Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding | Dana and Steve | Sneak Peek

Dana ordered up a photo booth for her wedding and professed, “I hope it’s the most fun wedding you have all summer!”  Dana and Steve’s Tahoe Beach Retreat wedding was officiated by a hilarious close friend, who knew them well, featured a speech by a groomsman so incredibly funny I could hardly take photos I was laughing so hard, and a dance party that was hardly dampened in the least by the sudden turn to windy and chilly fall weather.  And oh, that damn infernal two hours of golden light that we’ve been getting all summer in the evening.  It’s enough to make me swoon.

Congrats Dana and Steve!  More to come from this dynamic duo!

Tahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Lauren Lindley Photography Tahoe Destination Wedding

Tahoe Beach Wedding | Published at Borrowed & Blue

Borrowed and Blue is one of my favorite wedding blogs to contribute to.   They manage to keep things fresh with individual blogs for various locations.  This year, they’ve been extra kind to me, publishing me at their Napa wedding blog, their Bay Area wedding blog, and now, for the fifth time, their Lake Tahoe wedding blog.  They always write really fun, kind, complimentary things which gives you extra warm fuzzies inside and their post on Veronica and James last week was no exception.  “LEvery detail from this day was incredible, but what stuck me most of all was the perfect, in-the-moment shots of the couple captured throughout the whole day — they illustrate the love between these two beautifully and showcase the emotion of the day in such an unforgettable way!” they closed with.  I pride myself on my ability to observe and capture the most intimate of candid moments, no matter how big or small the wedding day, and it’s nice to see that goal validated in my work by others.

I’m so honored to have been chosen as Veronica and James’ Tahoe beach wedding photographer.  Now I’m just reminded of how jealous I was of those kids’ converse!

Veronica and James’ wedding, featured on Borrowed & Blue Lake Tahoe.

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 Tahoe Beach Wedding by Lauren Lindley

Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding Photography | Debbie + Mario

The Beach Retreat & Lodge in Tahoe South is one of my favorite wedding venues to photograph at.  They do a especially exceptional job with small and budget weddings here in the Lake Tahoe area.  There are not many venues around here that will accommodate smaller wedding parties, but Lori Cramer and her staff at the Beach Retreat & Lodge are always happy to do so.  In fact, you can host your wedding reception on the longest pier in Lake Tahoe and that’s exactly what Debbie, Mario and their amazing family and friends did!  This was a true DIY wedding: both the officiant and hair and makeup stylist were friends of the bride and groom.

Debbie and Mario were wed in an intimate Tahoe beach ceremony at the lodge on a Saturday morning and promptly followed their ceremony up with a brunch out on the pier.  If you are having a wedding with less than 40 guests, this is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Besides, who doesn’t love brunch!?

Congratulations Debbie and Mario and thank you so much for choosing me as your Tahoe wedding photographer!  I’m so thrilled to have been part of your gorgeous sun filled morning and celebration!

Venue: Beach Retreat & Lodge | Florist: Safeway

Tahoe Beach weddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe beach weddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Pier Wedding ReceptionTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding PortraitTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier Wedding

Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Pier Wedding | Debbie + Mario | Sneak Peek

Debbie and Mario were married in a small intimate Tahoe beach wedding surrounded by really hysterical friends and family.  They were clearly folks after my own heart (fireball shots and beers were consumed post ceremony).  I’m so happy I was able to be a part of their Tahoe Beach Retreat ceremony and pier wedding reception.

Here’s a sneak peek from their gorgeous bluebird morning.  There’s more to come from this awesome couple!

Tahoe Beach Wedding Tahoe Beach Wedding

Lauren Lindley Photography Tahoe Destination Wedding

Intimate Tahoe Beach Wedding | Published at Melissa Hearts Weddings

Melissa Hearts Weddings has a city sensibility mixed with a love of all things vintage, rustic, and outdoors makes me feel right at home.  As such, I’m honored and ecstatic to be published for the third time over on her blog with James and Victoria’s family filled glamorous, stylish, and intimate Tahoe beach wedding.   Working with the Tahoe Beach Retreat is always so seamless and easy that I can’t wait to return there again this summer.

You can view the entire post via this link.  As always, feel free to pin the photos, share it to facebook or tweet about it to show support and thanks to Melissa!

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Tahoe Beach weddings

Kathleen and Charlie

Lake Tahoe Whimsical Wedding | Published on Fabulously Designed

Kathleen and Charlie were wed on a gorgeous bluebird day this past summer at one of my favorite venues to work with, The Tahoe Beach Retreat.  Their beautiful Lake Tahoe whimsical wedding featured Moroccan inspired details that were as unbeatably colorful and playful as the bride and groom themselves, who danced their way down the aisle and thru their reception.  Their energy and whimsy were contagious.  I had such a delightful time as their Tahoe wedding photographer and I’m so thrilled to see them featured last week at Fabulously Designed.

Fabulously Designed focuses on helping brides tie all their super fantastic design ideas together into a cohesive, clear design statement.  They feature design ideas and real wedding inspiration on their blog.

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Head over to Fabulously Designed to read Kathleen and Charlie’s entire feature via this link.

Whimsical Tahoe Wedding

Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding | Published at Borrowed and Blue Lake Tahoe

Lori and Eddie’s wedding remains to this day one of my all time favorites.  Their family is nothing short of amazing and I love that I get to still keep in touch with the two of them.  This spring, I’ll be photographing their son, who is graduating from high school and I’m thrilled and honored to work for them a second time.

Two years later, Eddie and Lori’s gorgeous Tahoe Beach Wedding still holds a wealth of inspiration.  Extra thanks to the extra loyal folks at Borrowed & Blue Lake Tahoe.  They said some awfully nice things about me this year and it’s the sixth time I’ve been featured on a Borrowed & Blue blog: three times in Lake Tahoe for a Lake Tahoe engagement, a Landing Resort Wedding, a Riva Grill wedding, once on Borrowed and Blue Napa for Adam and Tracey, and once on Borrowed & Blue San Francisco for Julie and Michael’s engagement.

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Tahoe wedding photographer

Romantic Tahoe Beach Wedding | Tahoe Beach Retreat | Chelsea + Kristian

Holy sultry eyes Batman!  I can’t get enough of Chelsea and Kristian’s smokin’ hot portrait session!  I’m always thrilled to work at the Tahoe Beach Retreat and this romantic Tahoe beach wedding was no exception.  These two beautiful people were married in an intimate late afternoon ceremony  and their destination Tahoe wedding was complete with an adorable dessert bar filled with lollipop topped cupcakes, macaroons and color coordinated candies.

The light that afternoon was perfect to capture the intense laughter and love this couple has for each other.  Chelsea is stunningly beautiful and it just radiates from her photos.

Chelsea and Kristian, thank you so much for sharing your special day with me!

Venue:The Tahoe Beach Retreat | Bakery: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes | Florist: Thran’s |  Officiant: Rev. Robert Orr