Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Marriage Proposal | Zack + Alexa

Tahoe wedding proposals are one of my favorite things to photograph.  The nervousness is heightened to a scale of 11.   The logistics are a *smidge* harder.  The excitement and promise of a different future is unbounded.  Ladies, there are men out there who love you so much, that they plan ahead, and in some cases, months and months ahead.  It’s endearing and wonderful to be part of.  Zack is one such guy.  He and Alexa were highschool sweethearts and he contacted me in June for a proposal in October.  He asked her parents permission and fretted over the location.  After much deliberation, we collectively decided that a Sand Harbor marriage proposal was in order.  That day brought cold temps, some rain and snow flurries and incredibly beautiful skies.

Marriage Proposal in Lake TahoeSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor PortraitsSand Harbor Portraits

Engagement Photos at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Winter Engagement Session | Kristin + Alan

I’m both impressed and obsessed with Kristin’s sense of style.  The pops of color she chose to wear to their Tahoe winter engagement session are enthralling and added just the right amount of energy and interest on a cold winter day.  We chose Sand Harbor State Park, which is largely empty in the winter, and save a lone horse waiting to take someone on a carriage ride, we didn’t see a soul the entire session.

Kristin and Alan are to be wed at Sugar Bowl in August and I simply cannot wait for their wild bash of a wedding.  With plenty of promised-to-be-loud friends and family invited, a bag-piper, and these two, I’m going to feel right at home.

Tahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter EngagementTahoe Winter Engagement

Tahoe Engagement Photos

A Lake Tahoe Proposal | West Shore Cafe | Steve + Charis

When Steve originally contacted me about his Lake Tahoe proposal that he wanted me to help him with, I was ecstatic.  His original idea was to propose on the pier adjacent to his Tahoma bed and breakfast that he’d booked for his fiancé-to-be and himself.  I suggested that the West Shore Cafe pier might actually offer a better vantage point (and incredible pier) and he readily jumped at the chance.  Conveniently, they were closed for dinner that day and he simply lied and told Charis (like Paris and which, if you are interested in the origin of words as I always am, means grace, favor, and kindness in Greek) that he had planned to take her to dinner there.  Pretending to be disappointed that the restaurant was closed, Steve suggested that they at least walk out to their pier and take a peek at the lake since it was almost sunset and there I was waiting, taking photos of the lake.

She, of course, said yes and I am eternally grateful to these two, who were adventurous enough to tromp around in the snow with me for photos in the woods and whose infectious spirits were such a joy to capture.

Congratulations Charis and Steve!

West Shore Cafe WeddingPropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoePropose at Lake TahoeHomewood Engagement SessionHomewood Engagement SessionHomewood Engagement SessionHomewood Engagement SessionHomewood Engagement Session

Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Engagement Session | Meagan + Joe | Sneak Peek


I adore them.

I love starting my engagement sessions off with happy hour because it allows everyone to get to know each other, relax into some good conversation and then let me set up what I call the “ground rules” for the day.  Joe took these entirely to heart and as a result, I had so much fun romping around North Lake Tahoe with this rad couple for their Sand Harbor engagement session.  They were giggling and laughing so much the entire session that even I couldn’t keep a straight face.  The ease that Joe was able to bring smiles to his future wife’s face was endearing. These two are filled with such gigantic love and enjoyment of each other’s company and it shines through in every single photo. Although they call Northern CA home, Joe’s heart is in the mountains of his home and I’m ecstatic to see this place that he spoke so fondly of when I photograph their Spearfish Canyon Lodge wedding in South Dakota next year.

More to come from these two shining faces.

Portraits at Sand HarborPortraits at Sand HarborPortraits at Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor Portrait

Sand Harbor Engagement Session | Teddy + Janet

Hidden Beach is one of my favorite locations to take couples for engagement sessions.  As the name implies, the beach is hidden about 1/2 mile south of Incline Village before you get to Sand Harbor. It’s about as close of a feel to a Sand Harbor engagement session as you can get, without the permitting and fees required to shoot at Sand Harbor itself.  With huge rocks, gorgeous trees, and a quiet removed location, you are almost always guaranteed a great sunset and a quiet evening with not a soul around.  There’s a short hike to get to it, but it’s totally worth it!

To round out your evening, start with happy hour over at the Lone Eagle Grille in Incline Village.

Teddy grew up with my “little brother” and is one of his best friends to this day.  He and Janet are both nurses and have big plans to become travel nurses together so that they can see more of the United States after they wed in October.  I’m super thrilled to be their wedding photographer and even more thrilled they spent a week with me vacationing in Tahoe this spring!  We had a blast!

Sand Harbor Engagement Session

Incline Village Engagement Session | Teddy + Janet | Sneak Peek

These two.

They are two of a kind.

Teddy is my brother’s best friend from childhood.  He is smart, witty, fun, bold and driven.  Janet is adventurous and whimsical, gracious and observant.

Janet’s a keeper.  Teddy knows it.  After spending a few days with these two, you can see why they’ve ended up together.  I’m definitely keeping Janet as a friend and I can’t wait for them to come back to Tahoe.

More on these two awesome souls and our adventures last week.  Until then, here’s a sneak peek from their Incline Village engagement session.

Sand Harbor Engagement SessionSand Harbor Engagement Session

Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Published at Love + Wander

Love + Wander

I’m thrilled and honored to be published over at Love + Wander again, this time for Paige and Daniel’s gorgeous Incline Village engagement session.  Love + Wander is a super rad little blog that’s specifically geared towards celebrating photographers who celebrate life.  I’m feeling pretty jazzed to be included in their roster of photographers.  Not only was I so lucky to be this gorgeous and hilarious couple’s Tahoe engagement photographer, but I can’t wait to be their destination wedding photographer in Las Vegas, NV next May!

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A Incline Village Lake Tahoe engagement session by Lauren Lindley Photography.

Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Published at the Norwegian Wedding Blog


Kelly and Mike’s Winter Engagement Session at Echo Lake on the PCT was so adorable I knew it was certain to get published in a few different places.  Oddly enough, The Norwegian Wedding Blog was specifically looking for winter themed engagements from around the globe and low and behold, we’re published in Norway.

You can visit the full post via this link.  As a side note, I absolutely adore that the word “engagement” translates to ” forlovelse.”  Thanks Kelly and Mike for choosing me to be your Tahoe Engagement Photographer for your “forlovelsesshoot.”

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Tahoe Engagement Photographer | Kenny + Rebeccah

I’m not going to lie: I was both overjoyed and nervous at the prospect of photographing Kenny’s planned proposal to his longtime girlfriend Rebeccah.  The stakes are high for a proposal: there’s only the briefest of seconds to capture that initial reaction and you can’t recreate it.  Combine that with the fact that you are either hiding in bushes or pretending to be doing something else and the entire situation was enough to make my adrenaline rush.

When Kenny first approached me, I knew exactly what he wanted: the gorgeous Lake Tahoe in the background, the sun out, the snow of Heavenly Mountain Resort and him down on one knee.  Instead, the weekend of the proposal brought us 8 feet of snow, swirling winds and a veritable white out.  We shifted gears, slightly changed plans, conspired together and with the help of Meghan Kelly, surprised Rebeccah in the best way possible.

After a full day of lessons, Kenny managed to convince Rebeccah to brave the resort, snow and cold temps one last time at 3:45 PM.  Meghan and I were waiting about half way down Patsy’s Run at the top of the face.  Kenny told Rebeccah that he was going to ski half way down and stop and take photos of her showing off what she learned in her snowboard lesson.  Meanwhile, Megs and I were prepared, waiting on the side of the run, pretending to take photos.  When Rebeccah snowboarded up to Kenny, he told her to take her goggles and mask off so they could take a photo together with his iPhone.  She said in hindsight, she noticed us with my camera and thought, “That’s a really nice camera, maybe they’ll take a photo for us.”   When they finished taking their selfie, Kenny got down on one knee and I swung my camera onto them.

Shooting a proposal was so thrilling.  I’m super happy for these two fellow Texans.  Thanks so much Kenny for choosing me as his Tahoe Engagement Photographer.  I feel super lucky that I was the one who captured this awesome and inspiring moment.  Also, thanks for sharing a beer with us at Himmel Haus afterwards!