The 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail circumnavigates the lake along the crest of our mountains and offers unbelievable views. While not all of it is open to mountain bikes, the vast majority of it is and provides us with some amazing trails. My personal new favorite is the two hour ride out-and-back to “the Bench:” a super technical cross country feat filled with rocks, stairs and things that generally challenge me. Buddy and I had a morning off together on Thursday and he rode the trail for the first time.

Buddy on "the Bench"

Amazing views and a lot of wind await you at the Bench

While my mountain biking skills are definitely increasing with each ride, I still have my trepidations about downhills. I’m getting better about staying off my brakes and, if I’m not exhausted, looking ahead and not under my wheel which spells immediate disaster. I’m headed to Mountain Bike Oregon with Al and a few of her serious mountain biking friends in two weeks. I’m certain I’ll probably only be seeing that crowd in the camp at night, but excited none-the-less.