Smokey Glen Farm Wedding

Smokey Glen Farm Wedding | Gaithersburg, MD | Jane + Robbie

There were so many things I didn’t know about Jane and Robbie before their wedding day.

Such as, Robbie’s family spends an extraordinary amount of time in caves.

They wouldn’t have met if it hadn’t been for Robbie’s clear disregard that smoothies should not be made at 4 AM.

Jane’s wit can best anyone’s.

Also, Jane is apparently extra crafty – she made gorgeous paper decor for the entire event which she now sells in her own etsy shop.  If you are interested in high quality wedding printables and incredible paper flowers, go to Paper Jane Design Co!

I loved everything about Jane and Robbie’s wedding.  It was my ideal in every way: a laid back gathering, outdoors, with little fuss, on a farm in the hills of Maryland.  There was BBQ, lawn games, and the giant love balls made a reappearance.

I feel so thankful that I was connected to this rad couple thanks to Thumbtack.  Their wedding weekend was simply amazing!

Venue: Smokey Glen Farm | Invitations: Cards & Pockets | Bride’s Attire: Allure Bridals | Veil: ieie | Groom’s Attire: Black Lapel

Smokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm WeddingSmokey Glen Farm Wedding

Lucie Sterns Wedding

Lucie Stern Center Wedding | Palo Alto, CA | Caitlin + Marcus

Caitlin met me when she was a bridesmaid in a Lake Tahoe Golf Course wedding that I photographed for two of my most favorite clients to date!  Caitlin, Marcus, Christina and Jose all share a similar friend group and based on Christina and Jose’s wedding, I knew that their Lucie Stern Center wedding was guaranteed to be a raucous wild dance party.    They did not disappoint!

Their wedding was filled with wonderful surprises: a farm-to-table caterer with fun small plate food stations, a crying flower girl (who doesn’t love that?), and instead of the standard religious or literary reading, a friend read the lyrics of a rap song during the ceremony, a nod to Caitlin and Marcus’ shared love of both rap and their sense of humor.  They had lawn games in the community center plaza, a photo booth (of course!) on the prints of which I managed to spell both a name wrong and get the date wrong (if you don’t know, it’s 2016, not 2017) (they forgave me), and overall, a wild booze-filled party of the best kind.  The dance floor was packed from the moment they kicked it off.

Venue: Lucie Stern Community Center | Invitations: Wood & Water Paper | Florist: White Oak Flower Shoppe | Catering: The Green Grocer | DJ: Terry Cole of The Spinheads | Bride’s Attire: Trudy’s Bridal | Hair and Makeup: The Blushing Bombshell | Bridesmaid Attire: Weddington Way | Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom | Rentals: The Green Grocer

Lucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center Wedding

Miner's Foundry Wedding

Nevada City Wedding Photographer | Alysha + Jackson | Sneak Peek

Alysha said that she knew I was the photographer for her the minute she saw me on Skype with a huge glass of wine in my hand.  Alysha and Jackson were visibly relaxed during their wedding day at the Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center.  Surrounded by friends and family and the rustic weathered building that was originally a machine shop, they wed in a quiet ceremony and celebrated with a reception that offered some of the best mac’n’cheese I’ve had lately (and you know I love mac’n’cheese).

Here’s a few sneak peeks from my day as their Nevada City Wedding Photographer.  There’s more to come from this awesome couple!

Nevada City Wedding PhotographerMiner's Foundry Wedding PhotographyNevada City Wedding Portraits

Anytime Light

2015 Wedding Photography Workshops | California | Education

I am a huge proponent of continued education, no matter what your field of work is.  The most amazing part of my job is that the only person I’m in competition with is myself.  I know that I can always be better and one of my goals this year was to attend at least two photography workshops, one that was wedding focused and one that was not.  I’m excited that I’m certainly going to go above and beyond this goal by attending numerous 2015 wedding photography workshops.

Learning in Action at the Anytime Light Workshop in January. Photo by Josh Baker, AzulOx

This past January, I traveled to Austin, TX to attend the Anytime Light Workshop from Azul Ox Visuals.  Azul Ox’s team creates dramatically different images than I normally do: bold cinematic photography with exceptional use of OCF.  It’s extremely important to be able to modify light to your needs: I would never want to turn down a portrait session simply because their only available time slot was noon.  At this small, intensive, hands on workshop we learned how to photograph at high noon in the Texas Sun while mitigating strong overhead light with all the tools available at our disposal.  From there, we worked on interior head shot lighting, sunset lighting with speedlights for dramatic evening portraits and finally, portraits in the dark after nightfall.

Austin Portrait Photographer

Turning day into night with strobes: anytime light! Photo by Lauren Lindley.

I was so impressed by the entire experience, I’m bringing Anytime Light to Tahoe for an extended three day workshop.  This workshop will give hands on experience, provide portfolio building images, and extensive learning for the small batch of students in one of the most gorgeous locations California has to offer.

Anytime Light Lake Tahoe still has spots available.  I honestly cannot impress upon you how amazing this workshop was in reiterating, reinforcing, and reminding me of all the tools I have at my disposal during a wedding or portrait session.  If you attend Anytime Light Lake Tahoe, you’ll learn everything you need to know about OCF (off camera flash) including how your flash power and distance and camera decisions work together.  You’ll learn about all the light modifiers you have to choose from and why and when to use them.  You’ll learn what type of OCF to use.  Speedlight? Strobe?  During all of this, you’ll be able to build your portfolio using real models at styled shoots in one of the most gorgeous locations on the planet!  I can’t imaging a better way to experience an OCF Workshop this year.  In addition, model Jennifer Lynn Larson is going to do a session on communicating with models per my request because I actually found that communicating with professional models and my lack of knowledge on this topic hindered my ability to get the types of images I wanted at the workshop in January.

Whether you are new to wedding photography or an established professional, this 2015 OCF workshop will help reinforce the knowledge you need to have to create the best images possible for your clients, despite the light conditions you experience.

Sunset and Speedlights. Photo by Josh Baker, AzulOx

In February, I attended Imaging USA 2015 put on by Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in Nashville, TN.  I specifically needed to source out new vendors for my business at the massive photography expo offered at the event.  I was searching for a new high end fine art album maker and found exactly what I was looking for in Finao.  I struggled, however, with the rest of the conference, which I took very little away from.  Many teachers or speakers tried to cram the same amount of information that I learned in a hands on all day session at Anytime Light in Austin into a one hour presentation.  The massive lecture halls filled with hundreds walked away more confused than they entered.  I think huge conferences are great for certain things: networking and vendor sourcing specifically.  While I met some amazing photographers whom I still keep in touch with (shout out to Michael Faga and Jennifer Oates), I can’t say that I walked away with any specific educational knowledge at all, despite sitting in three days worth of one hour lectures.

This June, I’m looking forward to attending FOSTER 2015 led by Ben Sasso and Katch Silva.  FOSTER is a hands on workshop of education and discussion.  They will lead us in live shoots using natural light, posing, directing and then finally, leading discussions about the most important aspects of the wedding photography business including editing, workflow, social media, style and branding, client interaction and more.  It takes place in Joshua Tree and I’m ashamed to admit: I’ve never been there!

LGBT San Diego Wedding

Utilizing OCF for wedding photographers. Photo by Lauren Lindley, Lauren Lindley Photography.

What I’m most excited about this year, other than hosting my own wedding photography workshop here in Lake Tahoe, is that I was recently notified of my early acceptance into the prestigious and highly competitive Missouri Photo Workshop.  This year will be the 67th anniversary of the workshop, which moves to a different small town in Missouri every year documenting small town life.  For over six decades now, photographers from around the world have worked to visually tell the stories of the people and institutions that come together to make the community chosen for the year.  They are directed by David Rees and Jim Curley with the help of dozen talented faculty members and a team of University of Missouri students.  It will teach me the fundamentals of researching, shooting and editing while emphasizing ethical practices.  I am overwhelmed, honored and unbelievably ecstatic to be offered this experience!

Tahoe Budget Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Cathedral Meadow | Michelle + Nathan Sneak Peek

Michelle and Nathan wanted to get married.

So they got all dressed up, went out into the woods, marched into a field, and by golly, they got married.


Michelle and Nathan, thanks for searching high and low for a photographer you loved and then paying me the highest compliment of hiring me as your Tahoe wedding photographer.  Rogue weddings are wonderful and I love them.  What a treat it is to be invited to participate in something so intimate, special and unique.  Thank you. 

Kathleen and Charlie

Tahoe Wedding Photographer Sneak Peek | Kathleen plus Charlie

I scream with excitement when brides and grooms dance down the aisle after the ceremony.

I mean really: if you are’t dancing down the aisle, as they would say in Texas, you ain’t right.

Thank you to Kathleen and Charlie for choosing me as their Tahoe wedding photographer.  I can’t wait to share more images form their amazing event at my favorite local venue, the Tahoe Beach Retreat.


Marin Wedding Photographer | Jeff + Eva Sneak Peek

This backyard wedding celebration involved a pig roast, a tres leches cake, the greatest vibe ever, and two of the raddest people I’ve ever met.  I want this couple, their friends and all of their family to be my best friends.  I’m so thrilled they choose me to be their Marin wedding photographer and I can’t wait to share more images with you!


Lockeford, CA Wedding | Stephanie + Garrett

Stephanie’s mother found me on the internet and I’m so happy she did.  On the day of the wedding she said that she picked me because I did “something different” than the others.  It was a nice compliment and an even nicer way to cap off a wonderful evening with this family and their friends.

This Lockeford, CA wedding was held at St. Joachim Catholic Church, just outside of Lodi.  Lockeford is a rural area with vineyards and expansive rolling ranch land to show off.   The family has deep roots here: Garrett was baptized in the church and now, as an adult, he was married here.  The wedding was a DIY affair with plenty of friends lending their hands to help with the fall decor.  The cake was absolutely stunning and made by Garrett’s own mother!

Stephanie’s mother is a bit like me: obstreperous and boisterous with a laugh that rings through the hall.  Her daughter, however, is a bit more reserved: calm, collected, and quiet.  My favorite part of the evening happened during the best man’s speech, during which it was disclosed that the reason Stephanie and Garrett are together is because her mother hounded him at his workplace to date her daughter.  I’m not certain how many boys this tactic was attempted on before Garrett, but it seems to have worked out for everyone!  

 The young teenage son of Garrett’s boss stood up and also gave a hysterical speech during which he lamented the loss of a the “best one” off the market.   I was actually in tears on the floor I was laughing so hard.

I was briefly concerned that no one would be dancing, since the dancefloor is my favorite place to be, but thankfully my fears were unfounded.    Here’s some of my favorites from my day with Stephanie and Garrett.


 Venue: St. Joachim Catholic Church | Dresses: David’s Bridal | Florist: Cosco | DJs: Every Era Entertainment | Caterers: Tin Roof BBQ | Cake: Mother of the Groom | Decorations: DIY | Rentals: Giuffra’s Party Rentals