I’m not sure how much I need to emphasize that this is a really big deal for me.


Thanks to the awesomeness and all around badassness of my fiend Meghan Kelly, I’ve been published in the December Issue of Powder Magazine.

I can’t think of a publication that I’d be more honored to be published in, except maybe National Geographic.  Powder Magazine routinely sets an extremely high bar for the caliber of photography they publish, including the images in their sister spread that focuses on mountain biking, Bike Magazine.

Meghan’s had an amazing couple of years and I’m extremely proud of her.  From summiting a glacier in Africa to raising the funding and executing an all-female human-powdered trip from Iceland to Greenland, to overseeing the Northern CA chapter of the non-profit SheJumps, to participating in the all female ski film Pretty Faces, her roster of awesomesauce is massively incredible and humbling.  She’s a leader and a comedian and I’m pretty lucky to call her my friend.

Thanks to Powder Magazine for publishing my photo and heralding females participating in winter sports.

Now, if only it would snow here in Tahoe so we could all go shred.