Leah and Sebastian’s Alpine Meadows River Ranch Wedding was nothing short of amazing.  First of all, it was filled with really, really ridiculously good looking people.  Second, all of those really, really ridiculously good looking people had the most epic dance moves I’ve ever seen.  Although the day started out cold and overcast, the sun peeked out just in time for their ceremony and everyone stayed warm breaking it down to Coolio and Salt’n’Pepa on the dance floor.  Leah and Sebastian met in Vail, CO while essentially living the life that most people in the world can’t even comprehend or imagine is an option, but people in Tahoe feel lucky to part of every single powder day.   I’m certain their final blog post is going to be nothing but epic dance photos, but until then, here’s a few frames from their day.

River Ranch WeddingRiver Ranch WeddingRiver Ranch Wedding