One of the things I volunteer for/participate with in my community is the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association. I like to say that I do it for work, but honestly, I would probably do it even if I didn’t have a cycling apparel store in town. I would probably just grumble about it a lot more.

One of the things were working on is building a community bike park. It’s going to be pretty amazing: a pump track, mountain bike skills park and the relocation of our existing BMX track all in the same place. I don’t have a lot of time in the summer to participate in trail days, mostly because I’m usually working in my store on weekends. Because of this, I try to make sure I lend a hand where ever I can. We need about $40,000 to build the park from start to finish and we immediately needed a few thousand to pay our killer design firm Alpine Bike Parks out of Whistler, BC. This I could help with: I’m a big fan of parties, as we all know, so I threw a party for the bike park.

Bijou Bike Park Conceptual Plan

I called in some favors from local businesses, community members and buddies in the Outdoor Retail Industry for silent auction and raffle prizes. I convinced my friends who are in bands to donate their time. HUGE thanks to both Dad’s LPs and 4 Piece Puzzle who very generously donated their time and music to the cause.

We had Tahoe’s new delectable food truck, The Yum Truck set up outside to serve food and Briana helped me run a photobooth. (Party ain’t a party without photobooth! Holla!)

After all was said and done, we raised about $1700 for the bike park, which is pretty awesome. I wish more people had come out for the event (there were about 50) but I’m proud of what we did and excited to start spreading the word about Bijou Bike Park.

These are my favorites from the evening, but you can see all of them here.