Part of the MBO Tahoe Contingency 2012

Last year, I attended Mountain Bike Oregon for the first time and had an absolute BLAST. The premise is pretty simple: get hundreds of mountain bikers to camp in a city park and set up an adult summer camp. The weekend is essentially all-inclusive and the price (a little under $400) includes all your meals, all the beer you can drink and shuttles to amazing Oregon single-track.

MBO: not the best food, but food you didn’t have to cook yourself.

After learning the hard way about arriving late the year before, Megs and I got there with time to spare Thursday afternoon, securing spots for our whole crew on my favorite ride from the year before: Alpine – Tire Mountain – Clover Patch (ATC). ATC offers amazing hard packed single-track under an old growth forest filled with thrilling descents and gorgeous wood bridges. You feel like a velociraptor is going to jump out and attack at any moment. It was every bit as awesome as I remembered.

The number one value in MBO’s sticker price is the ability to get free demos from about 16 different bike companies for the rides each day. On ATC I was lucky to snag an Ibis Mojo SL to ride and I fell even more in love with it than the bike I thought I wanted, the Santa Cruz Blur. Santa Cruz Bikes has recently been an epic fail in my department regarding customer service to my employees and I have to say, I’m not to jazzed on the company anymore because of it. My goal for next summer now is to raise enough extra cash to buy the Ibis. It climbed like a dream, descended like a monster. I loved every thing about it, especially the X Fusion remotely triggered seat post.

Beer Garden Bike Toss

Every night in the beer garden you get to drink free beer from awesome craft and micro brewery’s like Hopworks and there is entertainment. I attempted the bike toss, as did Jill and Meghan, but none of us can claim winner to our list of accomplishments.

Megs kicks it in the beer garden

One of the best things about MBO is being surrounded by TONS of super social cyclists. A really amazing community springs up for a short time and everyone talks to their neighbors and makes new friends. It’s inspiring!

More on MBO next week!