At the beginning of August, Boyfriend and I flew to Denver, CO for a quick two day trip to see Jack White at the famous (and rightfully so) Red Rocks Amphitheater. Our flight was at a ridiculously early 6 am, which meant an ungodly 3 AM wake up call so after a breakfast at Luciles full of grits, shrimp and everything creole, we ended up at the Denver Botanic Gardens taking a nap on the grass under the trees.

The Kizuna Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens

Lily Pads at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Here comes the sun!

Red Rocks is EVERYTHING that EVERYONE says it is and more. It’s phenomenally gorgeous with amazing acoustics and unbelievable setting. There is no other show I would have rather seen there than Jack White, who is an absolute favorite of mine in any of his projects.

In addition, I got to stay with good friends, play with other good friends and dine with other friends. Such a whopper of awesome packed into two days! I didn’t take too many photos, but you can check out all of them here.