In a room where someone is laboring and giving birth, everyone has a job. From the care providers to the support people, the focus is on the birthing person and baby. It can be hard to give someone the responsibility of capturing the moment when they actually have to be present in it. Not to mention, unless you’re a professional photographer, you likely don’t have the gear and expertise to take high-quality photos—we know all your best angles.

That’s why professional photographers exist. 

Why you should hire a birth photographer

You may wonder what it’s like having another person in the room and a camera pointing at you during one of the most intimate moments of your life. Much of what we do as birth photographers is patiently watching it all unfold as a fly on the wall—most clients

barely remember us being present. 

Capturing the birth of your child is just one, short part of birth photography. We’re there to capture the entire experience, from laboring until you’re holding and smelling that sweet baby scent for the first time.

As birth photographers, we’ve seen it all. No matter what’s going on around us or however emotional a moment, we’re committed to continuing to take photos as tastefully as possible throughout the entire birth. While birth is beautiful, it’s also very graphic, and we recognize you might want to be sharing your birth photos with family and friends. That’s why it’s helpful to have a trained professional who can capture a moment with optimal composition and lighting (all while not showing the stuff that’s too intense).

Whether you birth at home, at a center, or in a hospital, or any combination, birth photography is all about celebrating your birthing experience authentically. Hiring a birth photographer is preserving these precious moments, no matter how unpredictable they are. 

And your photos will be focused on more than just you and your baby—some of the most cherished photos I’ve taken have been of care providers and support people. When you’re needing to feel extra loved during the postpartum stage, you can look back on your birth photos to see the special care, attention, and love your support people gave you.

Reno Birth Photogaphy
Why you should hire a birth photographer

Now that you’ve considered all the reasons why you should hire a birth photographer, you should also know that when you book me as your birth photographer, we’ll talk about when’s the best time to call me, your birth plan (if you have one), birthing place policies, and anything else that you think is important for me to know before entering your birth space.

If you’re still on the fence, talk to someone who’s had a birth photographer. I feel confident they’ll always say having those photos is something they’ll cherish forever.

Why you should hire a birth photographer