Holy moly this was a tough green screen.  Outdoor photobooths are definitely a challenge and I am currently not happy with my outdoor set up.  Challenge #1: You never know if there will be shade or direct sun.  Challenge #2: the wind catches the backdrop and changes it constantly.  Challenge #3: light conditions over time don’t remain the same.  I decided to do a green screen for Mountain Sage Family Wellness and it was one of the tougher ones I’ve done.  The event was from 4-8 so as the sun moved locations it would infiltrate the tent in different ways, cause some serious green castes onto skin and in general, change the green tones which meant photoshop didn’t always pick everything all the color range up correctly.  I’m not totally thrilled with the results from this one but I’m sure the kids will love it.

I have another photobooth next week at the League to Save Lake Tahoe Summer Kick Off Party and I think I’m going to totally switch gears and do something completely different.  Maybe old photo frames hung from the bars of the 12×12 tent I use to shade people.

You can see all the photos from the Mountain Sage Photobooth via this link.