Sometimes I get things REALLY wrong and Luke and Amanda’s Edgewood Tahoe wedding was one of these things.  I had a preconceived expectation for their event: I didn’t think it was going to be very rowdy, I didn’t expect them to be big partiers AT ALL, and over all I just sort of expected this quiet very subdued fancy pants Edgewood wedding.


So first off, I am here to go on the record that after 10 years photographing weddings, I no longer photograph line dances. My second photographer can do that. They can crush that shit and I will go take a break and put my feet up for 4 minutes and have a glass of wine.

Unless you are Luke and Amanda, because something happened during their Edgewood Tahoe wedding that has never ever happened before and probably will never happen again.  The DJ, Logan Steele, started playing the Chicken Dance song (like seriously, who does that? insert eye roll emoji here) and then about FIFTY of Luke’s family members came running in from outside in a long conga line DRESSED LIKE CHICKENS.

Edgewood Tahoe Wedding


That wasn’t the ONLY line dance they had costumes for. They also came out swinging for another all dressed like cowboys. Including Grandma!

Both Luke and Amanda are such incredibly sweet, kind, and somewhat quiet people and then Luke’s family is this insanely rowdy group that has raucous sing alongs as toasts and songs about their state. There were at least two or three sing alongs. Maybe more. I can’t even remember anymore because the chicken thing really threw me for a loop.

DJ Brock and Steele are super fun DJs that dance behind the decks and really hype up quiet crowds but I have to say – this group needed no hype.  Overall it was a ridiculously memorable day and let me make one thing clear: if you would like to dress up like chickens at your wedding and do the chicken dance, I will absolutely photograph that shit.

This is how much Luke’s family was ready to break it down on the dance floor – they wouldn’t stop dancing long enough for the Mother-Son dance.  Some of them had to be USHERED OFF THE DANCE FLOOR. Respect. I have nothing but respect for this.

I was so overwhelmingly just happy at the end of Luke and Amanda’s Edgewood Tahoe wedding that words cannot describe. I’m glad my bestie Nicky Byrnes of Nemus Photography was there to be equally awed by this family.  I’m glad I got to work with Logan Steele who, I may also point out, had never seen people dress like chickens for the chicken dance. It was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish for the rest of my career. Sometimes my job is wild and I love every single minute of it.

Venue and Coordination: Edgewood Tahoe | Officiant: Your Memorable Day | Florist: Fowler’s Flowers | Bakery: Lake Tahoe Cakes |  DJ: DJ Brock and Steele | Wedding Attire: Lihi Hod Bridal Revelry Bridesmaid and Hidden Room | Hair and Makeup: Teri Lacro with Charismatic Bride | Videography: Dax Victorino Films | Sensational Second Shooting by the Sassy Nicky Byrnes