I basically spent the entire 10 minutes I had with this couple for portraits flippin’ flippin’ out.  Don’t think I wasn’t.

Empire Mines Wedding

This venue is INCREDIBLE.  Breathtakingly beautiful.  Photo opportunities every where you look.  Ridiculous lush greenery.  Backlit afternoon sunshine in just the right spot for everything.  It’s basically photographer heaven.  I could have spent an hour taking portraits with these two.  The first spot we photographed at I instantly knew was my favorite as soon as I looked at the screen.

I can’t wait to share more about this couple that I’m so enamored with I just want to keep them in my pocket forever.  But I can’t.  So I won’t.

I will share more from their gorgeous wedding with their gorgeous people and their gorgeous Grass Valley Wedding at Empire Mine State Park.

Until then, these will have to do.  Congrats Em + Dave.  You guys are rad.

Also, I really want to go back here.  Someone hire me to photograph their Grass Valley Wedding please please pretty please because I barely even touched the surface of possibilities for this joint.

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