>When I found out two of my friends were headed down to Bishop for a quick two day climbing trip I jumped on the chance to leave behind endless winter for a few hours and enjoy the sunshine. We drove down Monday morning and bouldered all afternoon in the Happys before hitting up Whiskey Creek for dinner and the hot springs to relax. It was warm, sunny, summery and delightful. I wore capris and chacos. It was, by all definitions, my idea of heaven at this moment.

On Tuesday we hit up the Black Sheep coffee shop for breakfast and some tasty morning brew. I brought home two pounds with me which I’m super thrilled about. Starbucks is wearing on me and I didn’t buy any when I was in Austin last time.

We spent the rest of the day on moderately easy climbs in the Middle Gorge. I had a killer time and I can’t wait to go back. I heart Bishop. Too bad winter gets in the way of my climbing fun. Too much to do and not enough time!!

This is Dan leading his first 5.9. I was super excited for him!