Going into the third day of Snowglobe, I was more than a little exhausted and honestly, I was somewhat dreading it.  Snowglobe is by no means an easy festival to attend: in addition to dealing with the normal festival  happenings like traffic, logistics, drunk people, packed tents, etc, you are also dealing with the elements: cold, mushy snow underfoot and on the first day, actual snow falling.  I delayed my arrival to coincide with Poolside‘s set in the Sierra Tent.  I was excited to check out their “daytime disco” and pretend like I was in a warmer locale.  As I arrived, I was drawn into the idiocy and ridiculousness that was going on at the Main stage: Con Bro Chill.  I think they are a complete and total joke but I can’t tell if the joke is on them or on the surprisingly large crowd.

Poolside Music. Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Festival

Post Poolside I ran back over to the main stage to check out Royal Teeth, whose members call my favorite city in the world home: New Orleans.   When you are from NOLA, you have immediate street cred in my books (WHO DAT!) and honestly, this band put on an amazing show: they are fun, energetic and totally engaged the audience.  Bonus points for covering Queen.

Royal Teeth, Royal Teeth Music, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Fest

After Royal Teeth, I hightailed it over to the Tecnhibeats.com stage where apparently there was a bit of a riot and they had cleared the entire tent out.  Some walls were repaired while the crowd waited impatiently for the start of Nobody Beats the Drum, the show I was most excited for that day.  Unlike Chase over at Electric Panda Music, I did not leave Snowglobe with an appreciation of  dubstep.  In my world, dubstep is the equivalent of my generation’s jungle and I hope it dies a speedy and quick death.  Once upon a time, I listened to trance and jungle and then one day I realized what good music is.  I think music should be just as amazing when you’re not on something as when you are.  While I understand that dubstep appeals to the sensory overload that occurs when you’ve been ingesting things that keep you up for days, I no longer party like it’s 1999 every weekend because I’m old and I would frankly just rather drink a glass of wine.

That being said, I used to LOVE electronic music and in particular, I am a sucker for dark dirty house and breaks.  Living in Tahoe, there is little of the EDM that I care for and when I started reading up on Nobody Beats the Drum, I got very excited.  You see, something happens to me when you put me in a room full of sick beats: I remember how much I FUCKING LOVE it and I never want it to stop.  Once upon a time, in my previous life, I ran around in dark clubs every weekend, could out kick-step just about anyone, spent a lot of time with really amazing music producers and helped throw some really amazing shows.  Not only do I not regret it, but every once in awhile I am reminded of what I have traded my extreme outdoorsy mountain life for.  To quench this thirst,  I have been known to fly across the country just to see a DJ.  In fact, I will be doing that very thing to see James Zabiela play in Austin in February.  Also filed under: reasons why my 35th Birthday Party is going to be a Retro Throwback Rave.  There will be no dubstep, only house music circa the early 2000’s.

ANYWAYS, I digress.  It was time for Nobody Beats the Drum and I had an inkling that I might like it.

I didn’t just like it: I couldn’t leave.  There were other acts I should have gone to photograph but I could not bear the thought of leaving while that insanely raucous dance party was happening and those boys were dropping tracks so dark, dirty and sick, I wished it would never end.  Big thanks to the Technibeats.com staff who let me hang out on the side of the stage and dance so hard that I finally realized why none of the kids at Snowglobe had any clothes on this weekend.

Nobody Beats the Drum, Snowglobe Music Fest

From start to finish, those cute Dutch boys dropped the gnar on the Technibeats.com stage in the very way they know how and it was AMAZING. I want to do it again.  Like now.  But for more than an hour because that wasn’t long enough.  I am totally planning a trip to see a full show at some point in 2013.  That was simply not enough.  Thirsty.  For.  More.

Nobody Beats the Drum, NBTD Music, Snowglobe, Snowglobe Music Fest

After Nobody Beats the Drum I wandered around for a little while watching kids freak-out to a DJ I don’t like, biding my time waiting for Chromeo to start.  Chromeo was a perfect way to close out 2012: electric disco dance party to the max.  I snapped a few sweet shots of the band and then headed to the back of the crowd to ring in the New Year with my friends under fire works.  Day 3 of Snowglobe was definitely the best.  Just goes to show: the day I was feeling too tired to attend turned out to be the most amazing of the whole weekend.  Way to rally!  Let’s do it again, all over, NOW?

Snowglobe Music Fest, Snowglobe, Tahoe South

For those of you who think you have no place at Snowglobe, you do.  What started out as a purely electronic music festival has managed to diversify itself quite nicely in it’s 2nd year.  There is something for everyone here.  I may not like Deadmau5 or Big Gigantic or dubstep, and maybe I’ll complain about the west coast’s obsession with it, but people are entitled to dance to what they like.  I am thrilled that I found so many amazing new bands this weekend that weren’t even remotely on my radar and was introduced to some new EDM producers doing things that are super fresh and new.  Don’t be afraid to head to a fest and wander aimlessly: you might hear some music you aren’t into, and you might find something that makes you dance til you take all your clothes off.

All my favorite photos from Day 3 of Snowglobe are below.  They include photos from Con Bro Chill, Poolside, Polica, Royal Teeth, Nobody Beats the Drum and Chromeo.   You can check out photos from Day 1 and 2 here:

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If I happened to take a photo of you at the fest, feel free to use it on your social media sites as much as you want, but please do not crop out my watermark.