Heavenly Resort Wedding

Heavenly Tram Wedding | Cristie + Ben

Cristie and Ben are mad at me because I didn’t show up to their party last week.  There may or may not have been excessive wine involved in my lack of attendance.

July was a little nutty for me, schedule wise, so I’m awfully behind on blogging all the amazing weddings and couples I’ve photographed this summer.  Cristie and Ben are one of those amazing couples and I’m super excited to share their Heavenly Tram Wedding photos with you today.  Originally, their small intimate elopement was to take place at the Blue Sky Terrace, off the mid station of the Heavenly Gondola, but when excessive wind closed it for the day, their nuptials were moved to the top of the tram.  It was honestly more befitting for the couple, in my opinion, as Cristie grew up skiing on the Heavenly Race Team and had spent many a day of her life doing laps on Gunbarrel under the gaze of the tram.  In all the chaos, their wedding was also delayed an hour and it was the perfect amount of time to celebrate with her girlfriends with a bottle of my summer favorite, rosè, poured out of the trunk of the car.  Are these my people or what?

Venue: Heavenly Ski Resort | Dress and Jewelry: Sidestreet Boutique

Heavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort Wedding

Tahome Boathouse Wedding

Tahoma Boathouse Wedding | Mandy + Steve | Sneak Peek

This may be the most fabulous Tahoe wedding venue I’ve ever photographed.  I adore it.  Mandy and Steve’s 1910 Tahoma Boathouse Wedding was perfect: quaint, comfortable, historic splendor.  I have quite a few other weddings there this year, which is super exciting because I love it!

The boathouse itself over looks all of Lake Tahoe and has a huge winding yard filled with beautiful pine tree shade, a ping pong table, an outdoor rock fireplace, and a gorgeous lawn.  Mandy and Steve hired The Woodfired Pizza Company to bring their mobile brick oven out to serve pizzas over the course of the night and oh, was there ever pie!

Here’s a few images from their wedding day until I’m finished with the rest!

Tahoma Boat House WeddingTahoma Boat House WeddingTahoma Boathouse Wedding

Heavenly Tahoe Wedding

Heavenly Terrace Wedding | Rick + Lisa | Sneak Peek

When Rick and Lisa first contacted me, they didn’t actually have a date for their wedding.  She sent me a really amazing email that said, among other things, “I really do think avocados are their own food group, and I can eat my weight in avocados on any given day.”  Over the course of our correspondence, I fell in love with her adventurous spirit, vivacity and general good humor.  When they finally picked their date, it turned out to be a day that I had no intent of shooting a wedding on: the day following my birthday party.  I couldn’t, just couldn’t, not be part of this amazing couple who seemed like such kindrid spirits to me.  Among their love of avocados, day drinking and laughing at themselves, they were also marathon runners.  I said yes.  I would sacrifice the ability to be “not so sparky” the day after my party for these two awesome people and I am SO glad that I did.  There’s more to come from their Heavenly Terrace Wedding, but until then, here’s a few awesome frames to hold you over.

Heavenly Terrace WeddingHeavenly Terrace WeddingHeavenly Terrace Wedding

Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Lakeside Beach | Kristie + Daniel

Anytime I can witness the joining of two families, I’m ecstatic.  Kristie and Daniel were wed under bluebird skies at Lakeside Beach in Stateline, NV.  They drove from Reno, married on the beach, had lunch in Tahoe and then drove back to Reno to celebrate!  Thanks to Kristie, Daniel and their beautiful family who made me feel extremely welcome during my brief time as their Tahoe wedding photographer.

Venue: Lakeside Beach | Officiant: “I Do” Lake Tahoe Weddings

Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Lakeside Beach | Published at The Pretty Brown Bride

Big thanks to The Pretty Brown Bride who published a photo story on LaSaundra and Erik’s sunny Lakeside Beach wedding.  You can see the full post via this link.

You can also follow The Pretty Brown Bride on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tahoe Eagle's Nest Wedding

Tahoe Wedding Photographer Sneak Peek | The Eagle’s Nest | Stateline | Brandon + Melissa

When I arrived at The Eagle’s Nest in Stateline, NV to be Brandon and Melissa’s Tahoe wedding photographer, my heart did backflips when I discovered her in a turquoise dress special ordered from New Orleans.

More to come!

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Is it Wedding Season Yet?

If you told me five years ago that my future was to be a Tahoe Wedding Photographer I would have called you crazy. 

If you told me that I would spend a good portion of my work life perusing wedding blogs, and editing photos of cakes, and craving the next opportunity to create amazing images for my clients, I would have laughed you off and toasted to the future. 

But here I am.  In less than three months I will have left my full time job to pursue my future as a Tahoe Wedding Photographer and, eventually, a Destination Wedding Photographer.  I now dream of things like photographing New Orleans Weddings and Wine Country Weddings, allowing me to blend my wanderlust with my job.  If you are close to me or a family member, you know that I moved to Tahoe to work for a Running and Cycling Apparel Manufacturer.   I will no longer remain in my current position as a retail store manager for them after the end of April.  With 18 weddings already under contract for this year, the demand for my services has outgrown my ability to do both jobs well and a job well done is something that I pride myself on.

Thus, it is time for me to move onto something new: something that gives me infinite creative control and challenges.  I will be a full time photographer starting this summer and while my winters will focus on Tahoe Adventure Photography, my summers will focus on Tahoe Wedding Photography.

It’s not so surprising really.  I love weddings.  I spent 10 years throughout college and after staffing weddings of every kind.  I know them intimately: the tips and tricks of the day, the schedule and flow.  I love dance floors and parties.  I love meeting people.  I love observing and waiting and watching.   I love bands and DJs (but not disco).

So here I am, waiting patiently for all the awesome, hilarious, intimate moments that I will capture this summer.  In the meantime, I appeased myself with a whirlwind of photography in Austin for SXSW, where I’ve been for the last two weeks.

I love every second of photographing weddings.  It’s an honor and a thrill.  This summer I have the good fortune of photographing weddings in San Antonio, TX, on the beach in Lake Tahoe, CA, at Vineyards in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and in the Botanical Gardens in Berkeley, CA, just to name a few.  I love winter and skiing but I’m absolutely ecstatic about what my summer has in store for me and the brides and grooms who have contracted me as their Tahoe Wedding Photographer.

Tahoe Wedding Season: I’m waiting for you and I know my brides are too!

Tahoe Lakeside portraits

Emerald Bay Elopement | Sunny + Chris

I am not going to lie.

Sunny had me nervous.  She kept forgetting to send her contract.  I still didn’t have it the day before the wedding.  Despite my nervousness, something in my gut told me to just trust it.

I am so thankful I did.

Sunny and Chris had been together for over 9 years when they eloped in Emerald Bay with a small selection of their close family with them.  Their families reside in Elko and they were down to earth, relaxed folks with a bit of  snarkiness in their jokes that I felt immediately at ease with.  After the ceremony I suggested we head down to the Beacon where their family members could imbibe and warm up while we took portraits at an alternate location.  Sunny and Chris had me laughing so hard I could hardly take photos, much less get them looking any less than their natural, gorgeous, happy, laughing selves.

What an awesome afternoon with amazing people.

Sunny and Chris, thank you for making photography a priority for you on your special day.  It was an absolute delight.