Oh man, I totally failed on so many accounts this year (athletically) but a lot of that has to do with me taking those energies and putting them into so many other things.  I usually try to run 500 miles every year and I didn’t even get remotely close to that.  In fact, I hardly came close to serious mileage in any of my sports at all.


That being said, I’m not going to ream myself too badly for totally sucking at being disciplined enough to have very little free time and still get up every day at 6 am to workout.  Sometimes life doesn’t work like that and this is one of those years.  I feel like I held down five different jobs this year and it totally taxed me.  Regardless, I’m proud of my year.  It may not be my most athletic year, but it was one of my more successful years in terms of focus and learning.

I also try to visit one foreign country every year and this year I (sorta) visited two:  La Paz (Bolovia) and Puerto Rico (not exactly foreign, but not exactly US either.  I conclude that it counts for half of a foreign country).  In addition, I always try to visit one new ski resort a year.  Last year was such a slow snow year, I don’t think I even made it to a new one!  This year I’m already on the ball though.  I had to Steamboat Springs today and in March Buddy and I are headed on a mini-trip to Seattle so we’ll get to ski at Steven’s Pass.

My goals for 2012 were as follows. Here’s how I fared:

1. Re-train to swim in the Ironman (Vineman) Relay with Ellen and Al. Best my yardage from this year.

Event cancelled.  I was actually probably well on my way to that, but failed to best my yardage from the year before after I stopped swimming 5,000 yard workouts when I heard it was cancelled.

2. Run 3 half marathons in states I haven’t ticked off the list yet (woefully behind on this life goal to run a half Marathon in every state).

Almost: I managed to sneak 2 in this year. I did run 3 half marathons, but one was in California which is already a state I’ve checked off the list. Added this year: Louisiana and Texas. List of states I’ve run in addition to those: California, Oregon, Utah. Michelle and I are already planning on registering for the Marine Corps Marathon for next year, which will cover me on Virginia.

3. Become a better photographer. I’m taking a digital photography class this winter at the local community college. I plan to follow it up with a portrait class in the spring. I was thinking about doing a 365 project: 1 photo a day, 365 days but I think with everything else I have going on this year, that I’ll table that one for another year.

With the purchase of my camera in the fall of 2011, I threw almost every extra minute I had into learning how to use it, reading as many books as I could, self-teaching myself new skills, and taking classes at the local community college. I donated my photobooth to 11 different events. I photographed 2 weddings and shot a handful of portraits. I think I came a long way in one year. I’d call this goal met, but no where near completion. This will be a never ending learning process for sure.

4. 60 days on the mountain. I barely missed this in the 09-10 season at 58 and came in at 61 for the 2010-11 season. This year, I am out of town for about a week and a half in January and a week in March. With no snow yet and no snow in the forecast, this might be a difficult goal. I’m at 8 for the season leading into the new year, which means I need 12 days a month for the next four months and either 4 days in May or 4 extra days somewhere else. Do-able for sure, but I think some extra dawn patrols might have to be squeezed in to make it happen.

Epic fail. Only 27 days on the mountain for the 2011-12 season. With winter hella under way here in Tahoe, I should have no problem reaching my goal of 60 days this year.

5. Raise $1000 for Disabled Sports in the Ability Challenge.

Success: $1,890 raised for the Ability Challenge!

My goals for 2013:

1.  Become more proficient at Photoshop.

2.  I thought I wanted to take on another photo project for the year.  Last year I started a project through a website where you took one shot a month based on the word they chose.  They lost me in August though when they started having a different word for every day.  That was too much.  I thought that perhaps I might want to take on a self-portrait a month project, but I think I’ll just end up over-extending myself.  Instead, I think I should focus my energy into committing to photo sessions at least once a month during the winter with Megs.  It will help both of us reach our mutual goals.

3.  60 days on the mountain.

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4.   Pay off the credit card.  I am the WORST at this.  Most of the time, I feel like life is too short to be ridiculously responsible.  I do things like pay it off and then put a really awesome trip on there.  There will always be more money.  There will not always be fun trips with your friends.  But for real, I really want to pay it off.  Kinda.

5.  Legitimately train for the marathon.  Perhaps run more than 30 miles in the six weeks leading up to it.


6.  Consistently: swim more, run more, ride my bike more.  Make sure that I schedule in time to exercise, time to work and time to learn and frankly, time to do nothing.  Time to veg on the couch is sometimes needed and I think the only days this year that I had literally nothing to do where the days that I was on vacation.

7.  Read more non-photography books.

8.  Photograph more music festivals.  Seriously!  Two of my most favorite loves: live music + photography.  So awesomely fun I wish I could do it full time.

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