The Valhalla Renaissance Faire

This year marked the 21st Anniversary of the Valhalla Renaissance Faire.  Despite the fact that I have lived in Tahoe for over seven years now, not only had I never attended but, I also have never been to a Renaissance Fair.  

I had previously scoffed at the idea of wandering around Camp Richardson amongst people dressed as pirates, scoundrels and knights but when I won tickets via the Valhalla Renaissance Faire facebook page, how could I say no?  We gathered a big group together to experience the event and I have to admit that I may be a convert: it was full of revelry, merriment and dare I say, fun.

Every year, over 8,000 visitors gather at the Valhalla Renaissance Fair and now I know why.  With the Queen of England, juggling jesters, pirates, lords and ladies and jousting presentations by the Imperial Knights, you don’t have to be a kid to find the entertainment value, though it is certainly a family friendly event.  There are 100s of crafts booths on site to shop from, games for kids to play and presentations of dance, song, plays, puppet shows and more.

And who can forget the best part: the turkey legs!!

While we were walking around the faire, we happened upon the Queen of England presenting the chosen “Mayors” of the Renaissance Faire.  Imagine my surprise to discover it was none other than my friend and Tahoe South Entertainer extraordinaire Alex Ramon of Illusion Fusion.   He, upon being asked the very serious question, “How do you keep a woman happy?” replied, “Magic!” and was named Mayor of the Even Days Only.  If you missed my interview with Alex before, you can read it on the Tahoe South Blog via this link.  He is an absolutely wonderful, fun and genuine person and his magic show is as entertaining as the Ren Faire!  I’m sure he’ll make an excellent Mayor of Even Days.  Ha!


Mark your calendar for next year: the Valhalla Renaissance Faire usually occurs the first two weekends of June every year.  It’s a perfect time to visit Tahoe South with your family: you can camp nearby in the Camp Richardson or Fallen Leaf Lake camp grounds, visit the beach, bike and play, and go to the Renaissance Fair all on the same weekend!

2013 COST: Adult $18, $13 for seniors, military, ages 13-17, $8 for children 6-12 Under 6 no charge.

You can check out all my photos from the event via this link.

German Sparkle Party

A Tahoe local threw an amazing party for her birthday a few weeks ago.

German Sparkle Party.

Bam.  You are already intrigued, are you not?

German Sparkle Party, Reno Tahoe Photobooth

Need an explanation?  Just watch this:

I set up an extra sparkly photobooth and everyone had amazing costumes.  It was not only a seriously awesome dance party but a seriously good time. I encourage everyone to throw their own German Sparkle Party. It is a riot!


You can check out all the photos via this link.  However there are A LOT of them.


All Tahoe Clothing Swap, Tahoe South, Clothing Exchange

Wake Up Tahoe with Dreu Murin

We’re throwing an All Tahoe Clothing Swap tonight in Tahoe and I was lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on who you are) to guest host with our friend Dreu Murin on his new web show Wake Up Tahoe.

I set the clip to start at the jump where I come in but you’re more than welcome to back it up and watch all thirty minutes. Those are two of my good friends, Georgette and Jenn as the first and last guest hosts, respectively. We’re all members of the Girls Drinking Club, a group of women who don’t need a book club to hide behind the fact that well, we like wine.

Tonight is our clothing swap.  If you’ve never been to a swap before, it’s very simple: you donate clothes and then show up and leave with someone else’s new-to-you clothes.  Cheap, free, recycling!  It’s at the Legion so it should be a blast!

The MP3 Experiment

If you don’t know, I was just in Austin for two weeks. If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been any posts, that’s why: because I was too busy not sleeping, drinking excessively, dancing and taking photos to internet.

I was there to photograph SXSW.  Anne came with me.  We had to go early and leave late because the flights were so full that we couldn’t get out.  Instead, we just became alcoholics.  I woke up every day at SXSW and thought, I can’t possibly drink anymore and then by 3 PM I order a margarita and you know, it’s all downhill from there.

I had an amazing time, saw amazing bands, took amazing photos and met amazing people.  But, those stories will come later.  I promise a full write up on all we did, everyone we saw, where we ate and the bands that I fell in love with.

This is not that post.

This post is about something else that I love: Improv Everywhere.

In short, Improv Everywhere is a NYC based prank collective that “causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” Since 2001, they have put on over 100 missions involving normal people that create joy, happiness, and often, confusion. I have been following Improv Everywhere for years. They invented No Pants Subway Day that now takes place in multiple cities around the world. My favorite, and the mission that I most want to take part of, is Black Tie Beach, where participants dress up in black tie affair, descend on Coney Island Beach to act like normal patrons of the beach and pretend like nothing unusual is going on.

Improv Everywhere, Austin, We Casue Scenes, Auditorium Shores, MP3 Experiment, SXSW

Anne, participating in some synchronized stretching.

To promote their new movie, We Cause Scenes, which was accepted into the SXSW Film Festival, they put on a MP3 experiment in Austin during SXSW. The idea behind the MP3 experiments is that participants descend upon a public place and at the same time, all press play on a MP3 they have downloaded and follow the instructions. In our experiment, participants gathered at Auditorium Shores, a public park on the banks of Lady Bird Lake, and confused passer-bys with demonstrations of synchronized stretching, games of freeze tag and thumb wars, and ultimately, a balloon fight. It was a hysterical experience and made me want to be part of Black Tie Beach even more!

MP3 Experiment, Austin, SXSW, Improv Everywhere, Auditorium Shores

Balloon fight preparation

I took a TON of photos at the event. My camera card filled up right at the end though and I missed the end of the balloon fight which made me horribly sad! These are a few of my favorites from the event, but you can see all of the gallery by following this link. If you participated in the MP3 experiment, feel free to download your photos for free via the gallery and share them on social media, but please do not crop out my watermark.

Big thanks to the crew at Improv Everywhere. It was a delight and a joy to participate and I can’t wait to do it again.

This is what’s wrong with America

I just had a woman come in searching for special socks to wear in bed because Dr. Oz ran a program on how everyone needs them.

I, apparently, do not have socks that would be applicable to Dr. Oz’s requirements.

I’m not sure what Dr. Oz’s requirements for suggested socks are but they include keeping sweat off your feet while you are sleeping.

My socks keep your sweat of your feet while you are running and cycling.

By the way, this woman was in her mid-60s.

I feel sorry for the people who think they need to purchase something that they have somehow managed to live without for 65 years simply because someone on TV told them they need it.

Also, I figured it was time. I now own to make things easier for everyone. Besides, I can’t have some other Lauren Lindley running around stealing my internet domain out from under my feet.

I’ll start working on posts about Europe trip next week, I promise!