Chantelle originally contacted me back in February for her destination elopement here in South Lake Tahoe.  She then proceeded to get all of her ducks in a row, everything as organized as possible, and more things done in a mere two months than most of my brides ever manage in the months before their giant weddings.  Although she was organized, what really shined through her coorespondence with me was her shear excitement and giddiness over her nuptials.  After planning a “big wedding,” she and her fiancé decided to scrap the plan altogether and have a small, intimate, destination ceremony with their closest family as witnesses and officiants.  24 hours before the ceremony time, they still hadn’t picked out a location.  I loved it.  In the end, their Kiva Beach Wedding was as beautiful, loving and sweet as the pair of them are and perfectly befitting Chantelle’s benevolent and luminous spirit.

Kiva Beach WeddingKiva Beach WeddingKiva Beach WeddingKiva Beach Wedding