Speakeasy Photobooth

Speakeasy | Roaring 20’s Photo Booth

This is how far behind I am on posting blog posts: I haven’t even posted photos from my own birthday party.  Seriously.  It was in June.

If you aren’t aware (I’m not sure how that’s possible if you even remotely consider yourself my friend) I started hosting theme parties for my birthday a few years ago.  It started with The Country Club, a smallish soiree with about 40 folks.  When 100 people showed up the next year to Bicycle Rodeo, I knew I’d outgrown house parties.  When 200 people showed up to Prom the following year, I was blown away.  Last year was an 80’s theme and nowawadays, I’ve grown my party repertoire to include a sometimes annual Masquerade Ball (photos from this year coming to the blog soon!).

This year was no exception to the awesomeness that is my birthday party and I must say, people really brought the goodness.  I hosted a Roaring 20’s Speakeasy themed party.  With jazzy tunes spun by Ascent DJ Dave Berkman and his awesome assistant Grant Stewart, aka DJ Gift.  A super huge shout out and thanks to my awesome stylists, Katie and Kathy at Tahoe Salon Be.  These two rad ladies were responsible for making me look SO amazing and did my hair and make-up for the event.

Next year’s theme isn’t totally decided, but I think I’m leaning towards 90’s.

You can check out all the Roaring 20’s Photo Booth photos via this link.

Venue: The American Legion Hall | DJ: Ascent DJ | Hair and Make-Up:Tahoe Salon Be | Lauren’s Outfit: Rent The Runway

 Speakeasy PhotoboothSpeakeasy PhotoboothSpeakeasy Photo BoothSpeakeasy Photo BoothSpeakeasy Photo BoothSpeakeasy Photo BoothSpeakeasy Photo BoothSpeakeasy Photo BoothSpeakeasy Photo Booth

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Speakeasy | A Roaring 20’s Party

Wear your finest, practice your gentlemanly banter, and be prepared to imbibe in the prohibited at SPEAKEASY for Lauren Lindley‘s 35th birthday celebration!

DJ David Berkman and his crew will be spinning the jazziest and swingingist of tunes until 2 AM. Swing Dance lessons from 9 PM to 10 PM by Kaitlin Fox.

This is a more the merrier party so feel free to invite your friends but keep it hush hush! Don’t talk in a loud tone. Speak easy in case of a raid. Immediately down your drink in the event of a bust! Make sure you aren’t followed. Passwords will change frequently.

Please NO GIFTS – Tip the DJS so they are well paid for their time!


Rock the Casbah Photobooth

My birthday is my favorite holiday of the year.

A few years ago, I started hosting theme parties for my birthday.  It started with The Country Club, a smallish soiree with about 40 folks.  When 100 people showed up the next year to Bicycle Rodeo, I knew I’d outgrown house parties.  When 200 people showed up to Prom last year, I was blown away.

This year, I went with an 80’s theme and we called it Rock the Casbah.  At the thick of the night there were probably about 100 folks there, so not quite as grand as Prom, but still amazing.  I hired my buddys, David Berkmon of Ascent DJ Productions, and two of our other friends, who also DJ’d prom for me and once again they had the floor dancing all night long.  In fact, I was dancing so hard that I didn’t really even have time to drink all night.

 People really brought it for the costumes and as always, there were some random groups of folks who showed up late in the evening who had a BLAST.  I love it when strangers happen upon the party and end up having a killer time.  All in all, another year down and another awesome night.

Now it’s time to start planning for The 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball and next year’s birthday – I’m thinking a 50’s party!

If you want to see all the awesome photos or download your photo from the photobooth, you may do so via this link.

German Sparkle Party

A Tahoe local threw an amazing party for her birthday a few weeks ago.

German Sparkle Party.

Bam.  You are already intrigued, are you not?

German Sparkle Party, Reno Tahoe Photobooth

Need an explanation?  Just watch this:

I set up an extra sparkly photobooth and everyone had amazing costumes.  It was not only a seriously awesome dance party but a seriously good time. I encourage everyone to throw their own German Sparkle Party. It is a riot!


You can check out all the photos via this link.  However there are A LOT of them.


Whipped delight


Now, I’ve made some delicious cakes in my day, but to be punny, this one takes the cake.

It’s called the “Versatile Vanilla Cake” (recipe via Martha Stewart) and the icing was egg whites and sugar, brought to temperature over the stove and then whipped into a amazing meringue-like fury.

This is most definitely one recipe I’m saving to use again!

A Few of my Favorite Things

I’m working on my Outdoor Retailer/Utah post, I promise.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of things I’m totally obsessed with right now and most of them involve food:

  • Steel Cut Oats and Quinoa breakfast cereal: I’ve been making a big batch of this at the beginning of the week and then reheating it when I get to the store. Add in some fresh fruit and a little bit of honey and it’s the best part of waking up other than coffee. Recipe via Bon Appetit.
  • Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches for lunch every day. I bought a chicken to roast last weekend at Whole Foods and used the leftovers to make us a ton of chicken salad for our lunches. Buying lunch meet is ridiculous and expensive. This stuff just gets tastier every day! I think you could probably use greek yogurt in place of the mayo. Recipe via Cooking Light.
  • My crockpot. I am SO productive in the morning. At night? Not so much. Especially in the winter. In the last month I’ve used my crockpot at least once or twice a week, making stand out dinners like Shredded Pulled Sandwiches, Pork Ragu, and Beef Burgundy with Egg Noodles. The best part is how amazing your house smells when you come home from work or the mountain.
  • Listening to NPR while I run on the treadmill. Something about Terry Gross’ voice during her in depth and often funny interviews, the stories on This American Life, and the hijinks of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me totally draw me in and make me forget I’m on the treadmill. Otherwise I get super sadistic and end up running quarter mile or hill repeats almost every day.  I’m sure I’m giving the gym quite a show because most of the time I’m on the treadmill, grinning ear to ear and laughing out loud.
  • Dreaming of traveling. January, otherwise known as Junuary in Tahoe, totally brings me down: it never snows and it’s always warm and sunny during the day and freezing at night. I either want powder or I want to ride my bike. None of this in between crap. I start to get claustrophobic, especially since it’s one of the slowest months at my store. I get bored, restless, and start fantasizing about places to go.
  • Dreaming of a new wardrobe. I haven’t bought a new skirt in years. I’m tired of the ones hanging in my closet. I feel a shopping spree coming on. Also, most of the skirts I have are flirty, summery and totally inappropriate for the Tahoe winter. First purchase in the closet update: this super cute chunky denim A-line from Boden. Also on the agenda: cute, fun, functional dress-up-or-down classic dresses, including a little black dress, and some tops that I can wear with all the amazing wide leg pants from Anthropologie that I have nothing to wear with.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Heading to Austin at the end of February to see James Zabiela play, who I haven’t seen since before I moved to California, and spend the evening with Lance, Toddy, Jamie and my old crew whom I get to see briefly and infrequently these days.
  • Photographing SXSW in Austin in March.
  • Mountain biking Moab in May with Torril, Marion, Bill and the rest of their crew.
  • My birthday party. That’s right. It’s never too early to start planning your next birthday party. FIVE MONTHS til we Rock the Casbah!

RocktheCasbah copy

More Fried Food

Remember how I said I went to Austin and I was so totally over fried food that all I wanted to eat was vegetables and fruit and I totally thought I was getting skurvy?

True story.

And then I came home and one of my friends wanted a New Orleans themed birthday dinner because she was jealous of all the amazing food we ate.

So I fried shrimp. And by “so I fried shrimp,” I mean, I stood at the counter and yelled at Boyfriend to stop eating half the shrimp that he beer battered and fried.

I also made a homemade remoulade and we put those little hot fried puppies on a baguette and had amazing po’boys, recipe via Cinnnamon Girl.

New Orleans Cuisine, Creole, Cajun, Poboys

To round out the Southern theme, I made my Grandmother’s homemade baked macaroni and cheese. It’s still the standard to which I hold all mac’n’cheese dishes (recipe below). To finish it off, I made homemade banana pudding with meringue, which may have just been the most bomb and addicting dessert I have ever made in my entire life and I am not even exaggerating. Make your own custard! It was divine. I used this recipe over at Deep South Dish and doubled the custard recipe like she suggested. We did not regret that. Not one bit. Especially not three days later when I was still sneaking spoonfuls every time I walked through the kitchen.

Grandma Lindley’s Baked Mac’N’Cheese

  • Half a box or half a bag of cooked macaroni noodles
  • One block of your preference of cheddar cheese, sliced to 1/4 inch slices. I like to use razor sharp cheddar.
  • One sleeve of Saltines (salted version)
  • One egg, beaten
  • 1 cup milk
  • Pepper, to taste
    Alternate layers of macaroni with layers of cheddar cheese to the top of a pyrex or casserole dish, ending with cheese. Top with crushed saltine crackers. Mix egg and milk together and pour over the saltines, wetting all of the saltine layer. Top with pepper and if you’re feeling particularly saucy, small dabs of butter. Bake at 350, uncovered for about 30-40 minutes until top is golden brown.

Himmel Haus

Last week was Chris’s birthday so we had a small celebratory dinner at our new German themed restaurant in town: the Himmel Haus. I totally meant to wear my fake plastic bib dirndl from the Septoberfest Photobooth but sadly I ran out the door without it!

They have an impressive number of German and Austrian beers on taps and your options for size include normal, large, excessively large, larger than excessively large and a boot.

Drinking birthday beer, Himmel Haus Style

I’m moving today so between packing my house, trying to finish wedding photos for Matt and Sara, planning our Masquerade Ball, family portraits and a climbing photoshoot for my friend Ann Raber, I’m swamped!