I have always been a prolific reader and of literature in particular.  I have a report card from Fifth Grade upon which my nun of a teacher wrote that I was no longer allowed to bring outside reading to school because I was “reading too much.”  I have a particular soft spot for Minority American Literature from authors such as Junot Diaz, Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan, and Jumpa Lahiri, as well as American Literature from the start of the 20th century filled with dramatic irony and the disillusionment of America.  I spent $10,000 on a 2nd Degree from the University of Texas at Austin simply because I like to read.

The last few years I’ve seen a decrease in my availability to read freely, due to lack of time and rearranging of priorities.  Most of my reading time has been spent while traveling.  The Kindle is amazing for this: I can easily read five to ten books on a two week vacation.  That being said, there will always be the allure of a new fresh book and all the promise and possibilities it holds when you are opening to the first page for the first time.  The anticipation of what may come is almost as exciting for me as the thrill and conquest of finishing the novel.

I have made it a priority to read in 2014.  It started with a pledge to finish the tome that I had been stuck on for quite some time by the end of January.  I calculated that I needed to read 20 pages a day this month to complete it.  It was inspired by a wedding client of mine who was pledging to hike every day for 30 days straight.   I finished that book three days ago.

When Boyfriend and I had hours upon hours to kill in Reno, NV yesterday after dropping friends off at the airport and before an early afternoon doctor’s appointment, I forced him to drive me to a bookstore that I found on Yelp.  It sounded amazing.


Grassroots Books in Reno, NV has the best selection of gently used books I’ve ever seen.  The first time you go in, they give you a free used book.  Everything that isn’t specifically priced in the store is either $1.99 for paperbacks or $2.99 for hardbacks.  I was in heaven.  I came home with 18 books for $42 and already started reading Eat, Pray, Love.

I did accidentally come home with one book that’s already on my waiting-to-be-read book shelf but never fear, I can return it for a trade-in.  They’ll give you cash or trade for used books when you bring yours in!

I live in a town that is sadly without a bookstore so it’s refreshing to happen upon a goldmine from an independent amazing bookstore like this and I cannot wait to bust through this pile of books so I can go back for more!