Snowshoe Engagement Session

Snowshoe Engagement Session | Eric + Melissa

“I’m not sure if you quite understand what’s happening up here,” one of my emails to Melissa said, when I told her that we weren’t going to be able to just walk into the forest for their winter engagement session.  Melissa and Eric became engaged at Lake Tahoe and she had a specific adventurous outdoor mission in mind for her engagement photos: she wanted a snowy thick forested wonderland.  I could certainly deliver it, but in light of the five feet of snow we’d received in the two days before we were set to photograph, it wasn’t going to be easy.  It was the first of a series of snowstorms we’ve deemed “snowmageddon” which has since turned into “rainmageddon.”

“You’re going to need snowshoes,” I said.  They found snowshoes.

“You’re going to need a sense of adventure,” I might have said, “and some good natured enthusiasm.”

As it turns out, a sense of adventure and good natured enthusiasm is inherent in this dynamic duo and there was absolutely no reason that I would have needed to say that!  We spent an hour frollicing, falling, post holing, and burying ourselves in snow for their winter snowshoe engagement session and I loved every minute of it.  I can’t wait to photograph this rad couple’s 2018 wedding and spend more time laughing and adventuring for their photos.  After this, I am quite positive that they would be up for absolutely anything that included scrambling, climbing and adventure!

Snowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement SessionSnowshoe Engagement Session

Crossfit Photography, Crossfit Promo Photos, Crossfit Texas, Austin Commercial Photography

Austin Commercial Photographer | Austin Portrait Photographer | CrossFit Texas

I can’t think of anything more Fourth of July to share than this collection of images for CrossFit Texas.

Recently, my good friends Liana and Terry embarked on an adventure similar to my own: quitting jobs and taking on the responsibilities of becoming self-employed and managing a small business to pursue their dreams.  They asked if I would swing through Austin while I was in Texas for a wedding in May and help them get some new promotional photos for their business and I was more than thrilled to make the jaunt up (because really, when do I need a reason to go to Austin).

I’m always ecstatic to squeeze in a trip to visit my friends and family and combine work with fun, so if you’re in need of an Austin Commercial Photographer, well, let’s just make a plan because you know that I probably have a craving for some Torchy’s Tacos right this second.

Dallas Portrait Photographer | BC Lindley for Metroplex Wrestling

There is no denying that my little brother has sweet dance moves.  You may not know that he also has some sweet wrestling moves.

Metroplex Wrestling in Dallas, TX was started by two wrestling fans in 2009 as a way for anyone and everyone to take part in their favorite sport.  The gym is in Bedford, TX and runs one show a month in their official ring.   You too can attend and you get a discount if you bring your own chair.  The next show will be held on June 16th.

My brother has been a member, participant and showman in the ring for quite a few years now.  He specifically requested some character specific portraits to use for promotional purposes.  Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas, TX offered the perfect mix of gritty urbanism for his photos.  We had a blast running around shooting and followed it up with some beers at the Anvil Pub.

Crossfit Photography, Crossfit Promo Photos, Crossfit Texas, Austin Commercial Photography

Austin Freelance Photographer | CrossFit Texas Sneak Peek

I’m so excited for my friends Liana and Terry Collie!  They are following their dreams and just bought a gym after their own passion: CrossFit Texas in Pflugerville.  Since I was traveling all the way to Texas to shoot a San Antonio Wedding a few weeks ago, they requested that I make a stop in Austin to help with new marketing photos for their small business.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come!  Congrats to my friends, whose awesomeness knows no bounds.

Tahoe Event Photographer | Boys and Girls Club Golf Classic at Edgewood

When my friend and client Michelle asked me to donate my time as a Tahoe Event Photographer to the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, I didn’t have to think twice.  Their annual Golf Classic is a major source of fundraising for the organization and is held the week after Edgewood Golf Course closes for the season each year.  Individuals and Corporations participate for an amazing day of golf and fun in the Tahoe Sun at one of the most gorgeous golf courses in the nation.  I know it’s winter now and you aren’t even thinking about golf, but I’m thrilled to finally finish share these photos from last September!

The Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe has been providing quality programs for the youth of the Tahoe community since 1991. They have more than 900 members ages 5-18.  In addition to providing programs and services to the youth year-round, the also offer them a physical and emotional safe haven to learn and grow within our town.

You may donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe via this link or find more information about participating in the 2014 Golf Classic via this link.

Best Adventure Photogrpahy of 2013 | A Year in Review

Although winter seems to have forsaken us all, I am hopeful it will return with feet and feet of snow.  While I spend most of my days right now pining and moaning over the lack of fresh pow, or really, any pow at all, this was at least a nice little reminder that the snow was here before and that, most importantly, it will come back.

I’m pretty jazzed to announce that I’m a contributing photographer to Ski Lake Tahoe for the 2012-13 season.   This means that starting in the 2013-14 season you might see some of the photos I took for them on their website, facebook page, or blog.   Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be like LOOK THERE’S MY PHOTO if one ever shows up somewhere and I know, a whole year is an awfully long time to wait but wait we shall.  In the meantime, peek at these images, which I consider to be some of my best adventure photography of 2013.  Accompanying my favorite ski and snowboard photos is a handful of images from the Tahoe Kids Tri and Fun Runs Series, all of which make me smile.



Lake Tahoe Kids Triathlon

I am so happy every summer to donate my services as a photographer to the Lake Tahoe Kids Tri Series.

I love swimming, biking and running (though I’m not so fond of paying the exorbitant race fees to do three all in one day) so lending photography to kids doing the same is a no brainer.  There were three events in Tahoe last summer put on the by the Tahoe Kids Tri Series and they were an absolute riot.

“Running is hard!” one of the youngest competitors yelled to her mom during an event last summer.  Truer words never said.

This was a small warm-up event for the rest of them: a mini tri, if you will, held at the South Lake Tahoe Parks and Recreation Department.  The youngest of the bunch swam 25 yards, biked 1 mile and ran a quarter mile.  The middle group swam 50 yards, biked 2 miles and ran a half mile and the eldest swam 100 yards, biked 3 miles and run a mile.  The youngest competitor was a mere 2 years old and rode a strider on the bike leg!

tri montageOverall, it was an absolute delight to attend and volunteer my time.  I can’t wait for the next one!

If your kids participated in the event, a link to the gallery will remain under the EVENTS selection in the PORTFOLIO tab or you can also view the entire gallery via this link.

Coming to visit Tahoe?  The Tahoe Tri Club will be holding kids’ triathlons at Lake Baron on July 21, Aug 18, and Sept 8.  You can find more information at their website.  The events are fantastic and there are awards for every age in the competition.  Each kid receives a post event BBQ meal and a raffle ticket for awesome swag from local sponsors.

Winter Outdoor Retailer Wrap-Up

On a whim, I decided to head to Winter Outdoor Retailer with Megs and Juliana earlier this month.  For those of you not in the know, Outdoor Retailer is the worlds largest Outdoor Retail Trade Show.  There is one in the summer and one in the winter each year in Salt Lake City, UT (at least, thru 2016 it is).  Basically, it’s where every vendor in the US decides what to purchase from which retailers.  In short, it’s where REI makes or breaks you.

I applied for a press pass for the event and mistakenly thought it was granted based on some confusing communications from the registration people that said things like “Tell your friends that you’re going to Winter Outdoor Retailer!” and “Now that you’re registered, please take a few minutes to secure your hotel arrangements!” and “We look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City!”  It turns out that my pass was not actually granted.  When I arrived, there was an awesome person working registration who acknowledged that this, was in fact, highly confusing and she gave me a pass anyways.  Most of the time, my life just works out perfectly.

I wrote quite a bit on my adventures within the expo itself for Tahoe South.  Head over there via these links to read my posts on apparel, hard goods, and the experience (posting Friday 2/8).  Instead of rehashing what I wrote over there, I wanted to highlight a few of the other products that I totally fell in love with.

Winter Outdoor Retailer

1.  Shred Ready helmets feature one of the most genius innovations I wish I’d thought of: no pinch magnetic buckles.  Do you have any idea how many times I’ve stood on the top of the mountain screaming in frustration after I’ve taken photos of someone because I can’t seem to get my stupid helmet buckled with frozen fingers?!  GENIUS.

2.  I am such a sucker for things with bikes on it and I think I have found my new favorite t-shirt company: Endurance Conspiracy.  Even more auspicious, it turns out the owner is Tony Deboom whose brother, Tim Deboom, is a Pearl Izumi sponsored athlete AND Tony designed some of our products for the 2012 catalog.  I brought home tees for myself, Briana and Boyfriend but I think I need more.

3.  Pistil Designs.  While I was running around OR with Bill Smaine, we ran into an old friend of his who happens to have started Pistil Designs.  His hats are GORGEOUS.  He was kind enough to give me one of their hats and I haven’t stopped wearing it since.  IN LOVE.

4.  The boys I shred with have always been big fans of Trew gear but they’ve never had a women’s line until now.  Coming winter 2013-14, Trew will feature women’s specific cuts and colors.  I’m enamored with them.  The Stella Jacket offers Trew’s durability but designed, styled and and fit for women.  WANT.

5.  D-Fa Dogs.  You know, as in, “D, for dogs” but said with a Kiwi accent.  This small awesome company out of New Zealand makes wonderful dog apparel.  If my dog wasn’t so adamantly against walking these days, I would have bought a jacket for her.  With names like the “Sub-Woofer” and the “Puff-Doggy,” how can you not fall in love and want to support them?

6.  I loved the sharp design and clean lines of the Hector Press (the featured image).  I mean, I always think coffee is attractive, but this makes it downright sexy.

SheJumps Get the Girls Out Day

Meghan Kelly is the Northern CA director for SheJumps, which I’ve spoken a bit about on here.  On the 2nd Sunday of every month, SheJumps hosts Get the Girls Out Day all around the country, a campaign aimed to bringing communities of outdoor loving females together on one day to celebrate sports and having fun.

SheJumps, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Get the Girls Out

We had about 20 girls come out to play that afternoon and I brought my camera out to document the action.  We had a blast!  It’s so contagious to see a roving pack of girls shredding up the mountain – people can’t help but woop and holler for us!

  Meghan Kelly, SheJumps, Get the Girls Out, Kirkwood Mountain Resort

You can see all the photos from our afternoon of shredding here.  If you (are a girl) and would like to join in on the fun, the next dates for Get the Girls Out Day are February 10, March 10 and April 14, 2013.  We meet at 1:00 PM at the bottom of Chair 6 at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

SheJumps, Get the Girls Out, Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Tahoe Kids Tri

One of my customers, a Tahoe local, has started something wonderful: a series of kids’ triathlons. The Tahoe Kids Tri Club had one event last summer and 100 kids showed up! This year they have three events and I was thrilled to have my store sponsor them. In a show of support, I went out to watch the first one and took my camera along for fun. It was a BLAST!

The 5 and under swim start.

In addition to running three kids triathlons this summer, Jason and his crew of helpers are bringing two new adult events to the community as well: The Sierra Recon obstacle race and the Haulin’ Up Hawley Grade Run.

The older kids get briefed on their course.

Butterflies in the stomach?

Jason’s mission is to help foster a sense of community in Tahoe and I both respect and want to encourage his efforts. We need more people in our community to step up and help do things like this. We simply can’t leave the iniative to the same few folks over and over again. Look at how many awesome things happen when we come together to put on events and make changes: TAMBA, Lakeview Commons, and the really awesome Race the Lake of the Sky Stand Up Paddle Fest held last weekend (post to come on that one).

I love this one for some reason. It makes me giggle.

It was SO fun to watch 100 kids race around a beautiful park under the watchful eyes of the Sierra Nevadas on a bright sunny day. What’s better than listening to parents scream at their kids to pick up their feet and go faster while the kids are drowning their way across a lake? Awesome! That’s my idea of a good time!

An under 5 starts the run portion of the race.

A group of older boys awaits the start of their event.

I can’t wait to go watch the next two events. I had such a blast. The under 5’s swam about 25 yards, rode their bike one mile and ran about 1/2 a mile. The under 12’s swam about 75 yards, biked 2 miles and ran 1 mile. The over 12s swam 100 yards, biked 3 miles and ran one mile.

A tiny tot waits for his older brother.

Race for the transition!

I can’t say again how stoked I am to have some new events in town. I love bikes, I love running, I love swimming and I love kids being active. In a small town, small things make a big difference. I can’t wait to go photograph the next one.

Fact: kids in full face helmets are awesome.

This post features just a few of my favorite photos from the morning. You can find the rest here. If you are a parent and I photographed your child you will find them available to download through the link.