Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding | Dana and Steve | Sneak Peek

Dana ordered up a photo booth for her wedding and professed, “I hope it’s the most fun wedding you have all summer!”  Dana and Steve’s Tahoe Beach Retreat wedding was officiated by a hilarious close friend, who knew them well, featured a speech by a groomsman so incredibly funny I could hardly take photos I was laughing so hard, and a dance party that was hardly dampened in the least by the sudden turn to windy and chilly fall weather.  And oh, that damn infernal two hours of golden light that we’ve been getting all summer in the evening.  It’s enough to make me swoon.

Congrats Dana and Steve!  More to come from this dynamic duo!

Tahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

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Tahoe Same Sex Wedding | Gatekeeper’s Park | Published at Equal & Forever

I’m honored and thrilled to have Jeff and Tim’s story and photos published on Equal & Forever last Friday.  I also found out recently that one of my photos from another gorgeous Tahoe couple is going to be used in a national commercial for Freedom to Marry.  Nearly 44% of the US population lives in a state with the freedom to marry for same sex couples.  That’s a big number, but in my world, it’s not enough.  100% of our population should share the same freedoms that I do.  You can help take action by voicing your support and signing the Freedom to Marry Pledge.

You can read about Tim and Jeff’s post and relive the awesomeness at Equal & Forever via this link.  You can also follow Equal & Forever on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and G+.

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