We’re one week out from Tahoe’s biggest music festival of the year and my excitement is snowballing.

Snowglobe Music Festival returns for it’s third year to Tahoe South and I’m thrilled to cover the festival once again.  With returning acts like Steffi Graff and Beats Antique and newcomers Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this awesome fusion of winter and music.

As we count down the days to the fest, I’ll fill you with recommendations on where to stay, eat and play while you are here, interviews with musicians, and my picks for who to see on each of the three days.  After each day of the fest, head back here or over to Tahoe South and get recaps and concert photos so that you too can relive your favorite moments alongside me.

Before we start looking forward, here are a few reasons from last year’s event that should help explain why I love Snowglobe so much:

The crowd at Snowglobe cheers with excitement as the sky opens up and blankets them with snowflakes.

1.  It’s not your average music fest.

While most people think of summer fun and warmth in association with music festivals, part of Snowglobe’s charm is that it is completely the opposite.  The end of 2012 marked a considerably dry start to our winter and Tahoe had very little snow on the ground the day the festival started.  As Beats Antique took to the stage on the first day of the festival, the sky opened up and snow began to fall.  “It’s like we’re actually IN a snowglobe!” I heard someone exclaim.  The reaction of the crowd was nothing short of electrifying.

Robert Delong takes the main stage at Snowglobe 2012.

2.  It’s not just for electronic music fans.

For those of you who think you have no place at Snowglobe, you do.  What started out as a purely electronic music festival managed to diversify itself quite nicely in it’s 2nd year.  There is something for everyone here.  I found a number of bands last year that weren’t even remotely on my radar.  Don’t be afraid to head to a fest and wander aimlessly: you might hear some music you aren’t into or you might find something that makes you dance til you take all your clothes off.

Chromeo rings in New Years Eve 2012 at Snowglobe Music Festival.

3.  Ring in the New Year like no one else in Tahoe South.

It is absolutely invigorating to dance in the snow with hundreds of people as fireworks go off over the lake and the moon reflects off snow capped mountains that surround you.  This year’s New Years Eve headliner will be just as amazing as last year’s headliner, Chromeo, whose disco heavy pop sound takes the phrase dance party to a whole new level.  This year’s headliner, Cut Copy, bridges indie with electronic in a wonderful breezy festival friendly dose of happy pop music.  You will dance, you will hug your friends, you will feel animated and rejuvenated by the energy that is Snowglobe Music Festival.