Snowglobe Festival Attendees were treated to quite a different world this year. Now in it’s second year, Snowglobe had lots of music but no snow in 2011. This year is an entirely different story. Revelers rejoiced as the sky opened up and dumped on them throughout most of the afternoon. “It’s as if we’re actually IN A SNOWGLOBE!” we heard one of them yell. The frigid temps and weather, however, didn’t stop quite a few of them from dressing as if they were at Coachella. The amount of sundresses, mini-skirts and tuts with fishnet hose was somewhat shocking. Regardless, those folks were definitely in the minority and most of the crowd accessorized their outfits with fuzzy animal hats and furry boots.

Gentleman Hall, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Festival

Gentlemen Hall tries to warm up their hands during their set.

Poppy Boston rockers Gentlemen Hall kicked off the day, playing to a small crowd of serious fans (they knew all the words) and had a hard time keeping their fingers warm as the snow fell.

Cameron Argon, Big Chocolate, Snowglobe Music Festival, Snowglobe, Tahoe

Cameron Argon aka Big Chocolate warms the Stage Up.

Brooklyn wonder-kid Baauer did not disappoint his fans. The Sierra Tent was jumping up and down from start to finish of his set. Big Chocolate (Cameron Argon) had to compete with Big Gigantic and the start of Beats Antique, but he put on a great show for his fans. His enthusiasm for his fans and his music was clear and his entire family was there to support him.

Beats Antique, Snowglobe Music Festival, Snowglobe, Tahoe, Zoe Jakes

Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique

The festival crowd, which seemed sparse in the early afternoon, grew massively as festival favorites Beats Antique came on, followed by Wiz Khalifa, who opened with “Black and Yellow” and encouraged the crowd to follow their dreams and smoke a lot of weed.

Wiz Khalifa, Snowglobe Music Festival, Tahoe, Snowglobe

Snowglobe Day 1 Headliner Wiz Khalifa gets the crowd riled.

Other surprise highlights of my day included the DJ duo of Steffi Graf. I ventured upon their tent late into their set, which was chock full of old house and disco. I was in heaven.

I’m ready and pumped for Day 2 which looks like it’s going to be cold, crisp and clear.  Here are all the photos from Day 1 at Snowglobe Music Fest, South Lake Tahoe, CA.