Tahoe Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe | Candice | Sneak Peek


Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Candice is a rad senior from the Class of 2016 from a small town in Arkansas.  “I didn’t want photos on train tracks,” she told me.  I agree, girl, I agree.

Clearly, senior portraits at Lake Tahoe is the best place in the US to have your senior photo session!  Two seniors in one week agree!

Here’s another sneak peek from Candice’s awesome Zephyr Cove Resort photos session.  There’s more to come from this rad young lady!

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Kahle Portrait Photos

Tahoe Senior Photos | Allison

Holy magical golden light, Batman!

I am so over the moon for this killer engagement session with this Texas senior!  I photograph a ton of seniors who are visiting Lake Tahoe on their summer vacations and are looking for something “different” than their friends’ photos from their homes.  Allison was no exception and I had such a blast with her and her gorgeous family.  They were full of smiles and Southern charm and our two hour session at Kahle Community Center and Zephyr Cove Resort for her Tahoe senior photos was a blast!  The light was SO perfect the entire night.  More to come from this gorgeous Texas gal!

Tahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior PortraitsTahoe Senior Portraits

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer | Emerald Bay | Tiffany Sneak Peek

Have I told you before that Tahoe senior portrait photography sessions are my favorite?  FAVORITE.  

This amazing session at Eagle Falls and Emerald Bay with Tiffany was no exception and I cannot wait to start editing her photos!  Tiffany convinced her family to drive to Tahoe from Southern CA just for her senior portrait session.  “Everyone takes photos there at the same place,” she said.  She wanted something different.  Something in nature.  Something with our beautiful lake and mountains and forest.

Tiffany, you are a genius.  Thanks for choosing me as your Tahoe portrait photographer.

I can’t wait to share more, but until then, here’s a sneak peek to hold you over.

Are you a Tahoe High School Senior looking to book your senior portrait session?  My senior portrait sessions are an adventurous photo scavenger hunt and I have special rates just for you.  You can find more info via this link.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Photographer | High School Portraits | Emily

I love Emily.  She’s brilliantly beautiful, has a dazzling smile, an infectious energy and an athlete to boot.  She has a good head on her shoulders, loves her mom, and can’t wait to take a gap year traveling in Europe.  So basically, she’s awesome.

Emily was visiting her grandparents’ Tahoe cabin for the summer and sought me out to be her Tahoe Senior Photographer.  She sent me the most wonderful complimentary email. High School portrait sessions are my absolute favorite of all the types of portraiture I do so I readily agreed.  Please note: flattery will get you everywhere.

We ran all over Homewood, CA, starting at the desolate weed filled ski resort and finishing at The West Shore Cafe for some stunning images with a gorgeous backdrop of clouds.

If you would like more information on booking me as your Tahoe Senior Photographer, head here.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer Sneak Peek | Homewood | Emily

I am head over heels for this smart funny athletic wonderful Senior from Olympia, WA and all of her images from our session.  I’m honored she chose me as her Tahoe senior portrait photographer while she was on summer vacation in Homewood with her family.

There’s more from this session to come, but in the meantime, I have this stunner of an image to share.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer | Meagan

Meagan is a bright bubbly young woman with an awesome future ahead of her.  Headed to UCLA in the fall, she told me that she’s looking forward to Southern CA life, access to the beach year round and studying statistics.  I’m super thrilled for her and her big plans.  She was a blast to hang out with and I’m looking forward to setting up a photo booth and doing event photography for her graduation party in a few weeks at Edgewood.  I’m also extremely jealous of her super adorable riding boots.

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m so excited to showcase these images from my Tahoe Senior Portrait Session with this gorgeous graduating Tahoe local.  Riley is a self professed beach lover and really wanted to focus on beach shots to begin with.  We picked one of my favorite portrait locations to make sure that we had a nice mix of both beach, forest and buildings to play with.  The result was a ton of amazing images that I’m thrilled with and hopefully she will be as well!

Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer Sneak Peek | Riley

I had such a giggling fun time with this amazing South Tahoe High School Senior.  Riley will be graduating shortly onto new adventures that she’s super excited about at Chico State, where she will play soccer.  I’m super excited  that she chose me to be her South Tahoe Senior Portrait Photographer and I can’t wait to share more images with you all from our hilarious and fun sunset portrait session!