Tahoe SUP Fest 2013

If you missed this year’s Tahoe SUP Fest “Race the Lake of the Sky” you missed out!

The beach at Lakeview Commons in Tahoe South was alive with participants, spectators, and vendors.  This is such an amazing event for Tahoe to host!  Pro Paddle Boarders come to our gorgeous location to compete in a variety of events, including a 14 mile race to Emerald Bay and back.  This year’s winner Thomas Maximus of San Clemente, CA came in with a blazing fast time of 2 hours 22 minutes and 15 seconds!

The Grom 4 Person Relay Race is gets underway at the 2013 Race the Lake of the Sky

This two day event is SO family friendly!  All day long there is music, races to watch and paddle boards to demo for free.  The lake was FILLED with kids swimming, playing and competing themselves! There is a beer garden for adults and super fun competitions in between the races like the “Best Sweet Move” where kids battled it out for who could hoola-hoop the longest on a stand up paddle board.

Kids draw inspiration from surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy in his Art Grotto.

The expo was packed with spectators all day and included booths from Maui Jim, 404, Zeale Optics, Sweet Waterwear and more.  Included in the national brands that set up at the expo, there were a handful of local tahoe companies and I was thrilled to see some Tahoe South representation.  Tahoe’s favorite home grown bar Tahoe Trail Bar was on site.  They recently debuted the same bar we’ve all grown to love in all new packaging and had some awesome trucker hats and tees for sale.

Locals and Tahoe Trail Bar owners Wes and Nicole handed out samples of Tahoe Trail Bar all weekend long.

Lauren Payne of Mountain Aloha Massage was also on site to deliver some much needed massage relief to participants and spectators who were worn out from the weekend’s activities.

Mountain Aloha Massage is who I call for some deep tissue recovery when I’m in training.

If you regret skipping this amazing event, you can keep up to date on news for next summer via Race the Lake of the Sky’s website, facebook, twitter, or instagram.  This event showcases our town and lake on a national level and despite the fact that I am not a stand up paddle boarder, I still think it’s a blast to attend!  You can see all the photos from the day via this link.

Race the Lake of the Sky: Tahoe SUP Fest

Last year, Lakeview Commons hosted Tahoe’s first ever international SUP competition.  The event featured two days of individual races and team relay events under the gorgeous blue skys of Lake Tahoe.  This year, Race the Lake of the Sky returns with numerous events, including instructional clinics by world class paddlers Candace Appleby and Anthony Vela, as well as various race events including short course, long distance, team relay, grom races and the new SUP Cross Sprint course!  You can demo paddle boards from a variety of companies and there will be vendors, food booths, and music on site.

Race the Lake of the Sky takes over Lakeview Commons this year on June 29-30, 2013

I attended and can say with confidence that even if you aren’t a SUP’er, you’ll enjoy sitting in the sun and watching the festivities.  It’s a great way to spend time on the beach with your family and enjoy the gorgeous views that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Stand Up Paddle Board relay racers take to Lake Tahoe in this two day event.

More information on the event can be found via their facebook page and website.

Read my write-up of last year’s Race the Lake of the Sky here.

Race the Lake of the Sky will be held on June 29-30, 2013 at Lakeview Commons at the Corner of Hwy 50 and Lakeview Ave.  There is limited street parking available on site but tons of parking just across the street at the SLT Parks and Recreation Department on Rufus Allen Blvd.

Damion Estrada and his trophy from the 2012 Race the Lake of the Sky.


I’ve already gushed about how much I love our new summer concert series at Lakeview Commons (here and here). I missed a week while I was kicking it under some big trees and then had the opportunity to view last week’s show, from CA blues rocker Huckle from a decidedly different vantage point: a boat.

The view from Lake Tahoe at the Lakeview Summer Concert Series

My friend Kramer had the idea to get a slew of boats tied up together in the lake to listen to the show. In addition, everyone came out to join us on whatever means they had at their disposal. We had some people arrive by raft, some by random water floats, some in kayaks, some of their own arm power, and a ton by paddle board!

Supposedly we were quite a sight from the beach! There were so many people on the sailboat that it looked like it was sinking and we were BBQing the entire time so it appeared to be on fire as well. Hysterical! It was such a fun way to enjoy my new favorite summertime activity.

Here are my favorite photos from the night, but you cna revisit all of the Lakeview Commons Summer Concert Series here.

Race the Lake in the Sky: Tahoe SUP Fest

A few weeks back, Tahoe hosted it’s first ever professional paddle boarding race and festival. I’m not what hole paddle boarding crawled out of, but it’s seemingly everywhere, all at once.

My friend Damion is super into it, so I headed down to the new park to check out the festivities. Despite my skepticism of how fun paddle boarding actually is, I will say with 100% confidence that drinking beer and watching extremely fit men paddle board is super fun.

The Team Relay awaits their starting signal.

Anne, Mandi and I spent all afternoon in the sun that day and I had the sunburn to prove it. It was one of my favorite days off so far this summer: what’s better than a big community of people celebrating athletics? Regardless of whether I participate in the sport or not, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Summer Fun Day

Damion actually won something. I’m not sure what. Way to totally pay attention to your friends, Lauren.

Damion, Race the Lake of the Sky, Winner.

These are a few of my favorites from the day, but you can see all the photos here.

Anne, being awesome. This is the best.