A Magical Nevada City Wedding Moment

 As a photographer, I’m always looking to capture that magical moment.  It’s the moment when an emotion freezes in time and you’ve managed to paint a gorgeous picture with one click of the shutter.  All your feelings and memories are wrapped up in a nice tidy package that eloquently conveys everything you remember about what was happening right then.  It’s a perfect emotion.  It’s a job well done.  It’s a feeling of elation.

Sometimes, I set everything up and snap snap snap away and it takes awhile but I know when I press the shutter and look at the screen that I managed to get it.  Nailed it.  But sometimes, in the case of this gorgeous Nevada City wedding photo, I totally don’t realize it in the moment: I move on, not even recognizing that I captured something wonderful and it’s not until much later when I’m sorting through photos that I stop and smile and reflect and see something special and begin to love it.

I had no idea I took this photo when it happened.

This is a magical moment for me.  I like this one.




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