Amador County Wine Weekend

After America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride Week, I’m generally turned into mush.  It’s the busiest week of the year for my retail store and we do more business in a few days than we do all winter.  It’s super fun and intense but overwhelming and exhausting.

On Monday, I accidentally threw away all the petty cash receipts from the weekend and had to go dumpster diving.  That happened.

On Tuesday, when the three year old I nanny for started crying at the beach and pretty much fell apart, I almost started crying with him.  That happened.

I decided that I needed a mini-vacay.

When I suggested it to a few friends who have flexible (or no) schedules, an amazing plan came together: to head to Amador County and Plymouth, CA on a Girls’ Wine “Weekend” where we could wine taste, laze around, cook delish dinners and generally just relax at the vacation home of Anne’s family.  My “weekends” off are almost always mid-week days and this was the most wonderful weekend I’ve had in a long while.

It was perfect.

Amador Montage 2We drank way too much wine.  Wait, is there such a thing?

There is.  It equates to me falling asleep, in my clothes, at 9 PM, on top of the bed.

We drank the Grenache Rosé from Holly’s Hill Winery and the Sauvignon Blanc from Helwig.

We ate walnut blue cheese bread with our morning frittatas that was to die for from Andrae’s Bakery in Sutter Creek.

Amador Montage 1

Want your own Amador County wine weekend?



  • The roads in Amador County are perfect for road biking so bring your bikes along and tour the wineries in the best way possible.  There is a limited amount of road routes available at this site, but from what I can tell, most of the roads we were on, including the main highways, would be amazing to ride on.


  • Anne was waxing and waning over Taste where they have a rotating menu of seasonal ingrediants and you can get an appetizer and beverage pairing for $13 at Thirteen Dollar Thursdays at the Wine Bar.
  • Andrae’s Bakery is heaven from the tables of cookbooks outside the door to the breads, pastries and sweets that line the glass counter inside.  Make sure you pick up some of their specialty sea salts while you’re there.  I brought home a Medetarranian Blend to coat on grilled fish and chicken and the Durango Hickory Smoked Sea Salt for red meat.


  • Holly’s Hill is my most favorite winery of all time. It’s not on the fastest road to Amador, but you should totally take the long way to Plymouth and Sutter Creek vie El Dorado County and stop into Holly’s Hill. Their staff is unbeatable and their grounds are gorgeous.  Nearby Madroña Vineyards is also always a clear winner.  I love their zinfandel.
  • Helwig had beautiful grounds, snotty girls behind the counter, and wine that was a little too sweet for my taste, but I would totally go back for some of their summer concert series.  The winery itself is absolutely stunning with lots of deep stained woodwork and metals.
  • Cooper Vineyards is a favorite of Anne’s family. They love the owner, the grounds and the atmosphere and although we didn’t make it over there on this visit, it’s on my list for next time.

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