>Last Friday, my friend Trish, her roommmate and I went on a super long bike ride on the Tahoe Rim Trail from the top of Kingsbury Pass to Armstrong and then back to my house.

The trail through the forest service land that Heavenly Ski resort sits on offers amazing views of both the lake and the Carson Valley. I was stunned!

Most of the trail is above 9,000 feet and is also called the Tahoe Rim Trail, which is a trail that circumnavigates the entire lake basin. You can’t mountain bike all the sections of it though as Desolation Wilderness is closed to bikers.

The lunch stop is about 9 miles in at Star Lake, an absolutely gorgeous alpine lake that I’ve never been to that sits at 9,1000 feet. It was AMAZING.

From Star Lake you continue on, climbing towards Freel Peak. In this section you reach the highest elevation of the ride, 9,730 feet. There was amazing singletrack for awhile climbing over Monument Pass and then wickedly hard sandy hot switchbacks with no shade.

5 miles past Star Lake you reach Armstrong Pass, the start of an awesome descent. We descended all the way down Armstrong to Corral Loop and then through the meadow to my house for a really fantastic super long 20+ mile ride. A cold beer never tasted so good!