The Adventurers

is a personal project consisting of portraits of people I meet in my own adventures who, in some way, inspire me, strike me, or surprise me.



Photographed at: my house, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lives in: Cape Town, South Africa

Occupation: Adventurer

Job Responsibilities include: cycle touring, beer drinking.

“Do you have a beer, man… no, not water, I need a beer!”

Kayden came to stay with us though WarmShowers, a website for reciprocal hosting of touring cyclists.  Kayden is one of the founding members and trustees of Global Wheeling, a South African based charity that focuses on bicycle empowerment and community greening projects in disadvantaged communities.  Kayden’s journey is supported by corporate donors and 100% of all other donations go to the cause.

When Kayden rolled into Tahoe, he had just cycled over Tioga pass to visit Yosemite, Monitor and Luther, as well as spent an afternoon riding through Death Valley at 120 degrees.

Kayden spent three very special, very memorable days with us in total.  He is the Adventurer that trumps all other adventurers.  After years touring the globe on his bike, Kayden will deliver a journal from South Africa to the Burn and this leg of journey will be complete.  Somehow, I just know that Kayden’s journey will never be complete.  His life will be filled with the kinds of adventures that most people cannot even comprehend taking on.  He’s pretty fucking awesome.

Thanks for the stories, the South African Bread and the good times Kayden!  I’m certain our paths will cross again!

You can see more from Kayden’s quick portrait session here.

I encourage you to head to his website and follow his blog and if so inclined, donate to his worthy cause.