Tahoe Maternity Photography

Tahoe Maternity Photographer | The Stawickis

The Stawickis recently had twice the fun arrive in their house.  Yes!  Twins!  In a crazy turn of events, the young little future football players were born the week after this maternity session, just shy of 10 weeks early.  After spending a long time in the NICU at Renown Medical in Reno, the boys are home with their new parents and I do have some awesome newborn photos to share next week as well.  In the meantime, here’s a few of my favorites from the Stawicki family’s portrait session.  Pam and Brent, thanks so much for hiring me to be your Tahoe maternity photographer!  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to capture your pregnancy!

Tahoe Maternity PhotosTahoe Maternity PhotographerTahoe Maternity PhotographerTahoe Maternity PhotographerTahoe Maternity PhotographerTahoe Maternity PhotographerTahoe Maternity PhotographyTahoe Maternity PhotographyTahoe Maternity PhotographyTahoe Maternity Photography

Tahoe Maternity Photos

Tahoe Maternity Portrait | Jodi + Alex | Sneak Peek

Jodi, Alex and I intended to do their portraits a week ago and we were rained, or rather, snowed out.  I’m so happy we waited until this past Sunday because the Fallen Leaf Lake Meadow was awash in golden sunshine, warm tones and filled with deer when we arrived for their Tahoe maternity portrait.

Here’s a quick sneak peek from their session to hold you over until the rest of the photos are ready!

Tahoe Maternity PhotosTahoe Pregnancy Portrait

Tahoe Maternity Portraits

Tahoe Maternity Portraits | Jess + Dave

Jess and Dave are pretty rad.  They are funny, vivacious folks that love to laugh, get silly and play with their pups.  They wanted to commemorate their son to be with some family photos and Tahoe maternity portraits.  A mutual friend sent them my way and we were collectively all shocked that our paths in Tahoe had yet to cross.  I mean, come on, I thought I knew everyone?  Their four legged friends are an important part of their growing family so we decided that their favorite paw friendly beach was the place to go for their portrait session.

Tahoe Pregnancy Portraits

Tahoe Maternity Photographer |Tahoe Triplets Sneak Peek

Tahoe is about to get bigger, better and more badass with the birth of triplets.  My friends Meghan and Pat are having three boys in the very near future and while we were all scared at first, the looming date has everyone getting their defense in the game, prepared and trained.  Cribs are built, diapers are ordered, there is some semblance of organization to the hundreds of items of clothing people have gifted them in their living room.  In the meantime, we decided that it was long overdue for us to head out for pregnancy photos.  I’m proud to be Meghan’s “personal ski photographer.”  Now I can add Meghan’s Tahoe maternity photographer and soon, their personal family photographer to the list.

 Here’s a sneak peek of our late afternoon Tahoe maternity session.  In the meantime, you can follow the adventures of the Tahoe Triplets on Instagram or Meghan on both Twitter and Instagram.

Tahoe Maternity PhotosTahoe Pregnancy Photos

Matt + Sara | Tahoe Pregnancy Portraits

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It’s the ultimate form of flattery when my friends insist that I take their portraits and when Matt and Sara, whose wedding was the first wedding I ever shot from start to finish, asked me to take their Tahoe pregnancy portraits, I readily agreed.  I felt exceedingly honored.

Tahoe Pregnancy Portraits, Tahoe Portrait Photographer, Tahoe Portrait Photography,

We decided to head down to the gorgeous Hope Valley, which is near both of our homes.  Matt and Sara are both very grounded people, with their hearts and souls firmly rooted in the world around them.  They have such a deep spiritual connection with each other and the natural world that it only made sense to me to take them somewhere with huge grand sweeping views.  It’s simply where I thought they belonged.

Tahoe pregnancy portraits, Tahoe portrait photographer, tahoe portrait photography

These are a few of my favorite photos from the day.  I’m so thrilled them.  Sara looks absolutely glowing, just as she should.  It’s pretty awesome when my creative vision comes to fruition from start to finish.

Tahoe Portrait Photographer, Tahoe Portrait Photography, Tahoe Pregnancy Portraits