Hope Valley Portraits

Hope Valley Engagement Session | Mary + Scotty

The air is finally crisp in Tahoe.  Our first snowfall came recently and the nights are getting cold quick: don’t you dare leave the house without a hoody!  It’s apparently engagement season because someone in the wedding industry decided that was a thing.  Mostly, I just finally have some breathing room (August was a doozy y’all) and I can blog again and show you all the awesome things I’ve photographed in the last …. uh … year.  So while a few things have shown up on here over the course of the spring and summer, the majority of my amazing couples are on a really long to-do list.  Never fear kids, you’ll all get your photos up at some point.  I had to start with Mary and Scotty for so many reasons, but primarily because the chill in the air and the cool temps are reminding me of their fall Hope Valley engagement session.  We tromped around with their pups, got a little silly, made fun of photography trends and finished it all up with an epic dinner at Sorensen’s Resort.  That’s right folks, hiring Lauren as your photographer means that you get to go on a romantic date with her and your betrothed.

Mary and Scotty are my last wedding of 2016 and I’m pumped to photograph their Valhalla Wedding this November.  As further evidence that the three of us are meant to be, they wanted a Viking themed photo booth.  If you aren’t sure why anyone would want this at their wedding, you should look up the definition of the word Valhalla.  There I made it simple for you, simpleton.

Hope Valley Engagement SessionHope Valley Engagement SessionHope Valley Engagement SessionHope Valley Portrait SessionHope Valley Engagement SessionHope Valley Engagement SessionHope Valley Engagement SessionHope Valley PortraitsHope Valley PortraitsHope Valley Portraits

Tahoe Portraits with Dogs

Tahoe Portraits with Dogs | Georgette + Jersey

My friend Georgette is from, you guessed it, New Jersey, so it’s only appropriate that her dog’s namesake be of her homeplace. This coming from the lady whose current dog is named Austin and former dog was named Sierra.  I have a thing for geographical names.

Georgette wanted a quick portrait session so that for once in her life she could send out a Christmas card and by golly, I am jealous right about now because I also would like to send out a Christmas card but it’s awfully hard to get a portrait session done when you are a photographer coming off an insanely busy wedding filled fall!

We headed to one of Jersey’s most favorite walk locations, Trout Creek Meadow, for their session and the light was absolutely stunning!

If you’re interested in Tahoe portraits with dogs, you can get more information about my portrait sessions and pricing via this link.

Tahoe Portraits with dogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe portraits with dogsTahoe Portraits with Dogs

Family Portraits with Dogs

Tahoe Family Portraits | Goirvas Sneak Peek

This family was super nervous that their dog wasn’t going to cooperate with a family photo session.

To be honest, this dog was the easiest one I’ve ever done a session with.  She’s downright attentive.

Proof is in the pictures!

Family Portraits with Dogs

I had such a blast with this recently relocated family who is so happy to live close to Tahoe now and take advantage of the having our gorgeous lake and outdoors practically in their backyard.  There’s more to come from their Valhalla Estate Tahoe family portraits, but until then, here’s a few more rad images to tide you over!

Valhalla Portrait Session

Lake Tahoe family portraits with dogs

Fallen Leaf Lake Portraits

For the Love of Our Dogs | Jenn + Nils + Soleil Sneak Peek

Jenn and Nils are two of my closest Tahoe friends and there have been quite a few of us in our group, including myself, whose four legged pals have recently succumbed to the effects of old age and henceforth, moved on from our lives.  Soleil is now 14 and it was important to Jenn and Nils capture her spirit before she could no longer make it down to the lake to frolic.  She may not be a spring chicken any longer, but she still won’t shy away from carrying a big stick.

There’s more to come from this afternoon portrait session, but until then, here’s one of my favorites to tide you over.