mail order on their website, or in the Northern CA area, pick up Winterhill Olive Oil at my favorite vineyard, Holly’s Hill, of which I am both a wine club member and an emphatic and insistent fan, or at their storefront at 321 Main St in Placerville.


  I have nothing but respect, admiration and love for people who are passionate about their product.  I have been a fan of Winterhill Olive Oil long before my professional relationship with them began and I will forever sing their accolades now that I have worked for them.  I strongly recommend you order their products; you will not regret it!

You can follow Winterhill Olive Oil on facebook via this link.

Read a great article about Winterhill on page 41 of Living Magazine.

A Magical Nevada City Wedding Moment

 As a photographer, I’m always looking to capture that magical moment.  It’s the moment when an emotion freezes in time and you’ve managed to paint a gorgeous picture with one click of the shutter.  All your feelings and memories are wrapped up in a nice tidy package that eloquently conveys everything you remember about what was happening right then.  It’s a perfect emotion.  It’s a job well done.  It’s a feeling of elation.

Sometimes, I set everything up and snap snap snap away and it takes awhile but I know when I press the shutter and look at the screen that I managed to get it.  Nailed it.  But sometimes, in the case of this gorgeous Nevada City wedding photo, I totally don’t realize it in the moment: I move on, not even recognizing that I captured something wonderful and it’s not until much later when I’m sorting through photos that I stop and smile and reflect and see something special and begin to love it.

I had no idea I took this photo when it happened.

This is a magical moment for me.  I like this one.




Reno Tahoe Engagement Photography, Engagement Sessions, Reno Tahoe Engagement Portraits

Haley and Dave Sneak Peak

I went to visit some friends of mine in LA last week to celebrate a birthday and snap some engagement photos.

We had a BLAST.

There was a lot of giggling, an excessive amount of rosé, and some amazing photos taken.

I’ve been SUPER busy at work and with other photo assignments so I haven’t had time to edit all the photos from their engagement session but here’s a little sneak peak to tide you over.


deertick, sxsw, palmer events center, reno tahoe concert photography

SXSW Wrap-up: Other Memorable Shows

Clearly I saw a TON of amazing new bands at SXSW, evident by the fact that I couldn’t keep my Top Ten New Acts List to just ten acts.  Here’s a handful of other memorable shows that I saw at SXSW 2013, along with my favorite images from them.


This one is easy for the old people to get wrong.  Technically, !!! is pronounced by saying any monosyllabic sound three times in a row, but most commonly is pronounced “chk chk chk.”  !!! is always a stellar show, mostly because front man Nic Offer’s stage antics are so high energy.  It is an absolute certainty that a !!! show will offer multiple occasions of pelvic thrusting, crowd surfing and Nic running into the crowd while singing.  I guarantee it.  !!!’s new album, Thr!!!er, will be released April 30, 2013.

Deer Tick

Deer Tick’s front man John McCauley may be best known as a raging alcoholic.  Or maybe he’s not, that’s just all I can ever think about when I hear their name after reading this article.  Frankly, the idea of going through life in the state that McCauley does makes me want to vomit and holds no shred of envy in me.  Regardless of his mental and physical state, their show was swift kick of amazing and honestly, I was a bit surprised I loved it so much.  It was in the mostly empty Palmer Events Center and I managed to convince one of the employees to take me up into the balcony where I scored some super sweet shots.

Jim James

I’m not really on the Jim James bandwagon.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to listen to older My Morning Jacket albums intermittently, but honestly, I’ve always found their live shows boring.  James’ solo show wasn’t too far off that, though his keyboardist did have quite a stage presence.  During his show, James walked along the front row of speakers which allowed him to hide mostly in the dark, making his show all the more moody and sullen.  I’m still unsure why the girls behind me were constantly pushing against me to get closer and screaming as if he’s Justin Beiber, but if overweight men who write great songs float your boat, who am I to judge.  Despite my disinterest, I will say he’s got one hell of a voice.  Overall the show was enjoyable and if you’re actually a Jim James fan, it was probably epic for you.

Harouki Zombi

Harouki Zombi is a strange ethereal sexual performance art experience set to electro-pop.  Unfortunately, the night I saw them at Red Eye Fly, they’d been cut off from their full show, which I imagine to be GWAR-like in it’s inclusion of paint and fake blood that apparently flew a bit to far for comfort at their first SXSW showcase at the Parish.  After complaints, they had to cut their show down to a more “reasonable” level, which meant paint powder, strawberries and whip cream, and some body bending.  Their show is self-described as “neo-pathetic cabaret” which is to say it’s a over-whelming and unexplainable.  You’ll just have to experience it yourself.  Me: I was in photography heaven.

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Hatch Family Portrait Session

Earlier this fall I went out with some good friends of mine to get some family portraits for their Christmas gifts.  Now that the holidays have come and gone, I can finally put them up here on the site!  These are my favorites from the session, but you can check out the whole set here.

Musings on a New Year

Oh man, I totally failed on so many accounts this year (athletically) but a lot of that has to do with me taking those energies and putting them into so many other things.  I usually try to run 500 miles every year and I didn’t even get remotely close to that.  In fact, I hardly came close to serious mileage in any of my sports at all.


That being said, I’m not going to ream myself too badly for totally sucking at being disciplined enough to have very little free time and still get up every day at 6 am to workout.  Sometimes life doesn’t work like that and this is one of those years.  I feel like I held down five different jobs this year and it totally taxed me.  Regardless, I’m proud of my year.  It may not be my most athletic year, but it was one of my more successful years in terms of focus and learning.

I also try to visit one foreign country every year and this year I (sorta) visited two:  La Paz (Bolovia) and Puerto Rico (not exactly foreign, but not exactly US either.  I conclude that it counts for half of a foreign country).  In addition, I always try to visit one new ski resort a year.  Last year was such a slow snow year, I don’t think I even made it to a new one!  This year I’m already on the ball though.  I had to Steamboat Springs today and in March Buddy and I are headed on a mini-trip to Seattle so we’ll get to ski at Steven’s Pass.

My goals for 2012 were as follows. Here’s how I fared:

1. Re-train to swim in the Ironman (Vineman) Relay with Ellen and Al. Best my yardage from this year.

Event cancelled.  I was actually probably well on my way to that, but failed to best my yardage from the year before after I stopped swimming 5,000 yard workouts when I heard it was cancelled.

2. Run 3 half marathons in states I haven’t ticked off the list yet (woefully behind on this life goal to run a half Marathon in every state).

Almost: I managed to sneak 2 in this year. I did run 3 half marathons, but one was in California which is already a state I’ve checked off the list. Added this year: Louisiana and Texas. List of states I’ve run in addition to those: California, Oregon, Utah. Michelle and I are already planning on registering for the Marine Corps Marathon for next year, which will cover me on Virginia.

3. Become a better photographer. I’m taking a digital photography class this winter at the local community college. I plan to follow it up with a portrait class in the spring. I was thinking about doing a 365 project: 1 photo a day, 365 days but I think with everything else I have going on this year, that I’ll table that one for another year.

With the purchase of my camera in the fall of 2011, I threw almost every extra minute I had into learning how to use it, reading as many books as I could, self-teaching myself new skills, and taking classes at the local community college. I donated my photobooth to 11 different events. I photographed 2 weddings and shot a handful of portraits. I think I came a long way in one year. I’d call this goal met, but no where near completion. This will be a never ending learning process for sure.

4. 60 days on the mountain. I barely missed this in the 09-10 season at 58 and came in at 61 for the 2010-11 season. This year, I am out of town for about a week and a half in January and a week in March. With no snow yet and no snow in the forecast, this might be a difficult goal. I’m at 8 for the season leading into the new year, which means I need 12 days a month for the next four months and either 4 days in May or 4 extra days somewhere else. Do-able for sure, but I think some extra dawn patrols might have to be squeezed in to make it happen.

Epic fail. Only 27 days on the mountain for the 2011-12 season. With winter hella under way here in Tahoe, I should have no problem reaching my goal of 60 days this year.

5. Raise $1000 for Disabled Sports in the Ability Challenge.

Success: $1,890 raised for the Ability Challenge!

My goals for 2013:

1.  Become more proficient at Photoshop.

2.  I thought I wanted to take on another photo project for the year.  Last year I started a project through a website where you took one shot a month based on the word they chose.  They lost me in August though when they started having a different word for every day.  That was too much.  I thought that perhaps I might want to take on a self-portrait a month project, but I think I’ll just end up over-extending myself.  Instead, I think I should focus my energy into committing to photo sessions at least once a month during the winter with Megs.  It will help both of us reach our mutual goals.

3.  60 days on the mountain.

Tahoe Backcountry, Tahoe Backcountry Skiing, Waterhouse, Skiing, Backcountry Skiing, Telemark Skiing

4.   Pay off the credit card.  I am the WORST at this.  Most of the time, I feel like life is too short to be ridiculously responsible.  I do things like pay it off and then put a really awesome trip on there.  There will always be more money.  There will not always be fun trips with your friends.  But for real, I really want to pay it off.  Kinda.

5.  Legitimately train for the marathon.  Perhaps run more than 30 miles in the six weeks leading up to it.


6.  Consistently: swim more, run more, ride my bike more.  Make sure that I schedule in time to exercise, time to work and time to learn and frankly, time to do nothing.  Time to veg on the couch is sometimes needed and I think the only days this year that I had literally nothing to do where the days that I was on vacation.

7.  Read more non-photography books.

8.  Photograph more music festivals.  Seriously!  Two of my most favorite loves: live music + photography.  So awesomely fun I wish I could do it full time.

Snowglobe Music Fest, Snowglobe, Tahoe South