Holy frigidly cold temps Batman!  Snowglobe Day 2 was FREEZING from start to finish.  I had on four layers at one point in addition to my jacket, yet there were still girls running amok with bare arms.   The day’s lineup was significantly more EDM heavy, save St. Lucia, who begged of the crowd, “It’s cold! Why did you bring us here?!”

St. Lucia, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Fest, Grobler

Despite their cold fingers and frosty breath, St. Lucia and his band put on a stellar show to a crowd full of happy people.  The fans even group hugged his mom when Grobler announced that it was her birthday.

St. Lucia, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Fest, Tahoe

Save a handful of acts, sounds of dubstep and electro filled the air for most of the day.  The tents were packed full from front to back for GRiZ and Flosstradamus.  18 year old Madeon followed a crowd already pumped up by Mimosa.  Madeon is so young and tiny his head hardly stood over the DJ table.  I can attest that his youth did not keep girls from screaming for him.

Madeon, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Fest, Tahoe

As the chilly day turned to night, the crowd swelled to capacity in anticipation of Deadmau5.  By the time his set started, Snowglobe had announced that they had sold out for the day.

Deadmau5, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Fest, Tahoe

The highlight of my day, other than St. Lucia, was certainly the young and eager one man band of Robert Delong.  What started out as a crowd of five people swelled to 100 as Delong’s energy, enthusiasm and danceable tunes filled the festival arena and lured new listeners in.  In the first single from his upcoming album he exclaims the query, “Did I leave it all to chance or did I make you fucking dance?”  I can answer to that: he made Snowglobe fucking dance.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.  I’m looking forward to heading back for the final day of the festival with Poolside, Royal Teeth, Nobody Beats the Drum, and Chromeo on the agenda!  Happy New Years!