Tahoe Family Photography

Tahoe Family Photography | Powers Family | Sneak Peek

So, this happened.

You know when you have a family willing to get into some shenanigans that it’s going to be a good portrait session.  There was even some rock modeling in addition to the tree hugging.  You’ll just have to wait for that though.

Tahoe Family Portraits

I had such a wonderful time creating Tahoe family photography for this amazing clan from Texas.  There were four generations in the house and I think (though I’ll have to count) 19 people total.  We did large groups, small groups, sisterly groups, husband and wife groups and individuals of everyone.  Time absolutely FLEW by and I had so much fun getting to know them.  That being said, anytime I’m around folks from back home, I immediately feel right at home.

There’s more to come from this family photography session in South Lake Tahoe, CA at their vacation rental home.  It was a great location and an amazing house – complete with pool, movie theater room and billiards area!

Fallen Leaf Lake Portraits

For the Love of Our Dogs | Jenn + Nils + Soleil Sneak Peek

Jenn and Nils are two of my closest Tahoe friends and there have been quite a few of us in our group, including myself, whose four legged pals have recently succumbed to the effects of old age and henceforth, moved on from our lives.  Soleil is now 14 and it was important to Jenn and Nils capture her spirit before she could no longer make it down to the lake to frolic.  She may not be a spring chicken any longer, but she still won’t shy away from carrying a big stick.

There’s more to come from this afternoon portrait session, but until then, here’s one of my favorites to tide you over.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Photographer | Emerald Bay | Tiffany

Tiffany is one rad kid.  She is a smart, funny high school senior with a bright future ahead of her.  She’s expecting to hear soon on early admission from Johns Hopkins University where she intends to major in neuroscience.   Tiffany wanted an outdoor natural photo session for her Tahoe Senior Portrait and specifically something very different than her friends in Southern California.  Her family drove all the way from Magic Mountain, CA for her portrait session!

After discussing our options, Tiffany and I decided that the Emerald Bay and the Cascade Falls trail would be perfect for her session.

Location: Emerald Bay State Park | Make-up: Katie White at Tahoe Salon Be

Tahoe Family Portrait

Tahoe Family Portrait Photographer | The Hatch Family

The Hatches are not only wonderful repeat clients of mine, but also good friends.  Jenny, who by the time this posts will probably have given birth to her 2nd child, had originally wanted to get a group of pregnant girlfriends together and have a group maternity photo session.  When plans failed, she turned our one hour Tahoe portrait session into a part maternity, part family portrait session.  Any time I get to spend with the Hatches is a good time in my book so I was more than game.  Here are a few of my favorites from our evening together.

You can learn more about hiring me as your Tahoe family portrait photographer here.

Tahoe Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Portrait Photographer | Matt Palacio

Matt Palacio is running for a City Council seat.

He discovered, upon being asked for a headshot, that he had no photos without his gorgeous wife Jenna in them.

Of course, I’m here to help.

This one is my favorite, but there are more to come.  In the meantime, head over to Matt’s website to read more about him.

Wedding Dance Party, Wedding Photographer, Tahoe Wedding Photographer, Berkeley Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Fearless Photographers


I’m excited to announce my inclusion in Fearless Photographersa “unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise [their] clients with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day.”

I’m not-so-secretly excited with the anticipation of my ability to participate in their photography competition, which takes place every 2 months and is open to members only.   Of the submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of curators as “Fearless Awards:” photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography. These awards are added to the photographers’ portfolio pages and are used to determine their rankings.  When I look through the photos from Fearless Members, I’m completely and totally in awe.  For one, that I was chosen to join their ranks, and two, in the level of creativity that has gone into every shot that’s won a Fearless Award.  

You can see my profile page via this link

Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Kenny + Rebeccah

I’m not going to lie: I was both overjoyed and nervous at the prospect of photographing Kenny’s planned proposal to his longtime girlfriend Rebeccah.  The stakes are high for a proposal: there’s only the briefest of seconds to capture that initial reaction and you can’t recreate it.  Combine that with the fact that you are either hiding in bushes or pretending to be doing something else and the entire situation was enough to make my adrenaline rush.

When Kenny first approached me, I knew exactly what he wanted: the gorgeous Lake Tahoe in the background, the sun out, the snow of Heavenly Mountain Resort and him down on one knee.  Instead, the weekend of the proposal brought us 8 feet of snow, swirling winds and a veritable white out.  We shifted gears, slightly changed plans, conspired together and with the help of Meghan Kelly, surprised Rebeccah in the best way possible.

After a full day of lessons, Kenny managed to convince Rebeccah to brave the resort, snow and cold temps one last time at 3:45 PM.  Meghan and I were waiting about half way down Patsy’s Run at the top of the face.  Kenny told Rebeccah that he was going to ski half way down and stop and take photos of her showing off what she learned in her snowboard lesson.  Meanwhile, Megs and I were prepared, waiting on the side of the run, pretending to take photos.  When Rebeccah snowboarded up to Kenny, he told her to take her goggles and mask off so they could take a photo together with his iPhone.  She said in hindsight, she noticed us with my camera and thought, “That’s a really nice camera, maybe they’ll take a photo for us.”   When they finished taking their selfie, Kenny got down on one knee and I swung my camera onto them.

Shooting a proposal was so thrilling.  I’m super happy for these two fellow Texans.  Thanks so much Kenny for choosing me as his Tahoe Engagement Photographer.  I feel super lucky that I was the one who captured this awesome and inspiring moment.  Also, thanks for sharing a beer with us at Himmel Haus afterwards!

Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Kelly + Mike

I’m obsessed with all the insanely adorable images and moments we captured at Kelly and Mike’s gorgeous winter engagement session.  With two snowless winter months under our belt, Kelly briefly thought that her dreams of a wintery snow-filled photo session were never going to come to fruition.  When the sky finally opened up and provided us with the first major snowstorm of the winter, she immediately emailed me in a tizzy about their engagement session.  She wanted to hike into Echo Lake: her family owns a forest service cabin there and they have a lot of history and memories wrapped into the lake.  I was more than thrilled to accommodate the request and it turned out to be an absolutely perfect location for a wonderful winter engagement session.

Kelly and Mike are set to be wed in July and I can not wait to photograph their wedding.  After hanging with them for an afternoon, I’m certain it’s going to be one of the best parties of the summer.

Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Courtney + Zion

I met Zion, Courtney and her mother at a happy hour for the Tahoe Chamber of Commerce.  I was actually on my way out the door when my friend Jenay came up to me and exclaimed, “So, you’re doing Courtney and Zion’s wedding?”  “What?”  I said, confused.  I’d never heard of these people.  “Yeah, you’re doing their wedding, come meet them!”

And so the adventure began.  Courtney and Zion are silly, fun, sweet people with an easy going manner and a laid back attitude.  Courtney’s mother is cheerful, spirited and loves wine as much as me.  She is an overflowing vessel of personality that is so proud and excited for her daughter and the man in her life.  She reminds me SO MUCH of my family and one of my aunts in particular.  I love it and I feel completely, totally and fabulously at home with them.

I am so thrilled to shoot their wedding this summer.  Thanks Courtney and Zion for choosing me!