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Austin SXSW Photographer | 2015 Preview

I am really fortunate to be returning to Austin for the third year in a row as an Austin SXSW Photographer.  I look forward to my time at SXSW every year with great anticipation.  It’s quickly stolen away a spot in my heart as my favorite music festival.  Every year, I return home with a list of amazing previously unheard of bands to listen to.  My number one goal for any music festival is to seek out new artists and SXSW provides like no other!

During my time at the event, I spend most of it photographing events that sponsors pay for like super fun happy hours put on by film and production companies, opening parties for the Tech Fest, and end of the event awards shows.  In between, I get to run around photographing side events and discovering new music.  Oh, and eating lots of tacos.

Now, it is the fate of every professional photographer, I think, that your clients come first and as such, I actually didn’t really take a very good look at any of my personal photos from SXSW until last week (and still, that’s a debatable statement).  For the record: I highly regret not even culling them last year!  Running through the images quickly was an insurmountable feat and I’m sure I missed some that I love, but, well, it’s probably a lost cause now because I’m flying to Austin today for this year’s event.

Here’s a quick selection of images from SXSW 2014 to hold you over until I return from this year’s event!  I am hereby declaring to the internets that I will not leave my photos untouched for an entire year this time.

Lauren Lindley is a destination wedding, commercial and event photographer that services the Greater Austin area during SXSW.  She is available for freelance event photography in the area from Thursday, March 12 through Tuesday, March 24th.

Foxygen concert photo

Austin Event Photographer | SXSW

Every March for the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to head down to my hometown Austin, TX to work for SXSW.  I started off as a Volunteer Photographer and today, work for the SXSW Sales Team.  Just last month, I returned to be an Austin event photographer for a 2nd time this year for their amazing environmentally focused event SXSW Eco.

 After a few years of working at SXSW, my photos are finally starting to show up on their website.  I’m not sure if the excitement of seeing one of my photos in use will ever wear off and frankly, I hope it never does!  I was particularly thrilled to see this one up from SXSW Bites.  I actually can’t take all the credit for it though – although I snapped the shutter, Erik Moore was sitting across from me while we were eating lunch, saw the opportunity and pointed it out.

SXSW runs the show with more than 3,000 volunteers a year in all sorts of capacities.  If you have any inkling of attending but can’t afford it, volunteering is an amazing way to visit this event.  SXSW Volunteer Registration for 2015 just opened and out-of-town volunteers are accepted.   If you are a beginning photographer, joining the photography team is a great way to hone your skills in a variety of very tough lighting situations: from low lit convention centers to red-lit concert stages, there is nothing that progressed my early skills faster than they consistent daily shooting for two weeks at SXSW.

That being said, photography volunteers are only a fraction of the volunteers SXSW needs.  They need folks to run registration, work at the gaming expo, check badges, the list is endless!  If you are only interested in music, head down and volunteer for interactive or gaming and trade your time for a music badge.  If you’re interested in interactive, work the music portion so that your schedule is free.

This shot of Foxygen in use on the website was one I took my first year, as a volunteer, while not on assignment.  Foxygen recently released a new album (it’s great) and some of the shots from that night at the Hype Hotel are still some of my most favorite concert shots ever.

Anne and I are already looking forward to returning to Austin in March for another great year at SXSW.  It’s quickly become my favorite music festival to discover new bands, great films and meet really cool people like Lindsey Loon, a super rad actress at the helm of an Australian film festival, that I still keep in touch with.

Crossfit Photography, Crossfit Promo Photos, Crossfit Texas, Austin Commercial Photography

Austin Commercial Photographer | Austin Portrait Photographer | CrossFit Texas

I can’t think of anything more Fourth of July to share than this collection of images for CrossFit Texas.

Recently, my good friends Liana and Terry embarked on an adventure similar to my own: quitting jobs and taking on the responsibilities of becoming self-employed and managing a small business to pursue their dreams.  They asked if I would swing through Austin while I was in Texas for a wedding in May and help them get some new promotional photos for their business and I was more than thrilled to make the jaunt up (because really, when do I need a reason to go to Austin).

I’m always ecstatic to squeeze in a trip to visit my friends and family and combine work with fun, so if you’re in need of an Austin Commercial Photographer, well, let’s just make a plan because you know that I probably have a craving for some Torchy’s Tacos right this second.