I recently became a founding member and investor in a small start up called Black Sheep Bride.  I wrote about it yesterday.  Danielle’s enthusiasm and passion for her mission had me thinking about what else I could do to contribute to others and further strengthen my mission and culture of giving back.  I finally settled on a new goal: to donate a portion of every wedding package booked to a non-profit.  I’m going to pick one non-profit a year so that my contributions will hopefully be a significant boost to the organization.   Small amounts add up and I hope that the meager amounts I can contribute make a difference.

The 2015 non-profit of the year is Hope Shines.

Hope Shines Logo

I have chosen Hope Shines as my first non-profit to receive donations because two of my previous wedding clients from 2014, Stephanie and Dan, have considerable roles in the organization.  Dan is the Executive Director of the organization and his new wife Stephanie, is the organization’s Medical Consultant and Volunteer Organizer.  Dan and Stephanie will celebrate their one year anniversary in June.  I think that people that give selflessly are amazing and as such, I want to contribute to the cause that this rad couple finds most important.  Hope Shines, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2007. Hope Shines provides disadvantaged children in Rwanda both local and foreign mentoring and support through programs focusing on education, nutrition and health. Hope Shines was founded on the belief that every child should be given the opportunity for a healthy, happy life both in mind and body and HOPE for a bright future.