Tahoe Senior Photos

Tahoe Senior Photos | Candice

Candice hails from Arkansas and didn’t want the same standard senior portraits that everyone in her small town had so while she was on vacation with her family in Lake Tahoe, this past summer, she hired me for her Tahoe senior photos.  Zephyr Cove Resort provided the perfect backdrop for her: with everything that her heart desired, from gorgeous mountain-scapes behind the lake to great forested options.

Tahoe Senior PhotosTahoe Senior PhotosTahoe Senior PhotosTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PhotosTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PhotosTahoe Senior Photos

Tahoe Senior Portraits

Tahoe Senior Session | Allison

Golden hour is famed for it’s warmth and possibility, named so for the warm amber hue that happens when the sun is diffused in just the right way, before sunset.  Sometimes, it seems extra magical and things just fall into place exactly the right way.  Allison was on vacation with her family from Fort Worth, TX and really wanted to take advantage of being in a far away locale for her senior portraits so that she didn’t have the same images and locations that all of her friends had.  Her family booked me for two hours so we had a ton of time to romp through both the woods and the beach to give Allison all the varied backdrops she was seeking.  I took a gamble and had my good friend Jenay at Lake Tahoe Yoga show off a new meadow to me that I didn’t know existed.  The hunt paid off and Jenay hit the nail on the head with her location scouting: those woods were magical.  So magical that even she didn’t believe it was the spot we’d been in that afternoon when she was showing it off to me.  I’m so happy that Allison and her rad Texas family connected with me.  I had a blast showing off my home, romping through weeds and splashin in Lake Tahoe with them!  Congrats Allison on your senior year!

Tahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior PortraitTahoe Senior Portrait

Tahoe Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe | Candice | Sneak Peek


Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Candice is a rad senior from the Class of 2016 from a small town in Arkansas.  “I didn’t want photos on train tracks,” she told me.  I agree, girl, I agree.

Clearly, senior portraits at Lake Tahoe is the best place in the US to have your senior photo session!  Two seniors in one week agree!

Here’s another sneak peek from Candice’s awesome Zephyr Cove Resort photos session.  There’s more to come from this rad young lady!

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Kahle Portrait Photos

Tahoe Senior Photos | Allison

Holy magical golden light, Batman!

I am so over the moon for this killer engagement session with this Texas senior!  I photograph a ton of seniors who are visiting Lake Tahoe on their summer vacations and are looking for something “different” than their friends’ photos from their homes.  Allison was no exception and I had such a blast with her and her gorgeous family.  They were full of smiles and Southern charm and our two hour session at Kahle Community Center and Zephyr Cove Resort for her Tahoe senior photos was a blast!  The light was SO perfect the entire night.  More to come from this gorgeous Texas gal!

Tahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior Portraits

Swimming Senior Portraits

Tracy Senior Photography | Jason

This family.  I adore them so much.

Eddie and Lori were were one of my first Tahoe wedding clients.  They were wed in a beautiful and intimate Tahoe beach ceremony at theTahoe Beach Retreat.  To this day, they remain some of my most vibrant and vocal supporters.  I would do anything for them, and anything includes visiting their beautiful family in the Bay Area for some Tracy senior photography for their son Jason.

Jason is a talented, smart kid who intends to continue his pursuits of water polo in college.  He really wanted to showcase his love of the sport in his session and as I am a former competitive swimmer myself, I was excited for the session!  We spend the morning wandering around Tracy, CA with Jason’s guitar at various locations that Lori had previously scouted for me.  I must say: Lori was an exceptional location scout!  It was high noon almost when we shot and I didn’t want to leave Eddie without a job so we employed his services as umbrella man.  He also did an exceptionally great job assisting!

Tracy CA senior photography

Exceptional umbrella holding by Eddie!

I am constantly amazed by the folks who come into my life thanks to my job.  One of the best things about it is the lifelong relationships I forge with clients who I come to consider friends.  This family warms my heart in every way and I’m so happy I was able to photograph Jason to celebrate his high school graduation.  Here’s a few of my favorites from our Tracy, CA senior portrait session.

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Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer | Emerald Bay | Tiffany Sneak Peek

Have I told you before that Tahoe senior portrait photography sessions are my favorite?  FAVORITE.  

This amazing session at Eagle Falls and Emerald Bay with Tiffany was no exception and I cannot wait to start editing her photos!  Tiffany convinced her family to drive to Tahoe from Southern CA just for her senior portrait session.  “Everyone takes photos there at the same place,” she said.  She wanted something different.  Something in nature.  Something with our beautiful lake and mountains and forest.

Tiffany, you are a genius.  Thanks for choosing me as your Tahoe portrait photographer.

I can’t wait to share more, but until then, here’s a sneak peek to hold you over.

Are you a Tahoe High School Senior looking to book your senior portrait session?  My senior portrait sessions are an adventurous photo scavenger hunt and I have special rates just for you.  You can find more info via this link.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Photographer | High School Portraits | Emily

I love Emily.  She’s brilliantly beautiful, has a dazzling smile, an infectious energy and an athlete to boot.  She has a good head on her shoulders, loves her mom, and can’t wait to take a gap year traveling in Europe.  So basically, she’s awesome.

Emily was visiting her grandparents’ Tahoe cabin for the summer and sought me out to be her Tahoe Senior Photographer.  She sent me the most wonderful complimentary email. High School portrait sessions are my absolute favorite of all the types of portraiture I do so I readily agreed.  Please note: flattery will get you everywhere.

We ran all over Homewood, CA, starting at the desolate weed filled ski resort and finishing at The West Shore Cafe for some stunning images with a gorgeous backdrop of clouds.

If you would like more information on booking me as your Tahoe Senior Photographer, head here.