Squaw Valley Stables Wedding

Squaw Valley Stables Wedding | Andy + Sarah | Sneak Peek

I adore these two.

They are the raddest of rad folks: adventurous mountain climbers, trail blazers and dance party loving fools.  Andy has secret skills that I had NO IDEA ABOUT that include, but are not limited to, breakdancing.  Their friends are fun, full of laughter and love, and clearly loyal to each other.  I had looked forward to their wedding all summer after spending an amazing weekend in Los Angeles for their Culver City Engagement Session this past winter and I clearly had done so with good reason: their wedding was a blast.

I seriously can’t wait to get started working on their Squaw Valley Stables wedding.  Also, I’d like more weddings there please, universe.

Squaw Valley Stables WeddingSquaw Valley Stables WeddingSquaw Valley Stables Wedding

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