Emily and Travis have been acquaintances for a few years now thanks to some of my other amazing clients. Strangely enough, they are connected to two separate couples, both of whom I found independently of each other, but they are the link between them!

Their good friends, the Moxes, originally hired me to do a Doctor Who themed engagement session and then again for their Magic the Gathering themed wedding.  Their other good friends, Kristen and Jamie, originally hired me to do an unconventional engagement session where a yeti attacked them in the woods and they were saved by their dog, and then again for their Estes Park Colorado camp wedding.  I have also now photographed their friend Zoe’s Gold Hill Garden wedding, as well as the Moxes’ friends Liz and Michael’s Highlands County Park wedding.

Still following?  Good because now we’re onto the really good stuff! Emily and Travis were actually celebrating their two year anniversary with this ceremony (they eloped at a courthouse originally) and wanted a wedding that really represented them as a couple so low and behold: a Medieval Times wedding.

You know what I love?  The unconventional.

Guess who couldn’t wait to eat chicken with her hands?  This girl.

Guess who matched with a dude on Tinder in the uber ride to the venue and then subsequently flew back to southern California two weeks later to go on a date?  This girl.

2024 update: Guess who still has a part time LA lover thanks to this wedding.  That’s right: this girl.

Guess whose clients wanted to do a Last Supper-esque recreation and then I decided to take it up a notch and make it epic?  This girl.

In other news, I’m overjoyed to find out that I’m going to be photographing another one wedding from this friend group in 2019. These are clearly my people.

Another 2024 update: I have now photographed FIVE weddings for these two overlapping group of friends, the lynchpin between them being Emily and Travis.  It has brought me SO much joy to remain a part of all of their lives.  This group includes

Overall it was such an amazing experience with such a great group of people – I love when people celebrate in their own way with the ones they love and this was no different, except that it didn’t have silverware. Silver lining: no clinking glasses demanding that you kiss over and over and over again.

Other things to note: our knight, the Green Knight, not only won, but betrothed his sash to Emily at the end, which was especially exciting.  Also, I’m thrilled to announce that I won a Wedding Photojournalists Association award for excellence in wedding photography with the featured header image on this post.

Ceremony: Buena Park Community Center | Reception: Medieval Times | Florist: Maria’s Floral Designs | Bride’s Attire: David’s Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Plan your own Medieval Times Wedding

Want a wedding filled with chivalry, feasts, and thrilling entertainment? Look no further than hosting your own Medieval Times wedding. To be honest, whether you’re holding your wedding, or even just planning a corporate event, a milestone celebration, or a grand gathering, there’s a unique charm in bringing people together within the walls of one of our most famous US institutions and medieval fortresses. As of 2024, you can still find Medieval Times castles in Atlanta, Baltimore, Buena Park, Chicago, Dallas, Lyndhurst, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Scottsdale, and Toronto.

1. You’re Gonna Need Royal Reservations: Begin the planning process by securing your royal reservations at Medieval Times. Every Medieval Times has an events team to help accommodate large groups and their reservations.  They have a number of packages for every group event that include a wealth of options from the basic show and dinner package, to VIP offerings that include Knighting Ceremonies, souvenirs, and group photos.

2. Grand Feasting and Refreshments: One of the highlights of any Medieval Times experience is the grand feast (no silverware y’all) and when hosting a large group, this adventure becomes even more spectacular. Today, Medieval Times offers vegan and vegetarian options so don’t worry about your meatless eaters.

3. Entertainment Extravaganza: The heart of Medieval Times lies in its captivating entertainment, and when hosting a large group, it’s a pretty raucous and fun spectacle. From thrilling jousting tournaments to performances by knights, maidens, and falconers, every show is a little bit different. If you’re going with a large group might I suggest costumes and medieval attire?

The TL:DR is that a Medieval Times wedding isn’t just any event: it’s a wedding filled with grand celebrations and medieval splendor and I am HERE for it.