Clearly I saw a TON of amazing new bands at SXSW, evident by the fact that I couldn’t keep my Top Ten New Acts List to just ten acts.  Here’s a handful of other memorable shows that I saw at SXSW 2013, along with my favorite images from them.


This one is easy for the old people to get wrong.  Technically, !!! is pronounced by saying any monosyllabic sound three times in a row, but most commonly is pronounced “chk chk chk.”  !!! is always a stellar show, mostly because front man Nic Offer’s stage antics are so high energy.  It is an absolute certainty that a !!! show will offer multiple occasions of pelvic thrusting, crowd surfing and Nic running into the crowd while singing.  I guarantee it.  !!!’s new album, Thr!!!er, will be released April 30, 2013.

Deer Tick

Deer Tick’s front man John McCauley may be best known as a raging alcoholic.  Or maybe he’s not, that’s just all I can ever think about when I hear their name after reading this article.  Frankly, the idea of going through life in the state that McCauley does makes me want to vomit and holds no shred of envy in me.  Regardless of his mental and physical state, their show was swift kick of amazing and honestly, I was a bit surprised I loved it so much.  It was in the mostly empty Palmer Events Center and I managed to convince one of the employees to take me up into the balcony where I scored some super sweet shots.

Jim James

I’m not really on the Jim James bandwagon.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to listen to older My Morning Jacket albums intermittently, but honestly, I’ve always found their live shows boring.  James’ solo show wasn’t too far off that, though his keyboardist did have quite a stage presence.  During his show, James walked along the front row of speakers which allowed him to hide mostly in the dark, making his show all the more moody and sullen.  I’m still unsure why the girls behind me were constantly pushing against me to get closer and screaming as if he’s Justin Beiber, but if overweight men who write great songs float your boat, who am I to judge.  Despite my disinterest, I will say he’s got one hell of a voice.  Overall the show was enjoyable and if you’re actually a Jim James fan, it was probably epic for you.

Harouki Zombi

Harouki Zombi is a strange ethereal sexual performance art experience set to electro-pop.  Unfortunately, the night I saw them at Red Eye Fly, they’d been cut off from their full show, which I imagine to be GWAR-like in it’s inclusion of paint and fake blood that apparently flew a bit to far for comfort at their first SXSW showcase at the Parish.  After complaints, they had to cut their show down to a more “reasonable” level, which meant paint powder, strawberries and whip cream, and some body bending.  Their show is self-described as “neo-pathetic cabaret” which is to say it’s a over-whelming and unexplainable.  You’ll just have to experience it yourself.  Me: I was in photography heaven.

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